Monday, August 3, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Monday the 3rd of Auguts, 2015

Via Neptune's Magic, Monday 3rd of August, 2015

The asteroid Pallas Athene - all about wisdom and justice, and fighting for peoples rights to express their creative selves, goes direct in Sagittarius today(is at station) .

Pallas has been sorting out a lot of matters relating to interacial relationships, foreign rules and laws as they affect travellers or immigrants and myriads of other areas that need reviewing including old and outdated methods of education.

Today we can get ready to move ahead with plans we have made in our own lives about how to change the status quo in areas we have held back on for whatever reason. "Where theres a will there's a way" comes to mind and its time to fight for what we want or need as now we are much more likely to get it.

Anyone with Sagittarius strong in their life pattern by sun or moon or ascendant or even Midheaven has a good chance of making great progress in their goals just now. This includes writing- publishing and related areas.

Pallas will work with Saturn to change existing laws for education - travel and many other areas as Sagittarius is all about laws and ethics in one form or another, so there are exciting times ahead.
Mercury trines Uranus today which will make Aquarians happy after their full moon difficulties just gone as much in their lives came to a head. Now they can have their ideas heard and feel positive about recent decisions and changes to be worked on.

This is good for anything relating to groups or companies,new technology and community matters and original/inventive ideas.

Leos, Virgos and Geminis will benefit from that aspect too as it brings attunement to the universal consciousness for inspiration, so light bulb moments could occur for many of us.

Mercury also is in a more challenging aspect to Chiron reminding us we all have it within self to heal our own issues but if we have to find someone who knows "stuff" and we think they may help then this is a good time to seek them out - even if they are a bit different to the norm.

And lastly Jupiter squares Saturn which means there may be something we have to deal with financially or legally, a contract to sign maybe or property matter to take care of - something thats been pending and now needs to be dealt with and put out of the way. if it doesn't all go our way it still has to be done in these few days. This is moreso for Capricorns, Sagittarians, Leos and Scorpios.

With the moon currently in Pisces remember that your intuition is there to help if you get stuck.

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