Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Piano Guys: A Sky Full of Stars | When Stars and Salt collide (Coldplay)

Here is a new music video from the Piano Guys. While the tune is originally by Coldplay, the purpose of this one is for the suporters of the Piano Guys — it's based on a crowd funding project they started. More information can be found here on their site but I have included the main/important info from that link below.

The Piano Guys: "Please accept this video as a very small token of our appreciation for you. Your names are printed on what we now affectionately call our “Founders’ Piano” and “Founders’ Cello!” For your video we put together an arrangement of a super cool tune called, “A Sky Full of Stars,” by Coldplay, because we feel like the REAL stars of the Piano Guys are our Founders. As we were writing and recording this we prayed that we could pour our sincere gratitude into each and every measure. After we finished with the music we determined to film in a place you may recognize, the Salt Flats where we filmed “Moonlight.” What better venue than a place of our “roots” and where your names would be the “stars” of the film, starkly contrasted against the eternal white salt stretching as far as the eye can see? We hope you enjoy this video It is dedicated to you!"

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