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The Truths About Paris | Which One To Believe?

By Michael Knight,'s guest writer

There's a certain Reverend Lindsay Williams in the US who believes the crowd in that Paris concert hall where 89 people are said to have died, was actually singing in praise of the devil when the shooting started.

This is the email I received.

FROM - Lindsey Williams
“I thought that everyone I know would like to know 'The Rest of the Story,' as Paul Harveyused to say.” 
The true story about the Paris Massacre

It came with this link.

So I went there.

And it's the "Now The End Begins" website, with one photo of the crowd at the concert.

These smiley people were there to hear “Kiss The Devil” – by Eagles Of Death Metal” - the band that was playing there that night. One verse is enough. It goes like this.

Who’ll love the Devil?
Who’ll song his song?
Who will love the Devil and his song?

Aside from the very Christian-oriented message from Reverend Williams and the “Now The End Begins” website, the email included another link,

CLICK HERE to view photogallery of shooting at the concert.”

which takes you here

which is the UK Daily Mail online.

The Daily Mail claims that "... Terrifying video footage of a sustained attack on a restaurant during the Paris Massacre can be revealed by the Daily Mail today.

"...It is the first time any film has been seen of the mayhem caused inside a property targeted by Islamic State six days ago..."

"The exclusive images show the merciless savagery of an Islamic State assassin and the extraordinary bravery and survival instincts of his intended victims.

"They also show the incredible luck of a young woman who would have died had the terrorist’s assault rifle not misfired as he held the weapon over her head, giving her a chance to run away."

Since 1960 I have been an international journalist, a photo-journalist, a Tv journalist, and a documentary director, and that gives me some experience in terms of analyzing still pics and video footage.

The Daily Mail mentions nothing about the Paris attack being a false flag; but its coverage for some reason raised a red flag. A BIG red flag.

Let's analyze the Daily Mail page, starting at the bottom.

At 44 seconds into this video, we hear gunshots apparently fired from the alley to the right of the car – and we see sparks fly from a car as it is hit by a bullet. This is said to be outside the Bataclan Theater where we're told 89 people were gunned down by terrorists.

The above image is a close-up as a bullet hits the car. Body language speaks for itself. All but one of the cops run.

(Late update after referring this to a long-time military acquaintance.) He said “Why is the gunman shooting at the car and not at the cops? Plus, bullets do not make sparks when they hit metal. That's Hollywood.” 

And on reflection, the extreme spraying effect of those sparks could well speak of a remotely triggered pyrotechnic device, and the gunshots could conceivably have been dubbed in to the footage; after all, we see nobody firing a rifle at any time.

Further, would seasoned and trained cops literally run at the first sound of shots?

But going back to the top of the page, questions start to arise. (Remember, this Daily Mail feature is six days after the event).

The shots of the concert hall crowd and the band are all in excellent focus. Obviously they were taken with a very good camera, and from a number of points of view ( a “pov” shot, it's called). We can see several people taking pictures. 

However, one thing those who believe this was a false flag attack are pointing out is that not a single image from a concert-goer's cell phone has been seen, but somehow the Daily Mail has perfect shots to print – six days after the event.

It gets a bit heart-wrenching from here on. Working down the page we come to what's called a "high shot" - taken from the balcony above the ground-level floor - and there we see that there are several areas where pixelation has been deliberately introduced to hide the bodies of the dead.

Yes indeed. There were definitely dead people in that hall when this picture was taken.

HOWEVER...there are trails of red – which we are to assume is blood – forming a very odd path, looking almost as if it has been brushed into place with a yard broom, all around and between the bodies. As if they have been dragged. Why would anyone do that? 

Think critically.

For one thing, if you have seen the original without the pixelation, the body count does not add up to 89; nor are there any wounded to be seen – and more significantly, no-one, NO-ONE, can be seen attending to those bodies. They're just laid out in heaps, which is another give-away, because if you've ever done any shooting, you know that a kill shot drops the target in its tracks.

In this case, it is impossible to believe that these people, wounded and dying, would haul themselves into groups.

Surely some people would question how all those trails of blood got there.

People simply do not drag themselves into a one must ask whether somebody did that after these people were dead.

If so, WHO?

The gunmen certainly wouldn't.

And how did they escape anyway? Weren't we told they were holed up, holding hostages? What happened to that scenario? Or was that them escaping in that videoed gunfight – in which we only heard less than 10 shots fired, and all of them from out of sight. No return fire at all from the cops.

We should also ask, where is the exterior security camera footage? Why are some saying all the cameras out in the streets were turned off at the time. What does that suggest?

Further, where's the footage of panicked people fleeing the concert? Aside from one or two very sharp images (taken after dark by something other than a cell phone?) of a few “walking wounded” there are none.

Considering the size of the crowd seen in the theater, why weren't some people crushed in the effort to escape?

How did the band itself escape?

Bottom line – this footage the Daily Mail has put up six days after the event has BS all over it, especially the so-called video footage of a gunman (or two) shooting up a restaurant and killing people outside.

"Timeline of Terror"

Hypnosis works by using words that essentially implant images in a subject's brain - or draw them out from the subconscious.

Mind control works along similar lines; repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the perceived truth, especially when coupled with a traumatizing event.

It worked for 911, and the mainstream media has gone along with it ever since. And now this.

The Daily Mail's Richard Pendlebury starts “The Timeline of Terror” with the words, “It is 9.34pm. It is an unseasonably pleasant evening and some of the restaurant’s customers are eating or drinking on the terrace outside.”

This is not genuine reporting. It is writing a script to fit the footage and ensure your readers will “get the picture” you want to plant in their minds.

Let's check that part about “an unseasonably pleasant evening” at 9:34pm. You may not know Paris, but Paris is in the throes of autumn at this time of year. So we check that out. According to (or the temperature in Paris at that time was very close to 48F.  “Unseasonably pleasant”?  And eating outside?

The Daily Mail:- “Three CCTV cameras inside the premises recorded the heart-stopping effect as at least 30 bullets came into the premises from the street, leaving the pizzeria engulfed in a blizzard of dust and splintered glass.” (There's no sound on CCTV cameras. How did they count 30 bullets?)

Show me!

Watch it a couple of times. Ask yourself how the opening shots from the different cameras all start with what we must assume is flying glass. And it lasts for a full 10 seconds.

Left is the opening shot. Flying glass (presumably) on all cameras.  Bullets do NOT create a snowstorm of glass. Bullets go through glass and leave a hole.  Or the glass just collapses. Wouldn’t a “blizzard of glass and dust” fall to the floor? And be visible? Next question, at right...where's the glass? Nowhere to be seen.

Note too that right from the start, most of the tables in this "restaurant" are empty (excused by the lateness of the hour), nor can we see how many diners are at outside tables.

In this shot, a "gunman" (circled) is outside the building. The front windows are all intact, throughout the footage!!!!

We see the "gunman" approach the front of the building. That's when he supposedly pointed the weapon at the woman's head and it "misfired." And then TWO women get up and exit stage left.

The gunman, without chambering a fresh round, turns away and walks out of shot – casually almost. We're told he gets into a SEAT (car) and drives off to commit more carnage elsewhere.

Earlier we have also seen a woman whom the Daily Mail says was shot in the wrist, get off the floor behind the counter where she was sheltering and run into the basement – waving her (bloodless) left wrist,  which she had previously been holding with her right hand – and using her left hand to grasp the stair rail to the basement.

The Daily Mail would have us believe (if we're really stupid, which apparently most of their readers are) that “The Daily Mail can reveal that the gunman (only one mentioned this time) responsible for the attack on the restaurant, which is not being named for security reasons, is believed to be 26-year-old Belgian born Salah Abdeslam.”

“The women, who the Daily Mail has chosen not to name, returned to the scene the following day.

“Not being named for security reasons”?????

“the gunman is believed to be”?????

Chose not to name the women???

They returned to the restaurant the next day????

Now let's be clear.

There is no denying that tragedies have occurred in France.

But there is a further tragedy, and that is the way the mainstream press, in this case The Daily Mail, is presenting outright lies to the public, never once questioning what they are told, or what they are given in the way of photographs and video footage.

This sort of sycophantic reporting, coupled with the warmongering talking heads on radio and television, is exactly what got us here in the first place.

I am referring to the False Flag of 9/11. How many people still believe, as seen in this image, that two planes were the sole cause of these truly massive concrete and steel buildings turning to dust? Impossible.

And where are we now?

What we have is a world in chaos – more chaos than I have seen in the past 70 years. 

If you're any sort of a thinking person, you should be thinking that the mainstream media is the modern-day version of Goebbel's propaganda apparatus in the Second World War.

You should know that the corporate media is owned by the banking fraternity, which in turn is owned by secretive individuals who will do anything – ANYTHING – to further their desire for total world control.

But you should also know that help is on its way. And apparently it's no secret to at least some of those in the Pentagon – at least, according to what you'll hear in this video below. “The Sumerian Gods are returning.” (Click to watch) Or this:-

How true that video is, remains to be seen.

But what is truth these days? Which one should we believe? Certainly not The UK Daily Mail.

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