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The Nature of Existence: Thoughts from a transient point of view

By Ivan Lukačević,'s contributing writer

Greetings to all readers. For a while now I have been getting the urge, or a nudge, to write something for the site. I have so far been resisting that urge for unknown reasons. Well, not unknown. It was fear of failure. Uncertainty about the reception of the article and whether it will be of help to anyone at all. The moment I realized its fear holding me back, I just decided to slide it aside and go ahead. Now, be warned; I write in a consciousness stream, as I believe other spheres have a chance to get their say as well, through me, this way. For some it might be too jumbled up to follow and that’s just the way it is :-). So here we are, about to see where this contemplation might lead us :-). Hope you enjoy it all.

Existence. Being. Be. Is – simple words for such incomprehensible ideas. Upon asking yourself, “what does it mean to exist?” Do you immediately know the answer? I don’t. That's why I decided to do this. To ask these questions. What is existence? What is it, “to be“? How to do the, “being“, the right way? What does it mean, “what can be? “.

Ever since I have started my journey of spiritual advancement, I have pondered upon these ideas. I have been getting various answers, all true, and none the same. Progressing far enough has made me capable of understanding from where, or whom, these answers might be coming from – my guides, my higher self, past lives, akashic records... however, realizing from where the answer might be coming from has only further complicated the issue I was wondering about! Comprehending the nature of human existence was tough enough, but comprehending different levels, or ways of existence, made it a whole other ball of yarn.

As a human, I am. I am a conscious spirit/soul in a physical body. Spirit/soul is a refined higher form of energy, but energy none the less, which is brought into consciousness by the Source. My body is made up of atoms, which in turn are also made of energy, but far more densely packed than spirit energy. So coming to those two conclusions, a third one emerged naturally; I am made all of energy or energies. So I realized the basic mechanics of how I am experiencing and learning through living as a human: consciousness using energies to interact with the reality around me with the purpose of experiencing various probabilities and modalities of possibility. What possibility? Any and all :-); events, objects, people, places – all can be experienced in many different ways and each way brings a slightly different and fresh perspective to such an experience. It's all a matter of probability on how things turn out, right? Yes and no. Probabilities do matter, but only after a decision is made. Making a decision or a choice is like making water spring from the ground. After the spring is there, possibilities offer countless ways it can run, and our choices define the probable shape of its flow. We ourselves are a spring in this material reality. We chose to come here, so our spring started to flow and became a stream. The stream of our human experience. Now we are shaping its flow daily by making choices within the realm of possibilities.

This idea worked for me for a while till I felt it is unrefined and something was missing in it. Then I got bugged out by the question of what possibility is...

Possibility... the option for anything to turn out any way. Vague, right? I tried searching for definitions of possibility online and I found that I don’t have the problem about the definition, but the very meaning of possibility. I was stuck on this for a loooong time :-). Upon realizing I might not get this, I reverted back to the basic; The Source. This was a pivotal step for me. I contemplated the Source. The Source is, for me, the endless sea of energy that is conscious and consciousness itself and is the existence, itself. So if you were a sea of conscious energy that can do whatever it wanted with itself, what would you do? Well, you might start playing to see what all ways can you change the energy within yourself. What all forms you could create. Could you create more complex forms? More complex systems? More complex conditions for the experiences of those forms? Sure you could. Why, to speed things up, you might even divide yourself into smaller packages of your vast consciousness and allow them some independence so they can increase the experiences you can have. More and more you want to see what is possible. Since you are endless and conscious, you decide to bring everything that can be into being to realize all possible possibilities. You already made a single basic being. Now let's have all possible imaginable and unimaginable versions of it behaving in all possible imaginable and unimaginable ways. So you make all that can be into being and hence all that can be forever is and is within you. You desire all to exist to provide you with the experience and insight into various forms of being. Since you desire it, you also cherish it for every one of those possibilities realized is a unique manifestation of being and experience and is therefore loved by you — the Source. That is the nature of the Source for me. All accepting endless eternal Love. Now, what does that mean for us?

As humans we are in a state of being of reality, which allows our forms to exist and our specific spirit energy and physical form, to coexist. We are but a single among endless variations of possibilities of existence. In this, our specific 3D reality of this universe, and on this planet, we are human beings as we are. We tend to label things, to use and abuse things, to judge and be judged by each other and society. We tend to divide all that is to good and bad. A mistake, as far as I’m concerned. All that is, is so within the Source because it can be. Therefore, all is by the will and consciousness of the Source which does not discriminate. All things have a purpose. Cosmic purpose of anything is to come into being and provide the experience of such a state of being to the Source. Every form and modality is cherished by the Source for it is a possibility realized in a unique way. The Source accepts and cherishes all so I believe its nature to be Love. Love all-encompassing and eternal. Love toward everything that is for it is a part of the Source. So accepting this idea as valid, we accept that an Eternal, Endless, All present force or entity loves everything without judgement. Building upon that, a question arises: who are we to not love all as Source does? Who are we to judge? Who are we to say what's right or wrong? The answer: we are what Source gave us permission to be and even when we judge, even when we label and divide, even when we use or abuse, the Source always loves us and cherishes the experience we provide to enrich it. Yes, even those we might deem evil or doing wrong, are beloved and cherished by the Source. Their actions serve a cosmic purpose of providing another way of being and acting and experiencing. So things might seem like this or that from our limited perspective but I believe that from the divine perspective there is no good or evil. There is that which progresses in different directions. We interpret those direction differently but they are just that, another way the stream can flow. Just another modality for the Source to experience and appreciate in its uniqueness. Do not trouble yourself with why someone follows a certain direction of progression but stay true to the way you are guided on. Their direction of progression someone sees as good, others as bad or evil, but it is for it can be such. It is the freedom of existence at its best.

Everyone and everything has a place within the Source. All that is, has existed and will exist, exists within the Source eternally. In more simple and tense unburdened words – All Is. That is the greatest truth I have come to realize in this lifetime. Simply, all is. Everything you can think of, no matter how ludicrous or beautiful or terrible or horrific, it all is. Within the endless sea of potential for creation within the Source, it would be unimaginable for anything not to exist. That is the truth about us too. We are for we are wanted to be, desired into being. We were brought into being by the Source and we all have our purposes. We are all loved and accepted exactly as we are so I think the best we can do is to be ourselves to the fullest. That is the best way we can cherish and be thankful for this great gift of existence.

About the Author
Ivan has a Master’s Degree and teaches in a small village in Croatia. He’s a relaxed free thinker who feels like a real transient individual. Ivan collects crystals and has a passion for consciousness development. You can find Ivan on Facebook here.

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