Saturday, November 14, 2015

3RT: Reiki Rapid Response Team

By Jeremiah Bradbury via Navitas Healing PDX, 30 August 2015

I have had this idea in my head, so I thought now would be a good time to get it out there.

Before we begin, a little about me.  I have been connected to the reiki energy for 21 years, and I have been studying emergency preparedness since 2004.  So I am always thinking about how I can combine the two.

So, what if there was a team of reiki people, who’s complete focus (outside job or business) was to help those in the preparedness fields. The fire, rescue, police, and others that respond to disasters.

Why is it called 3RT

First off, people in the military and response world are used to acronyms. Fire departments have them for certain units, as well as police, and emergency management.  So, it would be important that this team is attached with one.  Rapid and Response is something they can relate to.

Just as firemen are deployed to fight fires, the 3RT would deploy to send them energy. When you are giving everything you’ve got to protect people, it would be nice to have that extra “support.”

How would it work

First off, everyone on the team would need a basic knowledge of emergency preparedness terms. They should all take ICS (FEMA) 100,200 at least. And understand how fire departments deploy units.  This team could also help Red Cross, and other disaster response units.

For example; the Oregon chapter agrees to meet on phone or in person on September 1st, 2015 at 1800 (6pm).  The teams’ object would be to help the firemen who are responding to the Canyon Creek Complex fire. Ideally, the leader of the 3RT would be able to find out which teams or units have been deployed.

The group would then agree to send energy to that team or unit for a set number of minutes.

Why so specific

Let me be blunt about this.  This is not fluffy, hippie, do whatever energy work.  It needs to be directed for several reasons.  These men and women are risking their lives, the least we could do is to make sure the energy is focused on them.

The next phase, is give healing energy to the men and women directly.  And if they knew we were focused on them, it would be easier for emergency personnel to trust you.

Let me be clear

I have a full plate and have NO intention of trying to create this idea.  It will be a massive undertaking and needs someone focused on the idea. That is not me, but maybe it’s you.

If you decide to try, let me know.  I will be happy to talk it out and assist you with what I can.

Now is the Time

More and more people are becoming used to the idea of reiki healers. There is a local hospital here in Portland, Oregon (one the biggest in the state) that allows reiki practitioners on the rehab floor to help with patients.

If your connected with reiki and wondered how can i make the world a better place, this may be for you.  Are you willing to commit?  Can you stay focused on the objective?

We all know that the natural disasters are not going to settle down, but only increase. These people need your support.

You can contact Jeremiah through his site here,

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