Sunday, November 15, 2015

Knight's Templar Connection to Paris Attacks

By Lisa Rising Berry via Rising Frequencies

I decided to put out a short article on the Paris attacks.  While I was in Mystery School, I had the honor of being initiated, on an energetic level into the Templars.  Does this mean I can in my female body knock on their temple door and say I am a member?  No…  But since our souls are energy and not bodies, it is different on the Astral.  I have worked with them on the unseen realms removing the Astral and Etheric puppet masters that were here on the Old Time Line.

What I find very interesting is that yesterday was the anniversary of the Friday 13th massacre of the Knights Templar which occurred in France as well. My intuitive senses tell me there is a correlation between the two. So far I “feel” the “Powers That Were”, which are on their way out, attempted a ritual in the same location they did 708 years ago in the same country. They attempted a sudden release of traumatic soul energy to control and work for them. Which it did not work. Right now we are dealing the Physical Archonic forces. The unseen puppet masters are gone and they need new recruits. This type of severe darkest black magic doesn’t work in this new energy. So, nice try, but even the most evil attempts are now outdated and don’t work in this new paradigm of energy.

These Physical Archons have body cell memory of being about to use black magic to control anything they want.  They can see it doesn’t work anymore, but that will not stop them.  The physical bodies they are in are literally programmed to fight to the end.  So, it does not matter to them if they don’t achieve the result they wanted.  They are just as happy to scare the pants off the general public.  As I have said in my previous articles…you MUST do your inner work for your own personal sanity at this time.  We are going to see a lot of Harry Potter bull crap attempted.  They will begin to use old occulted knowledge in a last attempt to control this new uncontrollable new reality.  None of it will work, but it will look scary as hell.  Inner work teaches you that fear is not who you are, your thoughts are not who you are, your body is not who you are.  You are soul energy that has never been born and therefore can never die.  Do not jump on the fear bandwagon or it will take you down a deep rabbit hole that will be hard to climb out of.

Also it is the number 13 that is in play here…in my humble opinion. Since most people stick to a linear calendar and not the energy of the numbers, this could be missed, as they were actually killed in October and not November.  But this is just my intuitive insight on this. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Also….they waited because…Mars just entered the sign of Libra yesterday…and that means coward wars or reaction claiming for justice!  Thanks to my friend Luiz Guilherme Letti for the addition astrology information that really brought this together as to why they waited for November instead of the October date.

I did find the following article a bit interesting, click on the link to read.

The Knights Templar Shows How to Fight ISIS and Win

Stay in center of your own being, that is your inner safe spot,

Lisa Rising Berry

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