Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How can a spiritual seeker stay away from distractions? | Sadhguru

"...when I look at the number of shoes you have bought, it looks like you are going to live for 10,000 years... You will die. If you are conscious of this every moment of your life, it may be a little struggling in the beginning, but just remind yourself every minute that, 'I’m mortal, I’ll die someday and maybe it’s today.' Come to ease with death, then the longing to know what is beyond this physical nature will burst forth within you.” "

Description (7 minutes): During the Guru Poornima Google Hangout, Sadhguru answers a question about distractions. To stay focused and receive what is offered, Sadhguru explains that all it takes is to remind ourselves that we are mortal. He gives us a simple method to keep this awareness strong within us.

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