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Unspun News for the 14th October 2015

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“Banking Crisis: Bernanke Bust is Here - Mike Maloney” A staggering expose of the Fed Reserve and banking control … “something really disastrous happening to the monetary system”  Collapse coming … but when???  8 min video. The graphs speak for themselves.

“Syrian troops advance with Russian backing; US drops ammunition to anti-Islamic State rebels“  Wear your B/S filter glasses….

Europe - the ‘refugees’ - ‘invasion’ seems to be a more appropriate term.  Or “manufactured mass migration” ……  it’s “what they left behind unused – discarded Red Cross packaged water, crates of peaches, untouched packaged food, unopened baby diapers, brand new strollers, car seats, toys, and other necessities for someone traveling with a baby. Since these items were left behind, it is obvious that there were no babies among them.”  AND?

“UK MoD denies tabloid reports RAF 'ready to shoot down' Russian planes over Iraq“  Good!!!!

“Palestinian men armed with knives and a gun killed at least two people and wounded several others in a string of attacks in Jerusalem and a Tel Aviv suburb, police say, on a "Day of Rage" declared by Palestinian groups.“  O.M.G.- knives and a gun - vs tanks, automatic rifles, etc.  No wonder the poor Israelis are so scared …..

“MH17: Malaysia Airlines flight shot down by BUK missile fired from eastern Ukraine, Dutch Safety Board says“  No comment.

“Russian warplanes in Syria have bombed 29 terrorist field camps and other facilities of the militant group Islamic State in the past 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.“

“Turkey has warned the United States and Russia it will not tolerate Kurdish territorial gains close to its frontiers in north-western Syria, two senior officials say.“  Things just got hotter….

“Syria crisis: Rockets hit Russian embassy compound in Damascus, reports say“

“Yes, the US and Israelis, have been "faking it" in Syria for a good long time now. And Putin has come along and called their bluff.”  “The US-Israeli plan in Syria never been about helping anyone in that country, but rather insuring its effective dismemberment so as to further the perceived "strategic interests" of the Jewish state.

“Putin understands that reconciliation with America is not possible, because the interests of the two countries are simply incompatible .”  PLUS many other worthwhile items in ICH today ……… a HIGHLY recommended browse.

“Billions of barrels of oil have been discovered in Israel, and this discovery could essentially make Israel energy independent for many decades to come.  But there is just one problem.  This discovery was made in the Golan Heights.  If you are not familiar with the Golan Heights, it is an area that Israel took from Syria during the Six-Day War of 1967.”  Ahhhhh - that explains a few things...

You’ve heard of ‘Crisis Actors’?  This one got exposed….  So they aren’t only used at ’terror scenes’…..

“Syrian Oil And Gas: Little-Known Facts on Syria’s Energy Resources And Russia's Help”  Lot of food for thought here ….

Did you even know about these new laws - “Defying new federal laws threatening two years' jail for health workers who speak out against immigration detention centre conditions, more than 400 of the hospital's doctors stood together on Friday demanding children be released from detention.“ Getting more like North Korea or America than Oz...
Ahhhh …. And this goes very nastily with that….. “Save the Children staff were accused of leaking information about the Australian-funded detention centre.“  Hmmmm. ‘Black shirts’, eh?  Sounds as bad as it seems ….

“When President Obama spoke in reaction to the heinous October 1 attack on Umpqua Community College, he went beyond his usual calls for more gun control and suggested instead that America consider following the path blazed by Australia and Great Britain.“

“74yo Briton sentenced to public flogging in Saudi Arabia, family pleads for intervention”  Sometimes, ‘speechless’ is the only word….

Ref. Oz - an ABC Fact-Check - “Mr Morrison's claim that eight out of 10 income taxpayers are required to go to work every day to pay for social services ignores the progressive nature of Australia's income tax system.” … “Mr Morrison's claim is misleading.“  They open their mouth - and a lie comes out.

“TEPCO Says unit 1 - 2 vent tower probably OK for now”  How reassuring is that?

“A grim outlook for global fisheries and marine environments has been outlined in a study done by University of Adelaide researchers. (…)  "Our large-scale analysis suggests that many species will show a decrease in abundance, as well as diversity," Associate Professor Ivan Nagelkerken said.“

“A shift in the weather pattern across North America may bring the coolest air mass so far this fall to parts of the Midwest and East.”

“Romania – Trains stopped by snow“

“The death toll from the landslide that struck in the community of El Cambray II, Santa Catarina Pinula municipality, Guatemala, in the early hours of 02 October 2015, continues to rise.”

Crop Circle, S’n Brazil.

“New Zealand fur seal still squatting on Opera House stairs one year on”  Obviously a seal with culture and discrimination.  A seal of approval?  (Sorry)      (No, I’m not, so there!)

“Scientists discover 'near death' evidence“ …. “'It is also significant that people who had an out-of-body experience had a lessened fear of death as a result. Previously it has been suggested that just being close to death makes people feel that way, but it was not found among those who did not have NDE.'”


“A new sunspot is emerging over the sun's eastern limb, and it poses a threat for M-class solar flares.”
“A gigantic hole in the sun's atmosphere has opened up and a broad stream of solar wind is flowing out of it. This is called a "coronal hole."  And it covers about half the Sun ….!!!!

“Hot gas or streams of charged particles?”  A basic but revealing look at stars….. And plasma.  The sting’s in the tail!

“Yin and Yang Chinese Medicinal Herbs Identified by Light Emission;  For thousands of years, the principle of ‘yin and yang’ has dominated traditional Chinese medicine but these qualities have eluded all attempts at characterization until now“  Wow!!!!!

“Starting on Tuesday, October 13, Australian telcos such as Telstra and Optus are required to start storing metadata logs pertaining to people's email, internet, mobile and landline use for up to two years.”  “Can data retention be circumvented?   Yes. With the use of what's called a virtual private network, or VPN, people are able to prevent their internet metadata being stored by their internet service provider (ISP).“

It’s THAT time of year again, so here is what is claimed to be an EFFECTIVE snake deterrent recipe - various oils, metho, and water.  Recipe and source here ….

“Where love rules there is no will to power.”

~~ C. G. Jung

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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