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Kundalini Energy | Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 10 September 2015

Q. Hi Lynn, A group of people who I am connected to, are experiencing various stages of growth on the spiritual road. However only 2 of us are experiencing symptoms of Kundalini energy....Symptoms include: Involuntary jerkiness or shaking in the body and feelings of cold in the body.....intense heat in the spine, or a particular chakra, as if molten metal were flowing in the spine ... Striking flows of energy, like electricity or internal lightning bolts .....feelings like snakes or ants crawling on the body, particularly along the spine, or between the feet and head. Emotional shifts and mood swings. This all becomes very tiring! 

I understand that not everyone experiences the Kundalini. Why is this so? It seems most of us don't experience any Kundalini symptoms at all on this journey..? Are we wired differently to each other? Or is it to do with our own personal journey? If so what does it mean? Someone suggested the 'jerking' could be to do with physical injury in this lifetime and blockages, but that doesn't sit with me. Why does that serpent move for some and not for others? Thank you.
A. When I visualize the Kundalini awakening, I see it starting at the root chakra, and moving upwards and addressing each chakra along the way.  It looks to balance and make sure each chakra is complete (balanced, relaxed, release of any karma residing there, etc) as it moves upward.  In the event a chakra needs work, the energy will reside there and force you to address those areas so you can continue and work on your spiritual journey.

I also see the body as having several systems.  There is a "psychic" system (for a lack of a better term) that looks to run parallel to the nervous system.  Many psychic abilities will create this "jumping" effect over to the "true" nervous system in order for the ability to function.  For example, people that are highly empathic (can feel and sense things of others) feel sensations within their own nerves (like pain, irritation, tightness, etc).  This is an intuitive / psychic ability that is utilizing the human "nervous" system to deliver a message. (I am being told it is important to note that not all abilities use the nervous system, some are purely subconscious, but many thing manifest through our own sensations that are rooted with the nerves / brain.)

 As the Kundalini energy awakens I see two main things happening.  One is that your chakras are "waking" up.  When you feel an area, and the feeling lasts, it is worth paying attention to it.  Meditating on that chakra to make sure it is balanced and isn't holding on to anything is a great place to start.  There is a reason that you are being drawn to a certain spot, and your higher self will know.

The other bodily sensations (hands, feet, "zapping," etc..) look to be the intensity of the Kundalini energy awakening and becoming so intense that it is randomly interfering with the human nervous system (the intuitive / psychic system runs very closely parallel).  These feelings mean that things are active, and growing more intense.

You higher self will know when you are able to experience this energetic shift.  You will not go through it if you are not ready (your system can't handle it) or if you have more ground work to do.  The level in which you feel it can depend on your level of sensitivity too.  Those that are more sensitive will have much greater side effects.  Meditating and other relaxation techniques (I see soaking in an Epsom salt bath) can be welcoming during this time of change.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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