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NASA confirms Cloud G2 is a possible catalyst behind sudden increase in Galactic Center energy emissions

Today NASA released a mission report explaining that three X-ray space telescopes have detected an increase in the rate of X-ray flares from the galactic centre, Sagittarius A*.

The data shows that the black hole in the middle of our Milky Way galaxy has been emitting a ten-fold increase in the rate of bright flares, with one being produced every day. The increase, they say, happened soon after the close approach of Cloud G2 around mid-2014. Before that time, Sgr A* was only producing one of these X-ray flares every ten days.

Illustration by NASA

This is very important information as it validates my research — I have been posting articles on over the last three years, discussing this situation and its correlation to the shift in consciousness. This is an important part of the shift, as those energies do reach us and tie into our situation on Earth; these frequency changes not only impact our consciousness, but our DNA make-up as a species. 

 “If the G2 explanation is correct, the spike in bright X-ray flares would be the first sign of excess material falling onto the black hole because of the cloud’s close passage. Some gas would likely have been stripped off the cloud, and captured by the gravity of Sgr A*. It then could have started interacting with hot material flowing towards the black hole, funneling more gas toward the black hole that could later be consumed by Sgr A*.” – NASA, 24 September

Solar watch researcher, Ben Davidson (Suspicious0bservers), known as an expert in his field, reported on this new research from NASA today. He explains that CME like effects, super wave energy surges, and energetic particle events, can manifest from such an encounter.

Within the past life regression (QHHT) session I conducted with Lai last week, it was explained that we are reaching an energetic peak from a number of sources this month. One of those sources mentioned was the galactic center; it was said that the center is the foundation behind the shift in consciousness. Also discussed was information surrounding a broadcasting center — operated by light beings in the sixth dimension — which are helping to lessen the effects of the incoming energies, for those souls on Earth who were unable to handle them. Below is a short excerpt from that session.

Laron: “How long has the peak been?”
Lai: “Since last year. Since September last year. I get there are three natural sources of energy coming towards us."
Laron: “It started last year?”
Lai: “Yes, so we are bombarded with all these energies.

The timing mentioned in that particular session corresponds with this increase in activity that NASA has detected. For more information around the timing, as well as the sources sending the energies our way, see the transcript here.

In relation to the timing of Cloud G2's approach last year, I posted this article here which had some great info from physicist and author, Dr. Paul LaViolette. It was estimated that the closest approach would be in April, 2014, but that it will take about 4 to 5 months for Cloud G2 to loop around the galactic center. That would place the month out to September, 2014.

Back in August, 2014 I posted part 4, of the Cosmic Journey of Lai (past life regression). In this session I asked a few questions pertaining to the shift in consciousness.

Laron: “You said the shift was delayed by two months, and I was going by May, plus a year, so that would have made it July, so that may have then meant it should have been in July?"
Grid Consciousness: "It seems October, very early October. But after September the 14th. (Not before?) We are looking at some things written on Earth, and it was written as July. But it’s happening. We think that many, many times, people are expecting something physically strong to happen on Earth. It's not happening that way because of a lot of the volunteers, who are working so well. So basically, the volunteers are stopping the disasters from occurring. But also for the same reason, the whole thing is going very good — the shift. And it could also be that only the people on Earth realise the shift is occurring when the Cloud goes through the Galactic Center, because it’s not as physical as people think, as people expect on Earth. It will be in their consciousness."

In January this year, in Part 6 of the Cosmic Journey of Lai, I again asked about the status of the shift, specifically around the influences of the incoming energy waves.

Laron: "How did it change our consciousness?"
GC: "You knew about the Cloud {Cloud G2) that you asked us. The frequency was rising. That cloud was a physical indicator. It was a sort of a battery to supercharge everyone and you were bombarded with lots of rays, every day, so lots of changes happened. But, not everyone accepted those changes easily. Still they moved, but there are people like you who go so fast. "
Laron: "When you say that, you don't just mean volunteers, you mean anyone here?"
GC: "Yes, anyone here {Earth}. Because a volunteer will also fail to catch the waves, if they are not aware or not trying. Everything has been done in advance, and the consciousness has upgraded, and some people have upgraded very much, which is good news. With a few of them reaching a certain level, everyone will be helped. Still things are occurring now. That is why your health can be unpredictable. You will have aches and pains. Especially nerves and bones."
Laron: "Why is that happening?"
GC: "Your brains are now being trained to release different chemicals, where normal humans in the past may only have this occur once or twice in a life time, like extreme ecstasy, or extreme happiness of knowing all is good, and that they are not involved in anything, so they stop worrying. In real life, humans do too much, they try and think of controlling things they are not doing in that moment. Like you say about focusing on the now moment, because other than this now moment you have nothing else to do. You do not have access to change other things, except for this moment. So sometimes, for you, you are special, so for other people they have their hormones released once or twice a lifetime, sometimes just at the moment of death they let go and it happens then. For them to release, their nerves or system has to be different. So the new rays are basically cleaning... because the nerves also releases some other chemicals which make people lethargic. Many of these will be released so there will be a lot of nerve pains. Those with bones problems or arthritis, they will have it worse because of these changes. Basically, all the molecules are restructuring. (DNA?) Yes, exactly." 
Laron: "How long will this go on for?"
GC: "It will keep on going until just before you go to the New Earth, then it will stop. So it will keep changing every day, so if anybody is stuck during these times, tell them not to worry too much. Often the symptoms will look like symptoms of diseases which are very familiar before on Earth, but they are not the usual causes. It could be feeling a lack of breath, head rush, dizziness, feeling low pressures, high pressures, congestion in the ears. Different people will try and match them with their own conditions, and then they will get scared of it. Somebody with a heart disease will think they are having a heart problem, but it is not the case."

There is a lot more information in that session in relation to the above situation, which you can find the transcript of, here.

Back in May, 2013, gifted psychic, Lynn, over at FocusSessions, answered a couple of my questions I posed to her, around Cloud G2.

"Q. Gas Cloud G2 is predicted to arrive at the galactic core in mid April. There is at least a 50% chance that a star and possibly another planetary object exist within. Paul LaViolette theories that tidal stripping of Cloud G2 could cause a stellar explosion within the black hole at the galactic core. What do you see in relation to this possible outcome?
A  I see the gas being sucked into the black hole, like as how a shop vac would suck up debris.  As soon as the gas gets within the gravitational field of the black hole, it looks to go fast (like if you aren't watching it when it happens, you will have missed it.).  After the gas cloud is absorbed by the black hole I see this vibration occurring- as if the hole is like a pressure cooker wanting to explode, but it isn't quite there yet (just under pressure).  I don't see anything happening after that, but if something else (anything) were to be absorbed by the black hole (and that looks to occur many years from now), it creates an explosion. The result I see is a brilliant, bright light.
Q. If a stellar explosion occurs, what will the impact be to the Earth and the Sun?
A. The image I see is two hands surrounding earth and giving us a firm shake up and down. It looks like we get have an earthquake on a global level. It doesn't looks severe, but definitely noted.  I also get the impression as I view this that we get knocked slightly off our orbit (but I don't see this as an extinction event).  It feels startling, quick, and then it is over.  I also get that due to being knocked off our orbit we will lose 2 to 3 days a year because our distance to the sun will be slightly altered."

I will finish with a message from the Pleiadians, which was one of Maryann Rada’s first channelings, back in January, 2008. Maryann also provides readings through her site, Opalescent Nine.

“Brothers and sisters are we to you, in loving communication. You create what you see. We warn you only that Nemesis knocks, but we also tell you that she is not to be feared. Engage her and she will teach you much about love. Same with us. Friends we are, and kin. Sagittarius rising soon will be, and dreams nudge you into awareness. Walk in light and live in peace. Ra lac girin. Be of your light, as perfection is already yours.”

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