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Five for Friday #20 | Focus Sessions

Every week Da-Da puts together a bunch of photos for Lynn over at Focus Sessions to take a psychic reading of. Here is last weeks Five (+).

By Lynn & Da-da (A Man Called) via Focus Sessions, 9 October 2015

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #20. There are actually more than five images this time, as Da-da was anticipating some fakes, so he gave Lynn extra pics. It was all interesting, so it's all in there. Enjoy.

Image #1: Shapeshifters

Ok, the set on the top is a shapeshifter UFO from NY, the one on the bottom a shapeshifter UFO from FL. Are they real? Why do they keep changing? Are they related?

What Lynn Saw
"I connect to the one on the top more than the other. A lot of these ships that access the earth are cloaked, or covered in some energy barrier. They emit this, like a protective coating that flows around as the ship moves, with the ship in the center. I can't connect to the one on the bottom, but the top one is definitely real."
Image #2: Mystery Disks of Russia
Scores of these large stone disks have been found in Russia. What was their original purpose?

What Lynn Saw
"The first image I get is of people standing around the stone, grinding and shaping it. This is definitely man-made. Then I get an image of a guy, like a healer of sorts, or a shaman of some tribe that lived long ago. He's sitting on top of this disk and meditating. These are ceremonial stones, to make a connection with the sun. The stone needed to be circular so it would absorb energy from all angles. The shamans extracted energy and knowledge from the sun. This was common practice for shamans in this area at this time. The composition of the stone is special, chosen just for this purpose. I want one!"

Image #3: This Polish Mermaid Walks Out of a Lake...
Besides being a joke in search of a punchline, Da-da’s guessing this pic from Poland is fake, but who knows?
What Lynn Saw
"First off, there really ARE mermaids out there -- but this isn't one of them. Real mermaids aren't the way Hollywood portrays them: no long flowing hair; they're more fish-like, slimy. But this pic is NOT a mermaid. It's someone in a costume. Just a put-on."

Image #4: Comet Near the Sun?
This is a recent satellite capture of what looks to be a comet shooting past the sun, but… it’s angling AWAY from the sun, which is unlikely for a comet. What is this thing?

What Lynn Saw
"This is a ship. I get that there are a lot of ET ships out there that can power up via the sun. Others, when they travel through time or dimensions -- travel that requires ridiculous speeds -- they can "ride the light" to get where they need to go. That's what's happening here. This ship is extracting energy from the sun and "riding a light beam" to travel to a different dimension and, if you could see this area a bit later, you'd see that the ship had vanished. The ETs associated with it were very strange. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the different types, especially when I see a new one; these were very similar to the Greys, but they had strange skin colors; some were olive green, some were pink and some were a really muted orange. I couldn't see or hear a name, just got a visual."

Image #5: Kammler
This is Nazi SS General Hans Kammler. He was head of a slew of ubersecret Nazi projects (V2 rockets, anti-gravity propulsion systems, etc.), and allegedly committed suicide in 1945… or did he? He was rumored to have been in charge of the German’s UFO program, is this true? Is he still alive?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that he faked his own death. He's definitely not alive, now, though. He was heavily sought after, because of his activities and knowledge, and he didn't want to be forced to share this knowledge. He created some really cool stuff for the Germans after the war, in South America and Antarctica. He made huge strides in advancing the German space program after the war. I get he helped to fine tune the motion (being able to abruptly go left, right, forward or backward in an instant with their various crafts). Had something to do with the physics behind the gyroscope. The US wasn't involved, and in fact they tried to steal the technology. There was a tie to this technology and Antarctica, and they made it to the moon way before we did (they just kept it quiet)." Breakaway civilization anyone?

Image# 6: Dead Wildebeests

Here's another mass of dead animals that have been recently found, this time in Tanzania. Wave X?

What Lynn Saw

"I DO see this as Wave X. Like a weird puff of energy came down and instantly gave all these wildebeests a stroke in their brains, killing them instantly. Wow. I can't see any other bursts coming; it's hard to tell if it's because it's all done (which my gut says that it isn't) or if it's because it's in my greater good (for some strange reason) not to know. Just remember to lie down flat on the ground if you hear the sound!"

Image #7: Diamond Ships
These are diamond-shaped ships (no, really) recently seen over Florida. Who's flying these ships?

What Lynn Saw
"This is weird. This has never happened in a reading. I see humans inside these ships... but they're just shells. Hang on, let me look closer at this. If they took off their human cloaking thing, they'd look like a completely white version of what people call "the greys." They walk among us all the time, and look just like humans. They're very good ETs, here to help, but are cautious about disturbing us. They don't want to scare us, so they make themselves look human." Helpful AND considerate! (Makes you wonder who they emulate.)


Since this is important, we decided to include a bonus video of CERN's LHC in action. This is a real video. One person reported to Da-da that she lived 300 km away from CERN and has been having terrible headaches whenever the LHC is on. Many of us are feeling effects (try this to overcome them). They're developing a tremendous amount of energy on the earth -- operating energies 100,000 times greater than that of our magnetosphere -- all so physicists can make a breakthrough into what they keep calling "the dark universe." But who are they really working for and why? (Luckily, we already know they fail miserably; they'll at most be an interesting historical footnote.)

Be safe.

Join us Friday-after-next for episode #21.

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