Saturday, September 12, 2015

G3 Geomagnetic Storm & S0 News for September the 11th, 2015

As the energies from space hit us, which you can see from the kp index above (from NOAA's Solar Data site here), Ben Davidson / Suspicious0bservers has covered the situation based on his perspective around what's going on out there in space and back here on Earth (video below).

The energies have caused a G3 Geomagnetic Storm within the past 24 hours. See this site here to understand the space weather scales and how this can effect radio and electrical systems down here on Earth.

With the partial solar eclipse tomorrow, in addition to these energies from space, our emotions and decision making processes can be impacted. As well as that, I suspect our consciousness changes may get a bit of a boost, in terms of the on-going waves of energy, connected into the shift in consciousness (this has been ongoing for many years).

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