Thursday, November 5, 2015

UFO sighting over New Boston, Ohio, USA | Video and photos

The Secure Team YouTube channel posted the video below, which the above image is from. It contanis a video clip and series of images showing this craft. The video was recorded by Thomas, a local of New Boston and the photos were taken by his his son Christopher on the night of October 24th, 2015, at about 7PM. The craft was crossing south west, over the Scioto river towards Kentucky. Secure Team say that they were contacted by one of their viewers, who knew Thomas, and hence the information ended up being shared with them. 

Lynn, over at Focus Sessions, has done a psychic reading on this event. She said,

"As I tune into this, I first ask if this is real, and I get that it is. I see this craft as having the ability to move with strange motion, and also has the capability to cloak itself. When I try to determine why it wasn't cloaked the whole time, i get that many of the ETs are frustrated that disclosure hasn't happened, and it was intentionally being shown to people. I also see this ship and others being more and more obvious as a way to nudge disclosure to occur. In general, I see that an agreement was made that gave many leaders a deadline to announce disclosure, and that deadline has passed.
I see the passengers on this craft are very human looking. The main difference is that I see them as "stretched out" sort of like Gumby.  They are tall, long arms and long legs.  I am also being shown that they have a base on the far side of the moon. Their vibrations feel very flat, not high or low. I do get the "feeling" of them being aggravated. They don't mean to cause harm, but I get that something happened on or near their base (due to humans) that has created this aggravation, and this 'irritation' is making them want to force accountability back on humans to honor their 'agreement.'"

Within the comments of the embedded video above, Secure Team state, "Over the past few days, we've received numerous messages, via email, FB and twitter, from sources in both Atlanta, Ohio and Phoenix , claiming to have seen this same craft in their skies. Image from Phoenix posted on Twitter, with new details still coming in!"

A number of YouTube people commenting believe it may be a ship belonging to the Earth's shadow government. The webbots Clif High also tweeted this video on his twitter account. Whatever is going on here, this is certainly one of the better video and image captures of such an event that I have seen.

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