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Experiencing the shift in consciousness and finding your inner focus

Each of us are unique individuals which share a common energetic structure and space, and have to follow the same laws in regards to the system we are focusing on and functioning in, that being the Earth realm — there are many other alternatives. A greater number of souls which are here, are regulars of this Earth, and have made this journey many times before. A smaller number are volunteers, which as a general rule, are composed of higher vibrational beings, but each one has to overcome many challenges and grow through the years to develop their vibration and become closer to what they were before arriving. Some of the volunteers have already experienced the Earth school and ‘graduated’, which can also be understood as ‘ascended’; others have had experiences elsewhere which have lead them to their higher vibrational state, before deciding to come here.

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Each regular Earth soul is at a certain point in terms of their spiritual progression. This relates to their vibration and frequency. The more progressed they are spiritually speaking, which takes place over many lives and experiences on Earth, the higher their vibration is.

While each individual plays out their soul contract, and ends up acting out planned events (based on possibilities) that they were aware of before coming here, at the same time they are growing spiritually at an increased speed, compared to any other lives they have had here before (with the exception of volunteer souls, as some have experiences previous astrological age cycles). This increased speed in spiritual growth is thanks to the shift in consciousness, which is known as many other labels. At the same time, the Earth is also shifting, which is a separate process but is part of this astrological age’s cycle as well. The volunteers are not only here to help the regular souls of Earth with their increased consciousness shift and growth, but also the consciousness of the Earth herself, to make that leap.

Each person will experience the shift in different ways and there is no right or wrong way. Each person has latent (or active) psychic faculties. Each person can have specific abilities which stand out stronger and can tap into certain psychic senses, hence people can experience what they experience, in many difference ways.

It’s easy for people to confuse astrological based influences with the actual shift in consciousness and energies pertaining to the shift, as the energies get stronger while the years pass on. Practical events in their lives, and the lives of others, which impact their emotion’s and in turn their mood, are a result of astrological situations, which closely tie into the birth details of each individual.

We also have the Sun sending us energy and this energy is not only influencing the more practical aspects such as radio, satellite, communications, etc, but our consciousness as well. People will act differently if there is a lot of energy coming in, from say a large CME that was Earth facing. Then we have energies coming in from the galactic centre, and other locations such as Nibiru, which are also part of the positive changes and shifts in consciousness. There are points of time where these energies are stronger, and are for specific reasons that some of us find out about. 

What’s important is that we continue to focus on ourselves and be the best we can each be, in terms of not just our path and doing what we were destined to do here on Earth, but also our spiritual growth. Waiting for something to come and change us, and putting expectations on something external, is just not a wise use of our time and energy. I think it is important that people who talk about specific situations coming up in the future, reinforce the point of freewill and that there are many possibilities that can occur, in addition to the importance of continuing on with self spiritual development, each day that we are here.

Here is a poem from the book, Love and its Meaning in the World (Rudolf Steiner). 

In the heart–
a human organ
of all organs
containing matter
more spiritual
than any other.
In the heart–
matter revealing
spirit more
than any other.
In the heart —
the Sun
in the human universe.
In the heart–
we are
to the deepest
source of our being.

Check in on a daily basis and find that inner focus. Tap into that heart centre — that soul star — your consciousness and true essence. Find your temple or place of peace and be reminded of what you really are.

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