Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Unspun News for the 4th August 2015

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GREECE - “As stock markets crash and Greece plunges deeper into recession, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is left with an even bigger fight on his hands - to revive Greek growth and avoid a Grexit.”

“War President Obama Authorizes Ongoing Airstrikes Against Syria;  Escalation increases chances of direct military clashes between U.S. military and President Bashar al-Assad“  

“The current crisis is nothing to do with so-called 'economic migration'. The overwhelming majority of people trying to flee Africa, the Middle East and beyond, are seeking refuge from violent, dangerous and collapsing societies.”  And the violence, danger and collapse originates where?

“Russia, Iran and China are identified as the current obstacles to America's everlasting quest for full spectrum dominance of the world.”  America’s?  Sure about that?

“I was in the Nablus-area Palestinian village of Duma, where, earlier yesterday morning, Israeli settlers had poured flammable liquid into the window of the home in which I now stood, and then tossed molotov cocktails inside.“
“US gov’t has ‘faith in the system’ that Israel will prosecute killers of Palestinian child– why?“  Best question I’ve seen today…...

“Hundreds of Civilians Credibly Reported Killed in First Year of Coalition Airstrikes, Airwars Study Finds”

“Obama Administration SHOCKED That People Being Bombed May Retaliate“  Is this just pure distraction, or an exercise in de-humanising?  (And note the mercenary forces - again)

“U.S. Propaganda: It’s Not Just False but Absurd;  It’s so ridiculous, no intelligent and informed person would give it any serious consideration whatsoever. It insults the public’s intelligence.”  WHAT ‘public intelligence’?  Once Hollywood and Big Press has finished, there’s very little left….  Great system, eh?  Full spectrum dominance indeed…….  
AND THIS GOES WITH THAT - Ed. Letter at Gumshoe News: Dahlia Mae has just ripped it open.  GOOD ON HER!

“In the scramble to access Kurdistan’s oil and gas wealth, the US and UK are turning a blind eye to complicity in ‘Islamic State’ oil smuggling“  You wondered where the millions of dollars comes from to maintain a war?  Now you know.

“Millions of fish dead in Pacific Northwest — Ocean conditions have ‘gone to hell’ — Salmon covered in fungus, red lesions all over, big gaping sores — Extinction concerns, “it could be the end” — Experts: It’s crazy… Unprecedented… Catastrophic… Worst they’ve ever seen”    Dammit - got it under the wrong header again….

Fukushima - worker dead, radiation spike on August 1st.

“Snowfalls are starting to ease in southern Tasmania but many schools and roads remain closed.  Snow reached sea level for the first time since 2005…”

“Agrarian settlements drive severe tropical deforestation across the Amazon”  Another giant leap towards the Great Brazil Desert…….

“Asia flooding: Hundreds dead, 1 million displaced as monsoon rains hit Myanmar, India, Pakistan“

15 sec video of road collapse in China - dramatic….

“Marine researchers have said a beluga whale has been sighted off the County Antrim coast near Dunseverick.   It is believed to be the first time the Arctic species has been recorded in Northern Irish waters.“

“India – Floods in 5 States Leave Over 80 Dead”

“Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Threatens - Update 3”  Random, chaotic, violent …. Or propaganda spin to add confusion?  

“3 Things Cecil The Lion Taught Us About Humanity”  Yes - even lions have an educational purpose here…..



“Officials in Iran have confirmed that a meteor has hit somewhere in the northern part of the country on July 30, 2015.”

“Solar activity has been very low for more than two weeks. A change could be in the offing. During the early hours of August 3rd, a new active region on the farside of the sun announced itself with a bright CME.”

“Galaxy clusters are thought to be pulled by a force emanating from “beyond the horizon” of the Universe.“ …… “How many times are reports from respected scientists, operating complex devices designed to test their theories, going to begin or end with the words, “we never expected this?”

“Orthomolecular Solutions to Heart Disease“  If this doesn’t work - I won’t be  telling you!!!!!

“How to Wipe Yourself Off the Grid“

“Microsoft's Windows 10 is spying on nearly everything its users do, and anyone who agreed to the operating system's new terms of service consented to the surveillance, whether knowingly or otherwise.”

"Horrendous inequity whereby 200 people possess half of Earth's wealth as more than one billion live on less than $1.50/day is evil incarnate and will kill us all."

~~ Dr. Glen Barry


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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