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Unspun News for the 9th September 2015

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“President Mahmoud Abbas will tell the upcoming UN General Assembly that the Palestinian leadership is no longer bound by the Oslo Accords due to Israel's lack of commitment to the 1993 agreement, a PLO official said Sunday.“

“Today's lesson in how propaganda works: The rumour mill turns a trickle of a story early this week about "thousands" of Russian soldiers deploying to Syria any day -- a wholly unsourced story originating on an Israeli website -- into a torrent of hyperventilating about the "Russian invasion" of Syria.“  WELL worth reading - this follows the trail of BS and discovers …. A septic tank.

“Few things elicit outrage in the United States more than the suggestion that the overseas horrors flooding its news media were actually caused by the United States.

“The Refugee Crisis and the New Holocaust”  - “We do not understand the genocidal nature of US-led Western interventions because we do not understand the nature of genocide. We have allowed Zionist and US imperialist elites to dictate that genocide be understood through a lens of Holocaust exceptionalism, Nazi exceptionalism, and Judeocide exceptionalism.” “The truth is that there is widespread genocide in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.”  Objectively, that is simply inarguable….

“ISIS Captures Last Syrian Oil Field Under Regime Control, Monitor Says;  The militant group already controls much of Syria's oil fields.”  So what can a bunch of terrorists do with an oilfield??  Without a lot of help, anyway…..  And who’d help terrorists?

7 min video - “This is a massive movement of troops and equipment throughout the U.S.  Once they are in position, then what?  Any idiot can see they are preparing for something.“  Jade Helm rolls on - whatever else, it is an ‘unusual’ exercise ….

“Russian officials propose bill to grant every citizen one hectare of farm and forest land to use for self-sufficiency”  Bet they don’t die of Monsanto-itis…...

“According to investigative journalist Jim Marrs, new study of JFK’s autopsy reveals the falsification of X-ray, (…) The New York Times best-selling author claims that the famous bullet fragment depicted in the autopsy X-ray has been reportedly found to be a faked artefact superimposed on the X-ray after JFK’s autopsy.”  Oh gosh, what a surprise, eh???

An object lesson in priorities.  Who’s priorities? Not the publics’ … “As children across the [US] country head back to school this week, a new report from public interest group ForestEthics reveals that 14,800 schools and 5.7 million students are within the "oil train blast zone"—the area that must be evacuated in case of a derailment or fire from an oil train.

“Bulgaria denies airspace use for Russian supply flights to Syria”  As per Uncle Sam’s orders?

“Close to 8,000 people killed in eastern Ukraine – UN”  So far …...

“Tepco Dumps Radioactive Water in Ocean To “SAVE” Pacific“

“Fukushima? Extremely high radiation levels all across America” … “But one thing is clear: As the Pacific Ocean dies, so do the rest of the world’s oceans in time. The onslaught of the radiation is never ending in human lifespans.”

Some REALLY strange animals that you never knew existed.  Fascinating - and think what we haven’t even discovered yet?

“The Midwestern US first saw a burgeoning problem with super weeds, caused by GMOs. Now in a study conducted by researchers from the United States Geological Survey who collected samples from 9 sites in Nebraska and Iowa, it was found that neonicotinoids, otherwise known as bee-killing pesticides, were present in varying amounts in every single river and stream.“

Comment re the M6.4, S. of the Kermadec Is, N. of NZ.
Talking of which - 
M5.6 @ 10km, S of Kermadec Is - 7th aftershock >M5 so far.

“Scientists have stumbled upon a possible new species of funnel-web spider near Jervis Bay on the New South Wales south coast.“  Urk……..

“A vessel with 1,816 tons of whale meat from Iceland has been delivered to Osaka, Japan, traveling through the Arctic Ocean apparently not to face the anti-whaling groups located in the Indian Ocean.“  One can but hope that they reincarnate as whales and die with a harpoon in them.  (Yes, I know it doesn’t work like that - whales are a higher life-form…)

“Open-cut mines can affect groundwater and trees up to several kilometres away, new research has found.”  I’d believe several hundred kilometres - wanna try again?

“An unseasonal sandstorm swept across the Mideast on Tuesday, blanketing Beirut and Damascus, causing the deaths of at least five people and sending hundreds of others to hospitals with breathing difficulties,”  Radom, violent, unpredictable...

“Scores of cars, trucks washed away as torrential floods hit southern Spain”

Incredible hailstones in Naples storm.  The updraughts must have been damn near supersonic…..

Late-season snow in NZ - "We've had a howling southerly with hail, sleet and snow and rain, it's been brutal," he said. "It's been the icing on the cake for this winter, it's just been shocking.“  Severe stock losses.

“'Perfect flying saucer' found snapped on Google Earth;  ALIEN chasers are hailing "the discovery" of a "near perfect flying saucer" hovering over cars in Canada as proof that aliens ARE visiting Earth.“  Hard to argue with this shot!  (But the fear-filled will)


“Bill Holter is back and he says "Something Just Happened". In fact, something changed three weeks ago and a series of events began which has led to a cascading collapse in global markets and some very strange happenings in the precious metals markets. (…) "We're going to have an absolute Biblical collapse of our standard of living, and no one even has a clue that it's coming."   Paying attention, are we?                   

“Solar activity is very low. Not one of the small sunspots currently dotting the solar disk is actively flaring. As a result, the sun's X-ray output has flatlined.”
AND - NB - “For the second day in a row, a stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth's magnetic field. This has caused G2-class geomagnetic storms and bright auroras over parts of the USA and Europe. … "These were the brightest auroras I have ever seen in my life,"

Saturns’ moon Enceladus “shares characteristics with comets.”  Lots of intriguing news here ….. 

Walter Last - “I regard strongly alkalizing as the first and most important step to stop tumour growth and possibly shrink tumours. Here I want to discuss some details and problems that may arise.”

Plug for  Secure and comprehensive.

“Respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality.”

~~ Frank Herbert

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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