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Unspun News for the 13th October 2015

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“Sweden is moving to a six-hour working day in a bid to increase productivity and make people happier.“

GLENN GREENWALD - “The 'war on terror' - by design - can never end”  Here’s why ….  our (in)glorious leaders have designed it that way.  This article is near 3 years old - and truer than ever.  Permanent war, permanent terror, created by permanent psychopaths feasting on the energies of fear….. Which is, energetically, the polar opposite of love.

“Russia's president Vladimir Putin has defended his country's intervention in Syria, saying Moscow will not deploy ground troops as part of a campaign against what it says are Islamic State (IS) targets.“

THE SAKER - with a summary of Russia’s first week in Syria.  Interesting ….

“The belief in Baghdad is that the U.S. does not want to kill off the Islamic State but is silently supporting it. There are some facts, the DIA 2012 analysis and the lack of U.S. airstrikes against IS, that support such thinking.   The death of several high Islamic State leaders is a huge moral lift for the Iraqi and Syrian forces and likely a loss of impetus for the various Jihadi groups in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.”

TONY CARTALUCCI - “Even as the US adamantly denies the obvious - that is has intentionally created and is currently perpetuating Al Qaeda, the so-called "Islamic State," and other terrorist groups in Syria, it is openly conspiring to use another army of terrorists against neighboring Iran, live before a US Senate hearing. Should the US succeed in Syria, it would not be the end of the conflict, but only the end of the beginning of a much wider world war.“  Which would probably suit their controllers anyway …..  

“Middle East Strategic Landscape Goes Through Drastic Changes (II)“  (With link to part 1)  Interesting analysis ….

“Following a report British defense officials have instructed fighter jet pilots to shoot down Russian jets over Syria, the military attaché at the British Embassy in Moscow was summoned to provide an explanation.”

“The Xbox bomb “was designed to look and behave exactly like one made by Iraqi insurgents” with a hodgepodge of Russian, Chinese and Pakistani-made parts, (….) The intent was that if the device were sent to the FBI for analysis, even its experts “would mistakenly trace the bomb back” to a particular terrorist bomb maker, he said.”

“Russian Government says US-led coalition spent a year pretending to strike ISIS”  No kidding?

“Pentagon Readies Payouts for Hospital Bombing, But Still Refuses Independent Probe“   Gosh, I wonder why??

PCR - “A Decisive Shift In The Power Balance Has Occurred” … “Putin, without issuing any verbal threats or engaging in any name-calling, has decisively shifted the power balance, and the world knows it.  Washington’s response consists of name-calling, bluster and more lies, some of which is echoed by some of Washington’s ever more doubtful vassals.” 

BlackCatte - a newish commentator - “That ISIS/Islamic State/al Qaeda/al Nusra, or whatever new name we want to use, were to some extent packaged and marketed as designer fear porn seems beyond doubt. Nothing else explains their unparalleled success as media-manipulators or their immunity to any kind of retribution.”  

“Professor: “It’s really a dead zone” in areas of Fukushima — “Huge impacts… there are no butterflies, no birds… many dramatically fewer species” — “Why does it matter to you (in the U.S.)? The reason is, it’s coming, it is coming”

“Researchers have no idea how to stop the mysterious sugar cane condition, Yellow Canopy Syndrome, which is spreading across cane-growing regions in north Queensland.“

M5.5 @ 30km, off-shore Coquimbo, Chile - still rattling!

M5.4 @ 20km, North Island, NZ. (Just off the east coast)

“A stretch of higher-than-average temperatures will continue across a large portion of the Western U.S. this week.  Temperatures through the weekend will run between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit above average for many locations this week.”  Random, chaotic …. 

“HAIL and damaging winds have created havoc for southern Sydney residents, with a huge, fast-moving storm sweeping through the Campbelltown and Sutherland areas.  The flash storm halved the temperature in the southwest hubs in a matter of minutes, catching residents and motorists off guard.“  Violent, unpredictable….

“Frogpocalypse: Ribbits Fade as Frog Species Go Extinct at Alarming Rate;  The extinction rate of frogs is 10,000 faster than normal — pesticides and logging are partly to blame.“

“Veritable blizzard” in Romania“ … “This is “at least one month too early!!!!!,”
ALSO - “Across much of Central and Eastern Europe temperatures are down in the single digits Centigrade.”

“Unusual October snowstorm forecast for Poland this week“

“the Northwest passage will not be navigable due to increased sea ice in the Arctic, up to 10 feet/3.2 meters thick. Laughably many other reports have said the N.W. Passage will be ice free by 2015. This report shows the facts and incorrect predictions of sea ice, sea level rises and polar bear declines.”

Scientists examining the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte admit they are “deeply puzzled” by the discovery of a half-inch long microchip embedded in his skull.”  If true, the implications of this are mind-boggling…..

“Child sex abuse inquiry: Salvation Army officers may have believed children in homes were 'progeny of evil'.”  And this gave them the ‘right’ to inflict them with mental illness for life? Yup - ain’t religion just wunnerful?

“Milton William “Bill” Cooper, an American conspiracy theorist who wrote Behold A Pale Horse, the best-selling underground book of all time, predicted the surge in school shootings nearly 25 years ago.“  He was right.

'Doctors Without Borders' Declared a Terror Group’  - Yes, this IS satire…. I think?

IF this is photoshopped, it is DAMN GOOD.  “UFO Sighting 2015: Huge see-through object caught hovering in Manipur [PHOTOS]”


“The Dark Matter Enigma: "Is It the 'Operating System' of Our Universe?"  (No, it’s an excuse to ignore the EU theories!)

“Solar activity remains low.”
BUT - 
“Arctic sky watchers are still buzzing about last week's 3-day outburst of Northern Lights. Many veteran observers ranked it as the brightest display they had seen in years. (…)  Another stream of solar wind is coming. ETA: Oct.12-13. Without another CIR to "pre-condition" Earth's magnetic field, however, this week's solar wind stream will probably have less effect.”

“Stars are not constant.“  The last para poses an interesting question!

“Australian Organic Farmer To Take Gm Contamination Case To High Court;  A battle that's been going on for years“  Wish him well!!


“A self-actualized individual will have risen above the need to control others. He or she expresses no blame, no expectations and no negative judgments. They will be well on their way to developing detached mind -- a level of awareness in which they mentally fluctuate only from positive to neutral as outside conditions change. In other words, they allow negativity to flow through them without affecting them. Self-actualization and unconditional love are much the same. On the surface they both feel a little like indifference, but they amount to accepting someone else for what they are, without expecting them to change to be what you want them to be.”

~~Ralph Squire

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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