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Watch Steven Segal Say That American Mass Shootings Are “Engineered” By The Government

By Arjun Walia via Collective Evolution, 19 October 2015

It’s never easy for a celebrity to share their opinion on global issues. If they do, they run the risk of endangering their life and the lives of their loved ones, along with their career and reputation. That being said, a growing number of celebrities have been choosing to use their status to help enact positive change on the planet and create awareness about various important issues.

Some recent examples include Roseanne Barr, who stated that Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry itself are dominated by MK Ultra – the name for a previously classified research program through the CIA’s scientific intelligence division. It was the CIA’s program of research in behavioural modification and the manipulation of the mind. You can read more about that here.

Another is Ashton Kutcher who, a couple of years ago, stated that Hollywood and the industry are full of insider secrets to keep your career going, and that he felt like a fraud. He told his fans that that when you grow up, you don’t have to think like everybody else, or how you are told to think, or follow the rules that some people have created for us — that you can build your own life and create something new. You can watch that video here.

Russell Brand is another great example. He has been using his voice, reach, and popularity to create awareness for a variety of issues. You can find out/read more about that by clicking here.

Last but not least is Steven Segal, a prominent actor for many years who has been very vocal about a number of issues. You may ask yourself, what does Steven Segal know? Well, he did facilitate a U.S. congressional visit to Russia on counter-terrorism cooperation and also has many ‘high’ connections within the Russian government. He also knows the Russian president personally.

He was quoted as saying (in the interview below with RT news) that:

“We believe that many of the people in America are not going along with the hocus pocus of certain governmental bodies who want to try and perpetuate the Cold War, we believe that the Cold War is a fantasy and a hoax to perpetuate maybe some sort of financial gain….” 

“You have to understand, whether or not it is intelligent, or ethical, or moral, one of the great techniques of even Adolf Hitler … [is to] tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth. One of the things that, you know, certain people’s regime has become very adept at is controlling the press, and controlling the media … For example, CNN, do I think CNN is completely telling it like it is? No, I think they have an agenda, I think their agenda is bought and paid for…. This isn’t about telling the truth, who’s right or who’s wrong, it’s about a smear campaign and who can manipulate the press.” 

“I am not prepared to make a comment on what’s happening in Syria because in America I don’t believe we are being told the whole truth.” 

“I believe that, I hate to say this, a lot of these mass murders and all this funny stuff that’s going on, I believe a lot of this is engineered.” 

In the last quote, he is talking about the Boston Bombings and other such events.

Segal Is Not Alone In His Beliefs

The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.” – Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook

These beliefs are backed up by documents and evidence, which is exactly why these people (and many more) are drawing the conclusions that they are.

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