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Unspun News for the 1st October 2015

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Don’t miss Pilger, Escobar and PCR today …...

“Russian President Vladimir Putin took the floor at the UN’s 70th General Assembly after a decade of absence and suggested that the “export of so-called ‘democratic’ revolutions” should be stopped.“ … “Putin said he “cannot help asking those who have caused this situation [revolutions in the Middle East and Northern Africa]: Do you realize now what you have done?”

“Austrian election sees swing to right amid asylum seeker crisis”  A useful spin-off?

“Syria crisis: Bashar al-Assad must go or face 'military option', Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says”  The Muslim Zionists have spoken….

“Russia begins air strikes in Syria hours after parliament approves action against Islamic State”  Nice of them to be helping against the terrorists, eh?
Also - 

PEPE ESCOBAR - “Washington Never Joins a Coalition That It Cannot Control;  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s message at the UN General Assembly was stark; either sovereign states get together in a broad coalition against all forms of terror, and the principle of statehood is respected as enshrined in the UN charter - or there will be chaos.

“Israel has opened fire on the Gaza Strip on “at least 696 occasions” since the August 2014 ceasefire, the UK government has told Parliament.  These incidents are in addition to 29 strikes on Gaza conducted in response to rocket fire.“  Nice people.

JOHN PILGER - “These are dark times, in which the propaganda of deceit touches all our lives. It is as if political reality has been privatised and illusion legitimised. The information age is a media age. We have politics by media; censorship by media; war by media; retribution by media; diversion by media - a surreal assembly line of clich├ęs and false assumptions.“  SO TRUE.

“President Obama, who has boasted of ordering military strikes on seven countries, chastised Russia and China for not abiding by the rules of international behavior, a breathtaking example of hypocrisy or self-deceit”

PCR - “What the world is faced with is two rogue anti-democratic governments—the US and Israel—that believe that their “exceptionalism” makes them above the law.” … “The lines are drawn. Unless the American people come to their senses and expel the Washington warmongers, war is our future.”  Sad but inarguable…..

MARY MAXWELL - “Who Helps the Psychopaths Run the World?“  A follow-up to her previous article.

The reality crashes in for Palestine - “Mahmoud Abbas says Palestine will go back to being a state under occupation, and that Israel must bear responsibility for the breakdown of peace agreements.”

“8 ISIS targets hit during 20 combat flights in Syria – Russian military“  Bit more successful than America, eh?

“Are Americans And Britons Being Prepped For A Military Coup?“  Good question….. 

“Authorities have recorded high background radiation levels in central Russia’s Tula region, bordering the Moscow region and part of the contaminated area after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine.“

“A recent Health Ministry report showed that a number of Japanese cities were still finding traces of Fukushima related contamination in their drinking water.

“New satellite Himawari-8 launches, bringing better weather forecasts to Australia”  WOW!!!  SERIOUSLY impressive pix….

“Top U.S. physicist claims global warming is a “scam” … “Lewis accused the American Physical Society of supporting “the global warming scam, with the trillions of dollars driving it that has corrupted so many scientists.”  As anyone with the nous to read a dictionary or a minimal knowledge of meteorology has already figured out….

“Parts of south-east Queensland were lashed by hail and more than 10,000 lightning strikes as a severe thunderstorm hit the region yesterday, [29th] bringing power outages to more than 1,000 homes and businesses.”  Dramatic lightning pix …..  

“The science behind sinkholes: terrifying and relatively unpredictable incidents;  An Inskip Point sinkhole engulfed a car, caravan and camping trailer on Saturday; here are some of the reasons behind such events“

M5.5 @ 60km, Nr N. Coast of Papua, Indonesia,

Mexico - Colima volcano erupting again….

“Confusing Weather and Climate in claiming: ‘Climate change negatively affects birth weight’;  Both of these factors are weather events, not climate events:”  CLIMATE is a long term (Absolute minimum of 30 years) local pattern; WEATHER is outside your window right NOW.  This is the key at the root of the misinformation.  We are seeing WEATHER changes.

“Typhoon "Dujuan" aftermath: Taiwan severely battered, hundreds of thousands evacuated in China”

US - Florida, Alabama - flooding & record rain.

“How The Government Suppresses Free Energy Technologies“  “.. it’s full spectrum dominance when it comes to the suppression of energy technologies. What will it take to see a significant cultural shift toward sustainable energy technologies?”  Our culture is ready - our Rulers’ culture is definitely not.
And that ain’t all that’s being suppressed….
“Big Pharma is very worried about losing the vaccine debate.  But, would they murder people over it?  Of course they would.  Look what they’ve already done.”

“Dash Cam Footage Captures The Moment A UFO Caused A Car Accident In Russia“

Bizarre ‘V’ in clouds - in California - no explanation.
That - and more - interesting pix here.  Your call!!


“An intense solar flare took out low-frequency radio communications over South America and the Atlantic Ocean earlier today (Sept. 28), and the unstable sunspot is likely to erupt again.”

“What NASA originally thought was a mere dust cloud may actually be a mysterious object called G2 which has fascinated astronomers. On Sept. 23, 2015, the Chandra X-ray Observatory released information that an object near our Milky Way’s black hole, Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) may be aiding in the increase of X-ray flares and is known as G2.”

“Sunspot AR2422 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares.”  (Still earth-diirected a/c the ‘lawn sprinkler’ effect.)

Space lightning - Very interesting article.
And tie that to this from today’s ‘Spaceweather’’ - 
“Prominences are clouds of hot plasma held above the sun's surface by solar magnetic fields. The magnetic infrastructure of this prominence appears to be connected to an active sunspot (AR2423) just behind the sun's western limb.”  A crack in the Establishment armour?

“Dust Study: Is There More to the Story on GMOs?  In addition to the considerable questions about the safety of GMOs and their effects on mammals, what about other potential side effects to crop producers of GMO crops and their use?”

ALSO SEE - "It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain." (National Research Council, 2006)”


“It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender. My own feeling was that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages.”

~~ Admiral William D Leahy

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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