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Vaccines through my eyes

Below is an article by my friend Melanie. She is an empath, spiritual healer and teacher based in Perth, Australia. The focus of this article is on the dangers of vaccinations. I have personally come to ‘know’ certain things about vaccinations through my claircognizance ability, and a number of key points that Melanie touches upon, I already had an understanding of — this is further validation for me. I have never done research on the topic of vaccinations, so I don’t have other people’s information sitting in my head.

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This topic is important to take in and consider, as vaccinations are being forced on the populace in a number of countries, which includes children, and it is important that we have the right to choose what we put into out bodies. This can be a sensitive topic, so if you decide to comment, please respect each other’s opinions and thoughts.

By Melanie Robinson, via Empath cleansing, 4 September 2015

The biggest hate fuelled debate running through our entire world is the vaccine debate.  You are either Pro or Anti, according to society. And that's it. There is not grey area. You are not allowed to be pro information or pro choice because if you are then you are actually Anti.

Why is this fuelled with so much heat and passion and hate? Because it brings in the safety of our children and as every parent knows we will turn into fierce lions where our cubs are concerned. If you are Anti vax then, according to society, you are a child killer, the worst of the worse.


And even if you are just not sure about vaccines but you are not anti there is no way you want to be seen as a child killer so you keep your mouth shut and hope for the best.

I am about to go into a detailed description of my own experience and what spirit has revealed to me over the last four years on this topic. I have never done this before because I am keenly aware of the possible attacks and feedback and hate I will get but I feel, as the energy courses through my veins, the time is now. I must speak up.

Vaccines are dangerous. They limit and diminish our ability to hold light within our beings and they suppress our soul from evolving. They were created specifically to depopulate, confuse and short circuit the human race.

They were created by an energy/race/force that do not want humanity to live freely, who do not want the earth to heal and who want total control and financial power. They were not created to save your children. They were not created to end disease. And there are so many people invested in this brainwashing manipulation that they don't even want to know the truth because they have supported it for so long it would destroy them to know the truth.

This all started for me at the funeral of a friends baby who had sadly died of whooping cough. It was the most heartbreaking , soul destroying funeral I have ever been to. We had all been sent emails to support the DTaP vaccine and to spread the word on whooping cough. I didn't really have any thoughts on the matter up till then and even though my friends child had died of this disease and in her grief was asking everyone to be vaccinated my gut feeling was 'no this is wrong' it set me off into a world of confusion. Why did this feel wrong to me. I was engulfed with guilt that I did not feel vaccinating was right but at the same time grieving for this poor child. The confusion and guilt was overwhelming.

A few years passed and I fell pregnant with my first born. Even though I had that nagging feeling about vaccines from few years before I still did not thinking anything about it and blindly followed the recommended government policies to get my baby vaccinated. He had minor reactions, cried for days but I was reassured that this was normal and safe and ok and all the while my instincts were screaming at me that this was wrong.

My second child came along shortly after and the uncomfortable feeling about vaccines was so strong it make me physically sick. I drove my baby and his 16 month old brother to the clinic on four occasions and cried in my parked car, unable to go in and unable to figure out why I though this was so wrong. Instincts took over and I made the decision to 'think on it' and not do anything till I felt comfortable about it.

When I am confused or need a question answered or a sign I will always give it up to the universe and see what comes back. So I did , I threw out there 'why do I feel this is wrong, what is the truth here that I can not see'. For weeks after that I would get snippets of information about a child having a bad reaction to a vaccine, or I would hear a conversation about homoeopathic remedies but the most obvious came when I was at my local chiropractor and a book she had in the waiting room was 'Vaccination Roulette', I had been to that chiro numerous times over the last 3 years and not once had I noticed that book before. I was being shown the truth. I read everything that was against vaccines and slowly started to see that there was indeed two sides to this story and the more I read the more it aligned with my instincts, I knew that NOW I was reading the truth.

I was relieved that I knew why my intuition was telling me no. But scared because I also knew I had started a journey that would go against the whole of society, the government and the medical profession and all I had were my instincts.

I'll jump ahead now 6 years where the unveiling of the truth has shocked even me.

Last year I began receiving guidance to do group healings to remove negative interference. When spirit makes these request of me I often do not know what it will involve until I am in the middle of the healing. This day stands out to me as the day I stepped out of the matrix. My eyes were opened and I can not unsee.

As I began preparation for that healing I was asked to intend that all negative interference connected to vaccination be included. I was curious about this topic due to my own practical research but hearing spirit request this specifically made me realise how big this issue really was.

During this group healing I was taken through the mind grid level of humanity and there I saw thought programs and brainwashing that had been placed there. When I see negative interference it is always a dark shadowy energy. This day I was shown that all programs about the promotion of vaccines were dark. As I went through each level of healing there was more and more interference and blockages. It was the DNA level that shocked me the most. I was being shown tiny implants in the DNA. These implants were specifically designed to SHUT DOWN our DNA, to turn the light off within us, to short circuit us, confuse us and stop us focusing on the truth. When I asked how these implants were placed there they showed me the needles. Tiny implants inside the vaccines designed to further brainwash you and at the same time shut you down from the truth and the light.

During this healing I asked to see the bigger picture of who or what would create such an evil manipulation and for what purpose.

I was shown a dark shadow or presence. I couldn't see specifically who or what it was but it was not human. I was shown it had tentacles and representatives in 6 major sectors of the world.

1: The medical establishment and pharmaceuticals. (have a look at the leaders of this vaccine movement and the 'foundations' who say they are saving the world with vaccines.....not everyone is as they seem')
2. The government and the military ( but not Obama).
3. The banks.
4. The Catholic Church (but not the Pope).
5. Mining- Especially a large company owned by a Canadian (who's name I am still unsure of).
6. The food  and water industry.

This revelation made me sick to my very core. Humanity was being played and we have been so brainwashed that we are fighting each other for the right to continue the play!

I have seen the energy of vaccines and they have one purpose. To destroy.

I am not here to debate, argue or prove anything. I do not have studies, research or statistics. I am not for the death of children or for the spread of disease. I Am for truth, I am for peace and I am for the saving of humanity and for the Earth.

If this blog upsets you, angers you, animates you to want to harm me or threaten me or tell me that I am wrong then I can say with confidence the brainwashing has had a great effect on you and you are still locked into the false matrix. Or you are an emissary of the dark.

I have not outwardly or openly discussed vaccines before but I feel that the time has come to spread the truth. This poisoning and destruction of our world CAN NOT continue.

Get out of the matrix and demand the truth NOW.

How do you detach from this false matrix? Well if you are still being influenced by these implants and interference your biggest challenge will be to face your fear of disease. This is the way the vaccine industry has managed to make itself comfortable in your home and your family. It feeds off your fear of disease and makes you feel the only safety is with vaccines. As a Spiritual healer with over 18 years of experience, I view anything that feeds off fear, creates fear or encourages fear as negative interference covering truth. Truth never appears with fear. Truth only appears with empowerment.

I live for the freedom and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is my only goal, my only purpose and so be it.

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