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Unspun News for the 25th July 2015

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“Airstrikes on Friday comes as Turkish government also gives US military and other allies permission to stage further operations from its facilities along the Syrian border”

PEPE ESCOBAR - “The Eurasian Big Bang; How China and Russia Are Running Rings Around Washington “

“The Iran Deal Reality“ ….  “All of the treaties in the world mean little when there is only one superpower. The United States once respected boundaries and wouldn’t violate other spheres of influence. Now this government is emboldened as it recreates Manifest Destiny, the belief that America has the right to control any place in the world at any time. Iran is just the latest of many victims.

“US recognises need for ground troops to defeat ISIS”  Oh come on - surely you can look more surprised than that???

“Australian investigative TV program 60 minutes recently aired a program that exposes the fact that high level British politicians, government ministers, intelligence, police and military chiefs have all been involved in decades-long, systematic sexual abuse, rape and murder of hundreds or perhaps thousands of children as young as 8 years old.”  Those critters live in a different society with different values and ethos - and its UGLY.  And they rule …..  NB particularly this pic -
It is worth a million words, specially for the skeptics!

“Chomsky: 'The Real Question is...What Exactly Is The Threat of Iran?'  Scholar and activist questions the need for a nuclear agreement when Iran has not violated the nonproliferation treaty“

“With hundreds of thousands of Gazan children enduring what one doctor calls "continuous PTSD" - from nightmares to apathy to fear of leaving home - after last year's Israeli assault ….”  You’d think PTSD was like the flu - it’s NOT.

“Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cannot be taken seriously when he talks about Iran. While Netanyahu is a master at exploiting fear in a particularly fearful society, the following points demonstrate that thinking people can ignore his claims dealing with Iran. ….”

“The Eroding Character of the American People“ …. “Americans accept no sense of responsibility for the millions of peoples that Washington has exterminated over the past two decades dating back to the second term of Clinton. Every one of the millions of deaths is based on a Washington lie.”  That can only end one way …...

Yet another aspect of ‘Jade Helm’.  “Operation Jade Helm” is the US military attempting to tune up on tactics of repression, in order to better contain the rising anger of the domestic US population“

“During his interview of the 14th July on TF1 and France2, President François Hollande denied that Israël possesses the atomic bomb. But the Hebrew state has between 80 and 400 nuclear war-heads, and has already used neutron bombs against civilian populations.”  Sometimes, you’ve GOTTA wonder…..

US - Missouri - “Breaking… Alert… leak shuts down US nuclear plant” — Gov’t: Radiation levels ‘above normal’ — ‘Steam plume’ seen in reactor building, workers can’t find where leak is coming from due to safety concerns — Flood warnings issued for area”

As the weather-changes progress, glacial melt reveals rocks - and caribou dung, and mummified bodies ….

Canada - “Ice conditions hold up resupply of Iqaluit, east Hudson Bay”

“The Arctic ice pack has dramatically expanded – despite years of doom-laden predictions that it was melting away for good.  British scientists discovered that it grew by more than 40 percent in 2013 thanks to cooler than expected temperatures.”

“El Niño conditions are on the rise in the Pacific Ocean, this could potentially become a record event that might even beat the great 1997 El Niño”

“The Seismic Research Center (...) of the University of the West Indies has issued an Orange alert (3 of 4) for the underwater volcano Kick'em Jenny on July 23, 2015, due to strong and continuous seismic signals recorded from 05:25 to 07:00 UTC today. Grenada, as well as St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago are particularly on alert as eruption may begin with less than 24 hours notice.“

“Kazakhstan Floods – 1,000 Evacuated after Glacial Lake Overflows in Almaty Region”

Just lately, there’s been a few break-throughs in quantum physics … the explanation here is as simple as it’s possible (for this subject!) but the absolute bottom line is that  “Time as we measure it and know it, doesn’t really exist.“  Anyone who has looked seriously at seriously well-researched NDEs may already have an inkling of this …..


“Word spreading that professionals are warning of an impending large earthquake along the West coast of the United States.“  Certainly CNN  seems to be prepared - see the 7 second video at end!

Self-fulfilling satire - from The Onion ……  the spoof on US/Israel deals - that came true.  You couldn’t make this up, eh?

“Solar activity is very low. With no sunspots actively flaring, the sun's X-ray output has flatlined.”

The Martian Plumes …. “In the Electric Universe theory, no collisions from bouncing sand grains are necessary. Charge separation already exists in the atmosphere. Without clouds like those on Earth to send lightning down to ground level, the electric discharges on Mars form giant whirlwinds that are part of an interplanetary electrical circuit.”

“Scientists have shown that cellular damage is visible in patients after CT scanning.“  No, no - it’s perfectly safe - trust me, I’m a doctor……...

“Essential Oils and Brain Injuries . What You Are Not Being Told“  

“Truly, boundaries are amazing. And good ones are a cornerstone of mental health.  When you grow up in a household that has healthy boundaries, you naturally have them yourself as an adult. But unfortunately, many of us don’t start out with that advantage.“  SO TRUE.

“Myth of pristine Amazon rainforest busted as old cities reappear” 

“The sole purpose of life is spiritual growth, and that, put simply, is the process of learning the wisdom and power of Universal unconditional love.  All of the dogma of various religions just get in the way by infusing a judgmental and egotistical brand of separatism that satisfies man’s archaic and barbaric disposition.  In the end, the only things that matter are the people we help, and the people we hurt.”

~~Ron,  quoted in Lynn Kathleen Russell’s ‘The Wonder of You’.


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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