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Paris Attacks | Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 14 November 2015

Q. Hi Lynn pls do a reading on the recent Paris attacks. Will there be more attacks in France ( ISIS has issued threats) and /or other countries soon after?  Are there anything we can do to create a more positive environments or avert these horrible events?  And for the unfortunate ones and those suffering, our thoughts are with you.

A.  Many of you are asking about this, and with a heavy heart I go into this reading... 

The first thing I got when I tuned into this is that the events will somehow tie to Syria, and create some kind of way for troops to have a reason to be in that country.  The US needs to maintain control or good alliances with this area of the world in order to counteract anything Russia has planned, and also to have an influence over Russia's economy (and how they sell / transport) oil   What the US doesn't realize is the challenge they face because Russia isn't going to be submissive throughout this, and China is helping to back them.  Putting any kind of economic squeeze on Russia will only antagonize them and expedite retaliations.

I also get this plan has been thought out for a long time.  The US is concerned with the dollar and needs to get alternative resources that can help to retain power (such as oil) to diversify their interests.  The US knows that the solution is the middle east, and Syria has been sought after for a while now.  Strategically it is one of the best locations as far as resources. 

I then keep flashing to the cover of the Economist magazine (I did a reading on this earlier and will attach a link to the bottom of this). I keep going to the corner where the 11.3 and 11.5 is located.  I realize this was a date for this to happen. It is written in some kind of code (that I cannot quite figure out), but see the date being shown in the number 11.3 11.5.  I get we are being told without being directly told.

I then flash over to the accusation of ISIS being behind this attack.  I get that they have very mixed feelings about being falsely blamed.  They like that it gives them a fearful, "tough" image, but feel insulted at the way they deduce it is them.  It looks like a discussion going down, and they (this ISIS group?) is talking about how no one in their cause would be dumb enough to carry, much less leave their passport at the scene.  They like the tough image, but not the one that they are stupid. 

Then I see what looks like two cartoon characters talking... One is "ISIS" and one is the small group of countries that hired ISIS to do their dirty work to help get agendas through. The discussion is ISIS saying "You hired us to do a job, but you didn't hire us to make us look like fools."  The group is responding by saying, "You will do what we tell you, you hide your face so there is no shame, and occasional leaks of evidence can help to save millions of dollars and lots of time."

Q. Will there be more attacks?

A. I do see this happening more, and I see the energy behind the attacks ramping up until a war breaks out.  In some way when we hear of these tragic events we feel an enormous amount of compassion for the the people, but we are slowly becoming not as surprised (I need to clarify that it is not because humans don't care, but rather we see so much tragedy and are bombarded with negativity in the media that are minds are becoming less reactive). It is as if they want to keep the shock and awe factor, so the attacks will be more and more grandiose.  I keep seeing sporting events (specifically soccer) when I focus on future events that should be viewed with caution.

Money is made on both sides of war, and many economies are hurting.  War also lends the opportunity for countries to go in and occupy other countries (and influence governments to be allies).  The attacks look to happen mainly in Europe, but I sense something big happening in New York within the next nine months.  I can't exactly see all the details, but get it has to do with the utilities, or somehow the utilities are involved.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please take a minute and send some healing love and light to the families in France.  -Lynn

Link to previous reading on the Economist: 

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