Thursday, October 15, 2015


By Connie Johnston,'s contributing writer

It is in the extraordinary, hidden power of the mind that all healing truly takes place. For it is here that it began and it is here that it should be remedied. The feelings, the thoughts, the desires of the conscious and the subconscious merge and gather energy, energy that is brought to the surface as positive or negative experiences.

It is the negative energy, whether expressed or unspoken, that is the genesis of disease. For the body’ reacts to emotions, feelings, thoughts in addition, it takes its cue from these. When you put tea into the pot to simmer, you get tea. When you put negative energy into the body, you get negative vibrations, disease.

Whether these directions and signals to the body have been the accumulation of years or months or only days, they manifest according to their intensity. Loss causes loss of functions. Hate causes the heart to lose its' ability to circulate the blood and produces a direct breakdown in its purpose. Jealousy creates emptiness and loss of tissue. Envy and greed are the creators of extraneous matter, collecting and hoarding energy in the body.

To function as was intended, to obtain maximum health, the mind must be in harmony with the universe. Those who are seldom sick, who have a joyful manifestation in life, these are the souls who create positive aspects, who are harmonious with the earth and those who inhabit it. This then is the desired goal.

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About Connie
Connie Johnston, co-author of The Alchemy of Time, is a soul who has spent 78 years on this earth, this time around, and is trying to find her way home. Triumphs and tragedies, endless lessons and years of searching, has led to her having more questions and answers at this point in her life, and less energy to 'Keep on Keepin’ on.

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