Tuesday, October 6, 2015

transients.info's Facebook Group, an Ancient Personality Test and other stuff

I know that Facebook is not for everyone, but for those that use it and who see this article, may be interested to know that we do have a Facebook Group which I originally created to provide a space for you regulars to hang out. It is a closed group, meaning all activity is private and can only be seen by members of the group (your activity is not announced to the world, like so many other things a person does on Facebook).

We get into some interesting conversations and subjects in this group — currently managed by myself and AngelicView — as we currently have 2,549 members, so it can get quite busy. I wanted to touch on a few threads within the group, below.

Ancient Personality Test from the Enneagram Institute

I just posted this thread a few hours ago, talking about an old personality test I ran into via an article on the Huffington Post which Connie sent in to me.

The 22kg (50 pound) Crystal

Today one of our members posted a picture of a 22 kg (50 pound) Arkansas quartz crystal cluster that she picked up for a cheap price recently. Here it is below.

Wales GMO Ban

A picture says a thousand words. In this case, about 13.

The Necklace

One member made this necklace, which she shared with the group recently.

Motherwort (leonuus cardiaca or "lion heart")

One of our members posted information about this herb yesterday, which can help someone through an emotional upheaval. She said, 'It can give you a breath of calm and strength, kind of like a mother's hug.'

Flooding on the East Coast of the US

Members share many things, such as pictures of what is going on in their areas. Here we have a few from the recent flooding on the east coast of the US. These pictures are from Norfolk, VA.

A Harvest

A couple of days ago, a member posted a picture of their garden harvest. Not bad...

Having fun

Here is something I made up which I posted on the transients.info page and shared in the group. It's reached about thirteen thousand people on FB, but not as many as another one I posted last month that has reached 116,000+. 

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