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Session 3 & 4: A series of meditations based on manifestation | September Energy Peak / Wave X

This article covers our intentions for the third and fourth group distant meditation based manifestation sessions. In just under three and a half hours, we have our second session. You can find the details of that session in this article here.

These sessions are based on the energy peak, which is said to be occurring based on the information coming from Lai’s recent QHHT session that you can find here, ‘The Cosmic Journey of Lai – Part 9’. It was explained that the energies will peak up until around the twenty eighth of September (this month).

Again, I advise each of you to set your own personal intentions, and focus on them during this time period, in addition to joining or not joining any of these meditation sessions. Also, the twenty eighth is not a cut-off date, you don’t need to stop there, it is just said to be a period of time where creating what we want in the world is... more effective.


20-30 minutes


All the times and dates are calculated using my time zone (NZ). Please remember you don’t need to do the meditation sessions at the exact set time. You can do it within 24 hours of each session time.

Manifestation Session 3: New Zealand 12PM, Wednesday 23 September, 2015. Below is a list of times based on the above time, which may cover your area.
USA (22 Tuesday): 8 PM EDT, 6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central, 5 PM Pacific
Australia (23 Wednesday): 10 AM Sydney & Brisbane, 8 AM Perth
France (23 Paris Wednesday) and Sweden (23 Wednesday): 2 AM

Manifestation Session 4: New Zealand 12PM, Thursday 24 September, 2015. Below is a list of times based on the above time, which may cover your area.
USA (23 Wednesday): 8 PM EDT, 6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central, 5 PM Pacific
Australia (24 Thursday): 10 AM Sydney & Brisbane, 8 AM Perth
France (24 Paris Thursday) and Sweden (24 Thursday): 2 AM
For general information around meditation, including your space, how you can sit, etc, see my article here.


Manifestation Session 3

Welcoming: Similar to the first and second sessions, once you are in your relaxed state for meditation, connect into the group with intention. Start to be open and welcoming to the rays of energy. You may have some personal beliefs, or feelings around what that energy means to you, and how it is ‘incoming’ to the Earth, so the word ray may not be appropriate — its fine if you don’t use it. For me, the influences go beyond just rays, as there are astrological effects in terms of the objects out there influencing us.

You can use an affirmation in your mind here, such as, ‘I accept the energies which will assist me with creating and manifesting what I want to achieve.’ You could repeat this a number of times, but I would repeat it at least three times. Feel free to say any affirmation you wish, in connection to accepting the situation and being open to the situation. You don’t have to ‘believe’, just be open in all ways that you are able to.

Towers: This process for the third manifestation meditation, is based on a suggestion by Lai. First, visualise very large ‘towers’ in every single continent around the world. You can create these in any way you wish, and to look like anything you want. I do suggest you make them very large and tall, so that they loom down over the areas.

Second, set the intention, and purpose of these towers, to receive the incoming energy and disperse that energy in a much stronger and powerful way. You could say that these towers are like a Wi-Fi booster device, but without all those negative health impacting radio waves.

Optionally, set an intention, if you feel it’s appropriate, to send love energy out to everyone. Lai’s idea here is that everyone will start feeling love, and instead of people in — for example — political positions of power acting from ego, they may wake up a bit and act in a more loving way. Also, optionally as part of this process, set the intention to focus that love energy on those unhappy people and those who may tend to lean towards the more negative side of life and perhaps have a darker nature — send some energy their way, but with the understanding that sometimes it is for a souls learning, that they need to experience the dark and that they are exactly where they are meant to be.  (Their actions influence others for their learning, so we should not interfere unless they need a bit of help to move beyond their darker nature, as they may be stuck.)

What is love energy? Don’t worry too much about this. If you want, just imagine a whole lot of light coming down through your crown, into your heart area, and being directed strait out from your heart towards your intention/focus. That light can be white, it can be pink, whatever is appropriate for you. You can use your understanding of what love energy means to you, in addition to the light, or just make it contain higher vibrational energy directly from 'source'. 

Manifestation Session 4

Tower Welcoming: With the previous session, we created towers around the Earth, which will boost the incoming energies. Once you are in your relaxed state for meditation, connect into the group with intention. Accept, acknowledge and be open to the possibility that towers are around the Earth now, on every continent, which are directing the energies out, spreading those energies and boosting those energies (You don’t need to worry about what the energy is doing). Now, welcome that energy in and be open to the possibility that it may just help you with your manifestations, not just for these meditation sessions, but for all future personal manifestations that you aim for, outside of these sessions.

Freestyle: For this session, you can focus on whatever intentions you wish. This is your time to use the group energies to enhance what you consider important. If you are not sure what intentions you should set your focus on, perhaps ask if anyone has any suggestions via the comments, or post on transients.info’s Facebook group here, as there are a lot of active people who would be happy to respond.

What’s coming up next?

Below are the likely focuses for the remaining distant group mediation sessions.

  • The New Earth
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Thanking each other for being here on Earth right now, specifically those who are part of the transients.info community and these sessions — and focusing on accepting everyone as they are, and raising our vibrations so that we are being the best we can be, similar to the many volunteer souls which Dolores Cannon has shared a lot of info about (while doing this, we should let go of the need to ‘know’ what we are, if we hold that need).
  • Specific intentions around healing nature: including the water, the air (skies), and the trees  

These sessions are for everyone out there — feel free to join in — and don't worry about letting me/us know if you are there. (so there is no need to comment here if you are taking part, but you can if you like, and you can provide feedback here as well, later on)

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