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Frequency Shift Musings and Updates including Dr Simon Atkins' Latest Skyaia Show: The Peak of Wave X

When I wrote and published my 'Frequency Shift into September 2015' article back in late June little did I know of the traction it would garner and the subsequent attention it would then receive. As I write this update the original article has now breached 45,000 views on the site which is truly quite remarkable. That's not including of course all the views on other sites that reblogged it including in5d in particular whom, in so doing, played an integral role in its success and for that I give them my thanks. It has been wonderful to see it reach so many people.

And so here we now are at the end of September. The last Shemitah cycle has ended, Pope Francis has been and gone to the US, the final blood moon of the tetrad series has happened and no supposed cataclysm, prophesied or otherwise, has struck! Sheesh! What gives?! Indeed it's perhaps likely that, on the whole, most of us are experiencing our lives and the world around us as somewhat akin to normality and wondering what all the subsequent fuss and hype has been about? Same old, same old, perhaps! Or is it?

If there's one lesson I've learnt here or, rather, be reminded of it's this - to endeavour not to set yourself up with any expectations in life as such expectations rarely, if ever, align exactly with the subsequent reality! But then what is reality? In this regard, I'm reminded of Plato's 'Theory of Forms' which asserts that the invisible world around us (rather than the material one to which our five senses are so entrained towards) possesses the highest and most fundamental type of reality and thus is representative of perfection while the material world around us is imperfect. 

To use one of the examples often cited to describe this theory, we might be able to picture in our mind's eye (and thus the invisible realm) a perfect circle but then try manifesting one by drawing it in the physical world! (And yes, clever clogs at the back, that includes using a protractor or compass - even with the most precise of instruments, nothing can ever, under closer inspection, end up being a perfectly accurate and precise representation!)

All of which is to say that we all may anticipate, expect, or predict certain things to unfold in a certain way in our lives and the world around us, but they rarely, if ever, do - our expectations being, to varying degrees, either exceeded or dashed. Each of us can only ever estimate what may occur to the best of our knowledge and abilities, but even then we should always strive to not grasp or hold too tightly to whatever our minds may conjure. The true nature of reality lies within, while the external is but an illusion albeit, to paraphrase Albert Einstein, a very convincing one!

In this regard, Bev Goodman, a fellow Transients' contributing author, shared her own thoughts earlier today about the hype and expectations that have been placed around this late September time period saying the following:
"it's not about the prediction being wrong. It's about the mindset. 
There is an obvious flaw with this kind of thinking: It follows an old paradigm of 'expecting a new life to arrive from outside of you.' In a sense it is punitive thinking (if you haven't you are doomed) as well as a belief humans are too weak to save themselves and rather need outside saving."
Quite so. Our lives are our own creation and how we choose to perceive and interpret 'what is going on out there' ultimately determines our own experience of reality.

So while certain events may not have transpired as predicted (at least, not yet!), there have been indications during these past three months to suggest that we have indeed been going through an accelerated frequency shift. Indeed, according to Dr Simon Atkins, we are still very much in the midst of the heightened electromagnetic energies with his own estimations from back in May being extended from September into October. I'll return to Simon's updates at the end of this article.

Updates and Indications

Before that, I just want to provide a few updates from some of the other sources that I wrote about in my original article as well as mention a couple of other items of note.

(i) The Webbot

Firstly, Clif High over at HalfPastHuman in his recent September Immediacy Data Intelligence Report (IDIR) wrote about "unknown energies from space" including the potential for space lightning affecting the International Space Station and satellites as well as continued Terra (Earth) expansion and the possibility of earthquakes being potentially triggered by CERN's Large Hadron Collider.

These topics are covered by YouTube's jsnip4 in his video below on Clif's latest IDIR a minute or so after the 2min mark where he initially talks about an exchange he has with Clif about some of the wilder predictions (I presume) that were circulating about this past week. Later in the video, he also talks about intense rains and flooding (including along the US Eastern seaboard) that the webbot is predicting as well as turmoil in the world's markets and economies.

(ii) Sovereign Debt Big Bang

In mentioning the economy, let me now turn to economic cycles expert Martin Armstrong. As I write this, we are now about to move through his turn date 2015.75 (1st October) which signifies the beginning of his so-called Sovereign Debt Big Bang marking 'peak [confidence in] government' - that will, he says, mean a gradual and likely quickening transition away of institutional capital from the bond market as the realisation of unsustainable governmental indebtedness finally begins to take hold. Armstrong writes frequently on his own blog and these two recent posts here and here indicate that the forecast his computer forecast model Socrates has been foreseeing for years is unfolding as predicted.

(iii) Matt Kahn's 27th September Date

From the financial to the spiritual in one ungainly step! As I wrote about in my June article, spiritual teacher Matt Kahn stated back in November 2013 that the 27th September 2015 would mark the date of the first wave of ascension into the 5th dimension. On the day prior to this Matt wrote a lengthy and welcome update on his Facebook page which can be found here. It is well worth reading in its entirety but I'll highlight a key section:

"When I was given the date 9-27-15, it was for the purposes of assigning a marker in time, where the purging and purifying that so many have endured would transition into a period of integration. As this date was given, it was mixed into the other interpretations of ascension to become something else to project anticipate, doubt, hope, and assumptions upon. Soon, many began to wonder if this was the date they’d be leaving the planet, or if it was a confirmation of something catastrophic. 
Others used it as opportunities to cast doubt and skepticism, when so many widely-anticipated dates in history have left many scratching their heads instead of opening their hearts.
The truth is, both sides are actually right to a certain degree.
Is there a spiritual significance to this time in history?
Yes. It is a time when awakening individuals hold space for a spiritual evolution unfolding on a global level. 
Will something powerful happen on 9-27-15? 
Yes. The expansive energies of 5D consciousness that have already entered the atmosphere of the collective consciousness reaches a point of crescendo on 9-27-15 and integrates into the Earth the following day on 9-28-15. 
Is 9-27-15 the moment of Ascension? 
Ascension is not one moment in time, but a period of spiritual renaissance, where beings that have evolved in consciousness are catapulted into new horizons of experience." 
(iv) Further references to the 27th-28th Sept dates

Coinciding with this 27th September date and the integration the following day, in a 20th September post entitled 'Wave X', Rainbow Phoenix's Will Berlinghof said, channeling what he calls the 'Voice of Cosmic Awareness' the following:
"That the energies of this week will be quite extreme and for many who are sensitive to energy, that they may find this a challenging week, especially on the 27th of September when this Wave of Divine Consciousness engulfs the world, the planet itself."
An earlier message from the same source can be found here at the site Schrödinger's Öther Cat, which has also been closely following the energies this month. Suggestions that the cat pictured opposite is the aforementioned have not, as yet, been confirmed!!

Also, here on Transients, Laron recently published this article detailing his latest Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT session) with Lai. In the session which was conducted on the 15th September, Grid Consciousness speaking through Lai said the following in reference to the peaking of the energies:
"It will be another 12 days and 19 hours and it’s crucial for you to use the energy."
     which depending on time zone, brought us to the 27th or 28th September.

(v) Recent Cosmic Energy Indications

On the 23rd September NASA announced via this article on their site that the black hole (known as Sagittarius A*) at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy had been showing signs of increased chatter with three of their orbiting X-ray space telescopes detecting an increased rate of X-ray flares. This they posited was potentially triggered by the recent close passage of a mysterious dusty object known as Cloud G2.

Ben Davidson over at Suspicious Observers notably said in his daily update that day "this may be the story of my tenure on YouTube... that the Milky Way has just woken up." As I wrote elsewhere, that such an event is happening now (at least to our eyes bearing in mind how long it takes for past cosmic events to reach us)  is surely no coincidence given all the other 'energies from space' indicators out there. Laron has covered this topic on the site previously and published his own article on this in the wake of NASA's announcement.

Illustration by NASA

It is also noteworthy to mention here, especially in light of the recent dates referenced above, that the cosmic energies have been peaking these last few days, with numerous Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) emanating from the sun that are, as far as I'm aware still continuing. While none have been in the highest X flare range, the sheer number of them in such a short space of time is fascinating. Ben covered this in his latest update today and here's the latest article on this ongoing situation over on 'The Watchers' website.

(vi) Maryann Rada's Pleiadian Messages

Lastly in this section, I want to draw attention to a recent message that Maryann Rada received from one of her Pleiadian League of Light contacts, Asket. Entitled 'The Signal' the message, in the opening paragraph alone, touches upon some of the themes we've explored thus far in this article while also providing further confirmation that we are indeed on the cusp of great change,
"You’ve come to a point in your history when you’re about to see everything change. You’ve had some inklings of this, and you’ve had some people predicting things based on numbers and what they’ve seen and what they’re feeling. You’re feeling things and you’re seeing things yourselves. It’s good to heed these ideas to the extent that they make sense within you, and to know that change has been a constant on your planet forever. And change is accelerating. There will come a point when the change acceleration reaches a critical mass and implodes upon itself in such a way that everything will seem to turn inside out. Will this happen within the next few days? It is probable that what you see happening around you is going to change everything about how you understand your place in reality and how the planet works as a whole. What I mean by that is that your planet has an idea about itself, and you are extensions of that idea. The planet wants to extend its experience through you, through your experience of life upon it. In this way there is an interplay between you and your natural environment." 

Dr Simon Atkins' Latest Skyaia Show - The Peak of Wave X

Finally, I want to turn to the latest updates from Dr Simon Atkins' whose work and predictions I led with in my original 'Frequency Shift into September' article. Subsequent to its publication, Simon's original 'frequency shift' term to describe the accelerating electromagnetic cosmic energies morphed into something else entirely with his coining of 'Wave X', which itself stemmed from a discussion where he dismissed the notion of a Planet X during his first interview on in5d radio. And thus (for better or worse!) a whole new meme was born! 

I'll just quickly say here how fascinating it's been to see this whole meme unfurl and to see, with anything that gains a bit of traction, some of the pushback that has resulted with Simon consequently getting a good few brickbats thrown his way. He has, as far as I've been able to observe, coped with this extremely admirably and it's undoubtedly a testament to him, his authenticity and his all-round good-natured character.

As I said in passing above he has over these last three months adjusted his own estimates, as any conscientious scientist would do, re the peaking of the cosmic energies which consequently extended his own original forecasts beyond this month and into October. Back in mid-July he tweeted there'd be a ramping up of energies over three phases culminating in Phase 3 covering the period 15th September to the 7th October.

Further to this he tweeted later in July that, within these three phases, we'd have nine steps up in his EMF shift calculations with a further tweet a month later where he stated.....

Then in a message to the Transients Twitter account two weeks ago he said he was now calculating that the Schumann Resonance average (for a quick precis on this resonance see here) would likely peak at 13.8Hz on or around the 20th October. This is something that he reiterated in his latest Skyaia Show adding that it had even pulsed to a dizzying height of 80Hz on one occasion, an incredibly high reading!

Simon's latest Skyaia Show is entitled 'The Peak of Wave X: Love, Never Despair' where he talks, amongst other things, about the challenges that some of us may be experiencing around integrating these cosmic energies into our systems. In this regard he writes the following in his show summary:
"WaveX is hitting the peak right now. What has happened in WaveX so far? If you are feeling low, please hang in there, for yourself. Each of you is so gifted, and we are realizing our purpose. If you feel like you're going to topple over, if you're feeling sad, or your compass points are way off, then just know that by raising your vibration to love you can move your own creativity to literally raise your abundance. The frequency of us humans is shifting in connection to the changes on the planet, and the pains too shall pass. Bathe yourself in Love and accept the changes with gratitude."
With those words, I'll leave you with the show itself. Take good care everyone - we've likely got a few more weeks of this magic cosmic ride to go yet!

PS A parting bonus! My June article was long enough but here's one prophecy that inexplicably got away, 'The Beinsa Douno Prophecy of 1944' where mystic Beinsa Douno prophesied of a Divine Fire reaching Earth stating, 
"Some decades will pass before this Fire will come, that will transform the world by bringing it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth." 

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