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Unspun News for the 20th of August 2015

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“Europe Turning Into Hotbed: US Boosts Military Presence”

Greece - “for Sale: First Wave of Privatization Begins with Airport Buyout;  'The purpose of the bailout has little to do with repaying debt and everything to do with creating a corporate paradise in the Mediterranean.'”  The whole shebang was never ever anything else.

“Scorecard on U.S. Interventionism“  Impressive score……  Not nice, but impressive … and expensive...

“...the daily atrocities of the Israeli Occupation go on - killings, arson, settler impunity, destruction of farmland, indefinite detention, humiliations unending - as does the subsidizing of those atrocities by an estimated $10 million a day in U.S. funds. That generous support is largely the result of ceaseless lobbying, bullying and anti-Semite baiting by the uber-Zionist (…)(AIPAC), whose motto is, "Israel = good.  Everyone else = enemies of Israel".   Have you figured out the dog and the tail bit yet?
ALSO - “Who's The Client State Here?”

“The past couple of weeks have seen Russia intensify its efforts to resolve the War on Syria and coordinate an inclusive anti-ISIL coalition.“  What's really going on?  Read on ...

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “The world after the Washington/Teheran agreement”.

Some very intriguing snippets from the life of our cardboard cut-out PM….. Definitely not election promo material…. Though obviously well-groomed….

Pfc Manning - is “indefinite solitary confinement” not torture, by any definition?

PCR (no less!) -  “FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev”  Yup - from Dr.Paul Craig Roberts…….

“According to a new report issued by the Egyptian House of Fatwa, the country’s leading Islamic authority, the Islamic State (IS) group is looking at the Caucasus, Central Asia and Indonesia as new territories for recruitment. “

YEMEN - Over 1,000 children killed and injured.

“Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth“  Could the radiation be warming the Pacific?  I don’t know.  And the ‘one third of the Earth’ claim is pretty loose.  BUT - as a warning, yes.

“Examining the fate of Fukushima contaminants;  Fraction of buried, ocean sediment uncovered by typhoons, carried offshore by currents“

“ Why do you think Japan is pushing the limits and ignoring so many warnings?”  Now THAT is a damn good question…..  Isn’t it.

Looks like a hot time coming for the S’n US - the Winter will be interesting….

“While volcanoes may not have “seasons” as we know them, scientists have started to discern intriguing patterns in their activity.”

August in Colorado….. “Snow dusts high country, Denver sets record low”

US - Cal. - “Record high temperatures set in Ontario, Long Beach, Burbank“  Random, chaotic, unpredictable….

US - “Record low temperatures for August are becoming likely for many areas of southeast Wyoming”.

“Coldest 17th of August on record in Holland. Just 15.2°C (59.4°F).  And on Sunday the temperature dropped to just 16.6°C (61.9°F), making it Holland’s second coldest August 16th on record.”

Good article - “There is no doubt the IPCC set climate research back almost 30 years. They became the central authority on climate change and directed all the focus of research to anthropogenic global warming (AGW).”

GERMANY - “Strong thunderstorms, accompanied with heavy rainfall, have been affecting the northern, central and eastern parts of Germany, since August 16, 2015 causing floods and landslides.”

“Heavy rainfall, floods and landslides hit south-western China“

“Peer-Reviewed, Court-Admissible, Scientific Research Paper Published Exposing Geoengineering“ … “evidence of the deliberate annihilation of the global population”.  First, find a court to try the case ……  good luck.

Interesting comment from an Oz Unspunner in Germany - “...homeschooling is illegal here, ppl go to jail if they attempt to do it. And the thing that REALLY left my mouth wide open is that police are patrolling airports one or two days before summer holidays start to catch parents with kids that try to leave school early to go on holidays. (…) This tells you how paranoid this system is.  You simply CANNOT - under the threat of heavy punishment - get your kids out of school unless they have a medical reason. This is how far we've come…”  Paying attention yet?  

Iraq and elsewhere - unexplained beams of light seen in/from the sky.

“Scientists at the University of Southampton have spent four years examining more than 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria.  And they found that nearly 40 per cent of people who survived described some kind of ‘awareness’ during the time when they were clinically dead before their hearts were restarted.”  (The other 60% forgot….)


“Solar activity is very low. With no sunspots actively flaring, the sun's X-ray output is flat-lining. The quiet is likely to continue for at least another 24 hours.”
ALSO - “midnight sky watchers in North America witnessed a rare and beautiful form of aurora--a "proton arc."  - Pillar of light in sky?  One of, anyway…..

Jupiter - “The Great Red Spot could be something different than what is expected.” … “Rather than convection and warm gas, the Great Red Spot is probably rotating because of external electromagnetic fields. The Great Red Spot, as well as other vortices in Jupiter’s atmosphere, could be where Birkeland currents interact with the giant planet.“

“Good old tap water will go a long way toward washing pesticide residues off your fruit and vegetables, but “getting it down to zero is not feasible, ever” 


“There’s a saying, “If you’re not wondering if you’re under mind control, you probably are.” ……… Think about that one for a minute.”

~~Zen Gardener

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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