Sunday, November 1, 2015

Unspun News for the 1st November 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151101

“With War Now Displacing 60 Million, Time for World to 'Reaffirm Its Humanity'“  Step 1 - how about reaffirming our spirituality?

“U.S. Stopped Syria Air Strikes While Nusra And IS Prepared Attack On Government Supply Route” ... “The Islamic State used the lull in airstrikes in east Syria to move hundreds of fighters and heavy equipment towards the supply line that connects Damascus with the government held areas of Aleppo.”  Nothing like being obvious, eh?

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “Germany is attempting to escape from the rĂ´le it was assigned during the Syrian conflict.”

US - NOAA - “Weather Service employees tethered by illegal gag orders”  Got something to hide, have we?  Something violent, chaotic, unpredictable and random?

Oz - “Bill Shorten calls for voting age to be lowered to 16”  I can think of a few good reasons to up it to about 30!!

URI AVNERY - re Netanyahu - “Now I am afraid. If indeed we are governed by a man with mental problems – just where is he leading us?“  Good question?

ERIC ZUESSE - “Seymour Hersh’s News Report Banned in U.S., is Finally Confirmed in Turkey“

Some very ugly truths here - small wonder they were and are ‘under-reported’.  “The 13-year-old girl sent on a 'day-trip' to Australia“  Pots and kettles come to mind - on  planetary scale ...

“NATO is the American occupation of Poland and Europe;   “The Atlantic Alliance has no reason to be, observed former Polish MP Mateusz Piskorski under History. It merely defends US interests and violating the sovereignty of its member states”  An interesting perspective….

“Japan Times: “Deadly” radiation levels detected outside Fukushima containment vessel — “Details behind situation are unknown” — Officials unable to grasp location of melted nuclear fuel — “Impossible” to plan for decommissioning”

GEORGE MONBIOT - “Eco-apocalypse;  Indonesia Is Burning. So Why Is The World Looking Away?”  Because it no longer matters perhaps?  Have we reached THAT point?

“Lascar, In the northern Andes of Chile, erupted unexpectedly today, producing a small plume of light grey ash that reached 2.5 kilometers (~8,200 feet) above the volcano”

“Vast Amazon wildfire destroys forest in Brazil and threatens uncontacted tribe”  “The blaze, which has burned for two months on indigenous land and spread across 100km at its peak, is suspected to have been started by illegal loggers”

“Low temperatures for 20 days in most of Argentina created the coldest October since 1963, according to the National Meteorological Service (SMN).”

“Why Mysterious Huge and Very Cold “Blob” in the North Atlantic?“  Good question - but no answers yet.

“A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.”

US - NOAA - “Weather Service employees tethered by illegal gag orders”  Got something to hide, have we?  Something violent, chaotic, unpredictable and random?

12 min TEDx video.  “Those who work with the dying are familiar with patients seeing long deceased loved ones, angelic beings, even hearing music and comforting voices as the patient nears death. (…) This talk will explain deathbed phenomena and present on-going research about the topic. Accounts from the dying and bedside witnesses will be shared.”  WELL worth viewing….

“Villagers in India claim they have witnessed a UFO land in their village and a “humanoid figure” emerge from what they said was a red spacecraft.“


“So that asteroid making a flyby of Earth on Saturday … it shares a spooky resemblance to a giant skull and it’s probably a dead comet.“  See the pic - talk about uncanny!!!!

“Scientists have spotted a glow in space that might have come from another universe, outside of ours, that we were alongside when the matter that surrounds us first came into existence.“

“Growing sunspot AR2443 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares.”

“A breakthrough cancer treatment appears to be the reason why a handful of holistic doctors were recently found “suicided” is now gaining worldwide attention as a potential universal cure for cancer.

Conscious breathing - “Breathing is an unconscious yet ever so vital part of daily life. Very few of us take the time to consider our own breathing patterns. Even physicians in allopathic medicine, me included, pay little attention to respiratory rate unless it is affecting our pH levels or mental status.“


Illegal lion hunter killed by lion.  Sometimes there is a bit of justice in the world!

“I’ve never had much faith in elections.  An election’s nothing more than a popularity contest, and popularity is hardly a measure of any kind of administrative ability.”

~~Ran Horb 2nd, of Tol Honeth.

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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