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Michael Knight runs the subscription based North Star Newsletter which is focused on Ramtha's predictions. I thought that today's newsletter would be appropriate to share with all of you, because if my recent article on why we get sick. He has given me permission to do so and you can find it below.

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By Michael Knight (

Editor’s Note:- Please be aware that while from time to time we use the same quotes from Ramtha to introduce or in association with different articles, it is because they are always relevant to the new information in the body of the article. We do so because the purpose of this newsletter is to keep both longtime RSE students, and newcomers – whether students or not – aware of current news and events as related to what Ramtha has said in the past.

Mind Over Matter

Ramtha on the role of DNA

“Cells divide according to the DNA structure.

“What directs which part of the double helix to unfold to print a fax copy to give to the cell so the cell can make amino acids and be regenerated?

“If the double helix is really our family tree, the history of ourself, then we use less than a tenth of the double helix in full-scale potential.

“And junk DNA is literally waiting for new concepts, but who turns the concepts on?

“It is how the brain thinks. It is the emotions that the brain gives to the body that causes the cells to mutate. 

“How those cells are created is based directly upon brain signals that allow the double helix of the DNA to re-create copies according to mental pictures.”
– Ramtha, June – July, 1998. Yelm, WA. Boktau III


It is seventeen years since Ramtha made that statement.

Now science, at least in some open-minded quarters, is openly stating that the mind, and signals from the brain, do indeed influence the body.

We’ll start with what’s known as The Placebo Effect.

In the American Heritage Dictionary, the word placebo, when used in relation to medicine, is defined as “a substance containing no medication and given merely to humor a patient; an inactive substance used as a control in an experiment.” Further, “anything lacking intrinsic remedial value, done or given to humor another.”

Apparently that was the prevailing belief when that dictionary was first printed in 1969.

 For a simple example, let’s imagine that a person has a headache, and aspirin is known to make it go away – but the physician has run out of aspirin, so he gives the patient a pill that looks the same, but it does not include any active ingredients; and yet when the patient takes it, the headache disappears.

That is the placebo effect – the definition and power of which was much better stated by Ramtha in 1998.

Ramtha on the Placebo Effect

How do we become an enlightened physician?

“I tell you there is proof everywhere about self-love. 
“Do you know how that is provable on a scientific level?

“In test groups when they are given placebos, they are almost as effective as the group given the drug.

“How could a simple sugar pill be so potent in lowering blood pressure?

Because those who they believed in, the expert, says to them, ‘Take this. It will lower your blood pressure.’ They take it and they believe it will. It is called the placebo effect. 

“Powerful, isn’t it? 

“Doesn’t that tell the world something? It says that if you give the right information to the patient, they will be cured. Sometimes when you diagnose their death, they will die within moments of your prophecy.

“It is no accident that those who want to help people really do have sort of a godly destiny. How do they blend that destiny with science, and particularly political science? Very masterfully.

Heal thyself, physician, before you heal anyone else. How do we do that? By caring enough that when we lay our hands upon another, just the simple touch to the skin starts firing nerves, receptor sites, producing in a reverse fashion peptides that find their way all the way back to the brain that causes relaxation.

It is almost as if the physician is an extension of our own something. And if we believe in them so much, even their touch — their touch — heals. 

“If the physician says — with a cold touch because his schedule is harangued and quickened — that all he can do is put a cold stethoscope to the chest of someone, take their pulse, and look into their eyes, he lacks a lot of touch. 

“But if they put their hands on and they feel, they heal. The healing starts right away.

“A really enlightened physician will know that those who come to them are in a panicked but subdued, awe-inspired trance and that whatever that physician says, the patient will be. 
“So we have to really educate the physicians on finesse, don’t we?

No one should ever become a doctor for money. 

“If healing can be in a placebo or the touch, the magical touch, of a godlike person — and it is — then what does this have to say about prayer?
 – Ramtha, January 16-18, 1998. Yelm, WA. “The Biology of the Molecules of Emotional Addiction.”

Placebo Efficacy

This past week (October 22 2015), an article appeared on the Internet under the heading “Placebo Effect Has Risen Among Americans, Making Drug Development More Difficult.”

Written by Dr Joseph Mercola (left) it references a number of scientific studies that clearly expose the presence and efficacy of the placebo effect.

On October 6 and 7 2015 both “Nature,” and “Scientific American,” reported that “Drug companies have a problem: they are finding it ever harder to get painkillers through clinical trials. But this isn’t necessarily because the drugs are getting worse.

“An extensive analysis of trial data has found that responses to sham treatments have become stronger over time, making it harder to prove a drug’s advantage over placebo.

“The change in response to placebo treatments for pain, discovered by researchers in Canada, holds true only for US clinical trials.

"We were absolutely floored when we found out," says Jeffrey Mogil, who directs the pain-genetics lab at McGill University in Montreal and led the analysis.

“Simply being in a US trial and receiving sham treatment now seems to relieve pain almost as effectively as many promising new drugs.”

(No doubt Big Pharma knows all about this, but can we expect them to embrace the concept? Hardly.- Ed.)

Beyond The Placebo Effect

Back in February 2015 Science Daily reported that “Two identical cigarettes led to a discovery by scientists at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute.

“Study participants inhaled nicotine, yet they showed significantly different brain activity. Why the difference? Some subjects were told their cigarettes were nicotine free.”

Read Montague, lead author of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said “"It was the belief alone that modulated activity in the learning pathway … "this goes beyond the placebo effect." (emphasis added).

Not For Everyone

While the power of the mind is embraced by some, studied by others, and dismissed by most, Dr Mercola has something to say about why the placebo effect  doesn’t work for everybody.

“If you strongly believe you will benefit from something, you radically increase the chances that you will. But there is one caveat: you may need to resolve any emotional blocks that are standing in your way first.

“Such a block could be the belief that the pain or illness cannot go away.

“Maybe a parent or relative had the same problem and they never recovered, so you probably "can't" get rid of it either.

“Another block could be resentment that you have the disease or the pain, or even an unconscious desire to keep your ailment because of the extra attention you gain from it.”

On Your Knees

The New England Journal of Medicine published an article in 2002 that is now available at the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health (NIH).

It is about the remarkable results of a threeyhway study involving three groups of people who needed knew surgery.

One of them was the placebo group; they were given minor surgery on their knees, but the only thing to show for it was post-surgery scarring – exactly the same as on the knees of the other two groups who were operated on in depth.

‘’A total of 180 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee were randomly assigned to receive arthroscopic d├ębridement, arthroscopic lavage, or placebo surgery.’

All were monitored for 24 months, and the study found that “At no point did either of the intervention groups report less pain or better function than the placebo group.” (emphasis added).

DNA Responds To Thought

According to the dictionary, a placebo is intended to “humor the patient.

And in many cases, as revealed by the studies cited herein, it works.

Perhaps it is time to dispense with the phrase “placebo effect,” and say it as it is – the “Mind Effect” – as all the above studies clearly illustrate.

What they tell us, unequivocally, is that the mind instantly affects the body, right down to the cellular and DNA level, which Ramtha pointed out in the quote above when he said “It is how the brain thinks. It is the emotions that the brain gives to the body that causes the cells to mutate. 

“How those cells are created is based directly upon brain signals that allow the double helix of the DNA to re-create copies according to mental pictures.”

Seventeen years later …. “For the first time, researchers have been able to construct a gene network that can be controlled by thoughts. (…) While we can’t answer the question for certain quite yet that we could control our genes and DNA with thought, discovery seems to be moving in that direction.“

Martin Fussenegger, a professor at ETH Zurich, led a team that “were able to tap into brainwaves and convert genes into proteins (gene expression) using a new gene regulation method.”

Fussenegger says “For the first time, we have been able to tap into human brainwaves, transfer them wirelessly to a gene network and regulate the expression of a gene depending on the type of thought. Being able to control gene expression via the power of thought is a dream that we’ve been chasing for over a decade.”

It was Immanuel Kant who said “Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.”

Last Word

Ramtha’s request of his students to research the brain’s effect on DNA

“When you return to your hovels and to your World Wide Web, use this model as a standard to investigate all of the new science on the brain, stem cells that grow into neurons, and the fundamental scientific tests that prove it.

“Investigate how are the brain and DNA connected, the latest research on DNA, and how do these two affect the environment or the environment affect them.

It is wonderful research.

“I would caution you and advise you: Keep looking until you find models that look like the ones you just drew of the brain’s effect on DNA. 

“Keep searching until you find the papers that explain the connection, that if you were to draw their explanations, they would look like your drawing. 

“Never settle for what the first paper says and use it to discount your work. You make the science come up to your work.”
– Ramtha. Spiritual Integrity Assay, Yelm, WA. July 2, 2011

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Suggested Further Research

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