Monday, October 26, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Monday the 26th of October, 2015

Via Neptune's Magic

NZ has a long weekend so this Monday is a holiday which is nice, as Jupiter conjuncts Venus and if that doesn't perk a few people up I don't know what will as this is a beautiful aspect that opens us up to life, love - the universe and everything. It encourages us to let go of the Taurus/Scorpio full moon intensity and actually enjoy whats around us. It helps us expand our perimeters of loving and move more out of those little Virgo boxes we have shut ourselves in

Wherever Virgo falls in your birth chart - that's where you will feel a new light shining today as rays of special light enter your life from places you have forgotten about.

For instance this happens for me in my 9th house in my natal chart and my 7th house in my solar chart so that means people should be nice to me and I should be happy in their company but also that I can enjoy a social occasion with loved people, a picnic in the outdoors in a lovely setting perhaps.

Its very powerful for Virgos who should feel quite ecstatic in fact at some stage of the day, and Pisces should definitely love it along with Librans, Taureans and Sagittarians.

Mercury is stirring up Chiron today or vice versa reminding us of the inner wounds that can hurt so much and this will include the above signs too but some of our wounds are always going to be there so we need to carry them with us through hard times and good times too, and try not to be victims of life as we chose it and we basically have no choice but to live it as best we can even when things seem really tough.

Mercury is also opposing Uranus which means that Aquarians and Aries are including in the above scenario and there could be some very unexpected news coming today for Aquarians and some other signs too - Virgos, Librans- Aries and Geminis, so be prepared for that - something to stir you up a bit but this news is probably part of the full moon energy and is all meant to be.

This is a very good aspect for changing our mind set and doing something a bit crazy if we feel like it- taking a quantum leap although be aware of the full moon and try to be patient before making decisions that are too radical right now. Minds can change at this full moon due to this aspect.

The moon also stirs up the Uranus/Pluto ongoing energies of chaos and mayhem today but do take time out to enjoy that wonderful Venus/Jupiter influence as its very "joie de vivre".

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