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Unspun News for the 10th November 2015

UNSPUNEWS - 151110

THE SAKER - “Week Five of the Russian Intervention in Syria: The Russians Are Digging in”  A most interesting and careful analysis with facts and information you are not likely to find anywhere else. Certainly not from the MSM!  Russia seems to be paying its cards close to the chest!

“Western Media's Despicable Justification of Terrorism“  Not much to argue about here ….

“Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has personally questioned 20 people detained over a conspiracy to kill him and ordered their release after they pledged to end their support for terrorism.“  Now THERE’s an interesting attitude - hopefully, it is infectious?

PCR - “The re-enserfment of Western peoples is taking place on several levels.  One about which I have been writing for more than a decade comes from the offshoring of jobs.  Americans, for example, have a shrinking participation in the production of the goods and services that are marketed to them.“

“US: Major Policy Shift in Syria”   “This statement misses out the fact that it’s the US, not Russia, who announces the decision to send troops to Syria risking what the Vietnam intervention became for the United States in 1961-1974.  It started with sending special operations advisors. “  “How can troops conduct «direct action on the ground» without being engaged in combat is everybody’s guess! These are evidently confusing statements.”  A firewall of confusion?

“The Eurogroup will not unlock a €2 billion tranche of bailout funds to Greece at their meeting in Brussels on Monday, ....”  Greece in the crosshairs again?

“Combat report: Russian Air Force destroys 448 terrorist facilities in Syria over 3 days“

“The United States claims it is sending a small number of Special Operations troops to northern Syria to “defeat the Islamic State,” but its move is likely to create “buffer zones” where the Syrian government cannot operate anymore.”

“Despite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s in-your-face attempts to sabotage President Obama’s foreign policy, Official Washington’s liberal establishment is on bended knee in an obsequious show of obeisance, apparently in line with Hillary Clinton’s political wishes, writes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.“

ARUNDHATI ROY - “I’m Ashamed of What’s Happening in India”  Looks like the mood du jour is getting messy in India too…...

“The dairy farmer vs the best in the Australian media? Sadly there’s no match.“  “What is crystal clear, is that Christopher, a dairy farmer, is more astute, judicious, perceptive, and more rational, enlightened and informed than the best of Australia’s media personalities (…all put together).” So VERY true - and revealing….

“The Surge, Take Two? Pentagon Seeks to Deploy More Troops to Europe”

“Although the mainstream media didn’t recognize the crimes committed by Jimmy Savile until after his death, there were many instances throughout his career where he was accused or implicated in child abuse cases.  In most cases, he was able to avoid a whole lot of legal trouble and public scrutiny due to his media celebrity and his close ties to the power of the royal family.”  Now read between THOSE lines …..

Note that this is over a year old - but the figures are still mind-numbing…… 8 Billion Bq per day - radiation being released into North Pacific Ocean.  No wonder it is dead and dying ...

“The term weather describes the state of the atmosphere at a given point in time and geographic location.”
“Climate is the long-term prevailing pattern of temperature, precipitation and other weather variables at a given location, described by statistics, such as means and extremes.”
i.e., NO climate change without weather change!  (And no global climate change without local climate change first.)  We ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!

Oz - NT - “Parts of the Northern Territory are sweltering through a heatwave, with some towns in the Top End experiencing record-high temperatures.“  Chaotic, violent, random...

Oz - Tas - “The Bureau of Meteorology has identified very low rainfall, especially in the north and inland, making it Tasmania's driest October on record.“  Ouch…...
“The research centre responsible for assessing Australia's bushfire outlook has found large areas of the north and east are now considered at risk.”  Double ouch…..

M6.3 @ 10km, Andreanof Is, Aleutian Is.

“Environment: A greener way to die“  DEFINITELY the ‘way to go’!!!!

“Panic, deaths as Yemen's Socotra hit by new cyclone“

“Flooding affects tens of thousands in Somalia“

“Heavy rain and flooding since late October have left almost 70 people dead in Iran and Iraq. The UN have said that the flooding in Iraq has exacerbated a cholera outbreak.”  Not bad, for basically desert countries, eh?  Random, violent, chaotic…..


“Religious parents are more likely to describe their children as empathetic and concerned about justice than are non-religious parents. But, new evidence reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on November 5 suggests that the opposite is in fact true.”  THINK about that - it is perfectly logical.


“Bathed in bright blue and fluorescent pink light, the galaxy cluster in this image is home to the most powerful explosion since the big bang.”

“So much for the "quiet sun." Confounding predictions, sunspot AR2449 erupted on Nov. 9th at 1312 UT, producing an M3-class solar flare and abright CME. The CME is not heading directly for Earth, but a glancing blow is possible later this week.”  

“Was Mars once warm and lush?”  An EU view of the latest info back from the MAVEN mission….

“Modern Science Says Homeopathy Is Total Bunk — So Why Is It More Popular Than Ever?   Homeopathy is not only here to stay, it's growing by leaps and bounds.“

“Gandhi still right after 90 years: Vaccines are toxic, unhealthy and ineffective”


The being of two people can differ from one another more than the being of a mineral and of an animal. This is exactly what people do not understand. And they do not understand that knowledge depends on being. Not only do they not understand this latter but they definitely do not wish to understand it.

~~G. I. Gurdjieff

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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