Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Writing down your soul | Janet Conner

By Sherriann via Sherriann's Scribbling, 26 October 2015

For years now, every summer during vacation time I have an 'episode' of natural stress reduction. I've come to expect the occasion and even welcome it because it is dumping time and with each summer dump, I learn how to dump better. Usually, I end up reading another book on how to dump and reorganize 'mind, body and spirit', following the instructions as far as I remain comfortable.

Dumping always involves 'journaling'. You know, that neat and orderly nice looking book of thoughts that would be OK for anyone to read at any time because there is nothing that needs to be hidden? Well, I'm learning how NOT to do that. I'm practicing scribbling up a storm that will need to be burned every 200 pages....and NOT something I reserve for my summer vacation.

The book is titled Writing Down Your Soul: How to activate and  and listen to the extraordinary voice within by Janet Conner; Conari Press (2009) and is all about connecting with our inner voice and yes, we all have one. It's about connecting and HAND WRITING without having to spend money on a fancy expensive journal; any cheap Dollar Store notebook will do and so will any pen that can be found around the house. It's about connecting without changing any of our beliefs or disrupting/replacing current routine except for finding some space and time to write.

Note: Aside from a special place and a certain writing time, if needed, bathrooms can be very useful.

"There is no one standing over your shoulder judging your grammar or punctuation or determining if anything you've said makes a lick of sense."

Scribbling is not an easy thing to master for someone like me who tends to be a rather organized linear person. Scribbling doesn't have spell check or a search feature but it does spawn a burning ritual that forces a person to let go and move on... or at the very least, go back to the drawing board.

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