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Unspun News for the 22nd November 2015

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THE SAKER has published a book - here it is reviewed by Patrick Armstrong:- “I discovered The Saker early on in the Ukraine disaster and quickly added his site to my list of essential reading. His writing is an example of the finest that can be found on the Internet”  I agree……  To be honest, I am flattered - simply because I ‘took’ to The Saker as soon as I read him a year or two ago!

“A leading indicator of world economic growth, the Baltic Dry, has plunged to its lowest ever level “

THE SAKER -  “Week Seven of the Russian Intervention in Syria: dramatic surge in intensity“-  longish, but VERY informative….

“Paris attacks: Belgium upgrades terror alert to highest level over risk of 'weapons and explosives' attacks“  Metastasis …..

“UN General Assembly’s Third Committee passed a Russia-proposed resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes. The US, Canada and Ukraine were the only countries to vote against it.“  Yes, you’d better read that again….

“… since 9/11 there has been one single terrorist attack in which the authors, who are supposed to try and remain unidentified, have not somehow left ID documents behind.” … “It is because the official version is absurd that we may not, must not question it.”

“ASEAN meeting: US president Barack Obama urges halt to island building in South China Sea”  On ecological grounds, I 100% agree - but that’s not his point….

“Author and researcher Jim Fetzer just announced that has suppressed the sale of his new book, "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook..It Wasn't a Massacre, it was a FEMA Drill". (To promote gun control).  The URL of the free download did not work for me.  WAKE UP - it’s not what you see, it’s what you are made to see that counts ….

“Global Hunger and Undernutrition Could End by 2025”  I’d say that that is quite likely ….. But probably for different reasons….

“New Docs Reveal NSA Never Ended Bulk Email Collection, Just Hid It Better;  Agency shut down email surveillance in 2011, only to relaunch it under different intelligence laws“

“Trace levels of radioactive cesium-137 from Fukushima now detected in Florida citrus fruits“  (That’s a bit they admit to!)

“Parts of Queensland swelter with temperatures cracking 40 degrees in steaming November day”  WEATHER change strikes again!  In time, these will settle to become climate changes.  Your grandchildren MIGHT see that?

M6.1 @ 100km, Kep. Tanimbar region, Indonesia.  (East of East Timor)

California - “A portion of Vasquez Canyon Road remained closed indefinitely Friday after a landslide prompted buckling and significant damage along a 2-mile stretch in the Canyon Country area.”  Impressive pix!

“A team of UK paleontologists has unearthed three 380-million-year-old fossil forests in Svalbard, an archipelago administered by Norway and located far north of continental Europe in the Arctic Ocean.”  It’s happened before - why not again?

“337 Whales Beached in Largest Stranding Ever”  If they are attuned so well to the planet, I wonder if they were depressed?

US - “Winter storm gathers momentum: Who's due for pre-Thanksgiving snow?  Parts of the Upper Midwest may face up to eight inches of snow and visibility of less than a mile.“ 

NORWAY - (Reader comment:)“Heading towards the Paris climate summit, we only hear about the lack of snow in the Italian Alps.”  “When the meandering Jet Stream brings warm air into a small part of Europe, this is all over in the news. When the Jet Stream brings very cold air into large parts of the continent, we are not supposed to know that.”  Tromsø city was covered in white Saturday morning, and snow banks started to grow.“

US - “Sioux Falls, SD, crushes snowfall record;  Totally unexpected. Almost 4 times previous record”  It’s the warming that does it….

“The Differences between Sea Surface Temperature Datasets Prevent Us from Knowing Which El Niño Was Strongest According NINO3.4 Region Temperature Data”

“Time passes in a linear fashion, from the then to the now to the next. The past is what happened before the now. The future is what happens after the now. The now, as the gurus love to tell us, is the gift of the present. Get it? Got it? Good.”  Now forget it - timeslips are real.

“Principles of Personal Transformation“  Originally from ‘Wingmakers’ - more info below the essay.

“According to Drunvalo Melchizedek’s research, the Blue Kachina that occurred on October 24th, 2007 was prophesied by the Hopi as the “Blue Star Prophecy“.  This event was referred to as “the beginning of the end of time”.“   Ponder-worthy thoughts here!

“NASA's Cassini spacecraft has detected a massive, never-before-seen icy cloud at the south pole of Saturn's huge moon Titan.“

“Solar activity is very low. There are only two sunspot groups on the Earthside of the sun, and neither one has the type of unstable magnetic field that harbors energy for strong explosions.”

“In what way has a holographic universe implication for fundamental physics?  If our Universe is a hologram, then do our laws of physics really apply in this enormous computer projection?”  Intriguing!

“Corporal punishment in schools has a significant negative impact on grades for years ….” 

“Pigeonholing Diseases? / Exit Conventional Thinking / Cancer is NOT Unique”

“The Biggest Cause of Anxiety and Depression Is Traumatic Life Events”

Absolutely MUST SEE!  4 min video “ Blue Moon was captured 2 ½ miles away from Cape Byron Lighthouse, on Belongil Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The head land and lighthouse at Byron Bay is the most easterly point of the Australian Mainland and therefore is the first place in Australia to watch the full moon rise. This video is made up of 1038 frames and slowed down to as close to real time as possible.”  Magnificent…. And we make wars????

“Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don't know because we don't want to know.”

~~ Aldous Huxley

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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