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Russia and China Intentions with ISIS | Focus Sessions

I had some intuitive information come to me as soon as I heard about the recent attacks in France. This psychic reading by Lynn matches very closely with what I came to know. From my perspective, it's a very accurate and useful short summary of what is going on with Syria, Russia/China and the US.

As always, the bold text at the begging is the question(s) asked by a reader of Lynn's blog, where the text under is the answer by Lynn.

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 23 November 2015

Q. Since the Paris attack, which I thought was the PTB's first major step in inciting World War III or at least another big war, both Russia and China have done things to show support against ISIS. A lot of it seems like very obvious propaganda, the type of stuff that I expect to see after false flag attacks. 

There were reports of Russia bombing Syria like crazy after the Paris attack and writing "For Paris" on their bombs, Russia just gave the Parisian police force a new police dog since one of their's was killed in the bombing (this one really feels like propaganda), and now China has officially declared war on ISIS because they executed a Chinese hostage. Could you possibly look a bit more into their motivations for this? 

I know that ISIS is not what they are portrayed to be and that they're basically a fear device run by western countries and that Russia and China are basically against the western countries who run/finance ISIS. This is sort of a separate question but are Russia and China basically claiming that they plan to stop these fake terrorists or are they showing that they're in alliance with America and other ISIS sponsors and therefore playing along?

Here are some links for the reports that I mentioned (please note that I do not like any of these sites that I'm linking to here, these news sites just feed off of this negative energy): 
"For Paris
Police Dog
China Declares War
This is already long but while searching for those links I found this article and I just had to add it in here. It's the most obvious false flag story I've seen related to the Paris attacks. 
"Man who escaped killings at Bataclan had survived 9/11"
A. I see that Russia is fighting for what is their perception of liberty and justice.  Many leaders of the world realize who is really behind and funding ISIS.  Russia has reached their limit and wants to surpass the US.  Russia realizes that the war over Syria is really over oil, and the US wants to claim that area either by aligning with the Syrian government (which is not working) or doing a take over so a new government can be implemented.

When areas in Syria area being bombed, it isn't "Syria" being attacked, it is the other countries occupying (ie, the US) being bombed and targeted.  Russia also realizes the real reason behind  the France attacks, and when they bomb Syria "for France," they are really bombing US assets in Syria because they know who to inadvertently blame (and who is one of the groups funding and supporting the group labeled as ISIS on the back end).  I hear the phrase that this is Russia's way of giving the US, Israeli and British a warning that this behavior won't be tolerated.

Basically, I see Russia standing up for themselves and China is supporting Russia because China ultimately wants to regain power.  Both China and Russia know that if they can rid the "ISIS" group (which is a scapegoat type "fear" group created by three dominant countries), and keep the US out of Syria, the US economy will suffer.  This will also help Russia because Russia can continue on with their pipeline to Europe, which is huge for the Russian economy.  China wants nothing more than the US economy to fail so they can step in and promote their gold exchange or gold backed money with the IMF.  China and Russia have many reasons to align.

Right now Putin is creating a huge obstacle in the US plan to take Syria.  I see him being (and I hear the word) "Hitlerized."  I look for many more attacks, and if the US loses strength in Syria, I see a war breaking out because money is made on both sides of war (and the economy needs a genuine versus electronic) boost.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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