Monday, October 19, 2015

It's not what you know or who you know, it's what you don't know that matters

By The Happy Wonderer,'s contributing writer

Recently, I watched the movie ‘San Andreas’.  It was an educational experience!

The theme of the  movie - the San Andreas fault letting go big-time - is a given.  Yes, it's going to happen - maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few decades - but it HAS to happen, absolutely inevitably.

I could pick a lot of holes in the storyline, but I will focus on one that literally made me laugh - two of the main characters were in a ‘rubber ducky’ - which is technical language for an inflatable boat - and in this floating balloon with an outboard motor, they smashed through a sky-scrapers’ plate glass window.  (And the rubber hull didn’t even get punctured!)

Oh, come ON!!!!!

But boy, doesn't it prove something…...

We live in a highly technical world now.  There are abilities, possibilities, and realities that are way, way beyond the average person’s knowledge.  Even at apparently disconnected levels such as the likelihood of smashing plate glass with a floating balloon….

And yet that - and dozens of other ludicrous events - is swallowed wholesale by the gullible viewers. No, it’s not their ‘fault’, or even their ‘ignorance’ - we all have our areas of expertise, and we ALL have our areas of ignorance.  Not a lot of people have ever driven a rubber ducky.

But it's not just movie spectacle-drama-liberties. It's real life, day after day, example after example, time and again.  Burning kerosine melting construction girders …. right.  Buildings collapsing into their own footprint automagically - right.  ‘Terrorists’ resisting - and even defeating - entire modern military forces …. right.  Genetic modifications to food being harmless - or even beneficial! … right.  Changing climate causing violent weather ... right.  (Try changing weather causing climate alterations!)  A simpleton with zero firearm training shooting like a top-notch Special Forces assassin… right.  Harmless WiFi… right.  Harmless mercury in injections for babies ... right.  A massive nuclear melt-down being ‘under control’… right.  Mind control?  A sci-fi fantasy … right.

And much, much more.  Endlessly more.  Ego is a problem - NONE of us like to think we are ill-informed.  We are all-knowing, be it civil engineering, shooting, warfare, meteorology, nuclear physics, bio-electrics, even life after death!  Yet a large number of people struggle to comprehend their electricity bill.  And they make critical judgements about ‘terrorist’ events, international wars, economies, and global climates?  Hallo?  Logic, please?

And who does this benefit?  Who ‘wins’?  Go figure.  You might even have voted for them!  Or not. You think that that matters? Riiiiiiight.

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