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Unspun News for the 20th July 2015

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“Federal Coalition MP George Christensen has told a crowd of anti-Muslim protesters Australia is "at war with radical Islam".  Ok, that’s fine …..  But now explain to the muppet-minded mob how to differentiate between serious (if misled) Islamic worshippers and the serious muppet minded kill-em-all fanatic radicals who want to be at war with the muppet-minded mob who want to be at war with ……..  Get the idea?

“Anger as Saudi Arabia's royal family orders closure of French Riviera public beach for King Salman's holiday”  How’s that for a hint of the future?

That ‘G’ word ….the origin and usage of the word ‘Genocide’; “This term was invented (….) in the wake of Holocaust, in order to stress the difference between murdering Jews and killing lesser breeds. The word is quite meaningless otherwise.“

“U.S. Air Force Is Supporting AlQaeda In Yemen And - Coming Now - Also In Syria”  C’mon - surely you get the picture by now?

“TWENTY million people in Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world, are at risk of dying from hunger or thirst.” …. “The main reason for all this suffering is months of merciless bombardment and blockade led by the richest Arab countries … backed by the United States.”

Of COURSE it’s Under-reported!  “You really have to be paying attention to see what’s truly going on these days. The keepers of the system, that is the banking elites, now openly control everything -- though you'd never know that by listening to the media.”  Think that that’s an exaggeration?  OK - stick around.  I don’t even have to argue.

“60 Minutes investigates alleged Westminster paedophile network”  I think we’ll find that this is a part of the ethos of TPTB - part of the job-description…..

“Abdulazeez and Abdulaziz“  A lone nutter and a mega-slaughterer…..  Guess which one is in trouble?

An interesting comparison - Jade Helm, and what happened in Chile in 1973…… we all walk on very, Very thin ice….

“This is a important update the melted reactors at Fukushima are devastating the Pacific Ocean Sea Food Marine Life Birds Whales Mammals.” (55 min video) But you’ve known this was inevitable since 2011 - haven’t you?

On a very local note - I’ve lived here in N. Tas. since Sept ’02, and last night (18/19) had -6C overnight for the first time. Also had more -5’s this Winter than in all 13 years here so far.  Global warming’s a chilling experience….

Oz - WA - “The Bureau of Meteorology said the warning for damaging winds, heavy rainfall and abnormally high tides covered people south west of a line from Mandurah to Albany.”  That’ll prolly hit here in the east in a few days…..

“Victoria weather: Melbourne shivers through coldest morning in 18 years“

Intriguing!  “Miniature marine organisms called phytoplankton, which live in the ocean’s stormy waters, are to blame for the Southern Ocean being one of the cloudiest region on Earth, nearly totally blanketed year round.“

Currently active volcanos….

“Floods Damage 8,000 Homes in Aceh, Indonesia“

Guyana - “Floods Strike in Georgetown and Northern Regions”

“No change in global drought percentage since 1901“

“… scientists have just uncovered a new fundamental property of light that gives new insight into the 150-year-old classical theory of electromagnetism and which could lead to applications manipulating light at the nanoscale.”

Crop circle, Bavaria, Germany.

Book review - snip - “PROLOGUE - I hold this truth to be self-evident, that if you give ten men the reins to run the whole world — secretly – they will run it according to what they need for themselves.  After all, why should they do otherwise?”

TERENCE McKENNA - “Terence McKenna talks about boundary dissolution, environmental destruction, culture, politics and inner spiritual work from a joint Trialogue lecture (…) entitled 'The Evolutionary Mind'.“  Sobering AND encouraging thoughts here….

Is Synchronicity ‘coincidence?  Or is it God, winking?  Go figure!

“The Reasons Why We Should Bring Meditation into Schools“  Oh, so VERY true…..  “Many clinical studies have proven that meditation increases the brain’s cortical thickness, protects the body from disease, and significantly improves focus and concentration.”  But can you imagine the reaction of the PTBs religiosity mind-control systems?
“Imagine if meditation was a regular part of school life for children. Just think how different the world would be. If every child was able to connect to the ocean of consciousness that permeates  all that is, the desire to do wrong by others would dissolve.”


Some superb photography here - “Australia's amateur astrophotographers put their talents on show”

“Solar activity is so low, the sun's X-ray output barely has a pulse.”

“When the sun's energy output increased, there was a bigger drop in Greenland's temperature compared to the change in average temperature across the Northern Hemisphere. When the sun's energy output decreased, there was a larger increase in Greenland's temperature compared to the change in average temperature that occurred across the Northern Hemisphere.”

VERY interesting info re Sound Healing.

HIGHLY recommended!  “Sulfate, Sleep and Sunlight: The Disruptive and Destructive Effects of Heavy Metals and Glyphosate”  AND - the role of your Pineal gland in this.

Excellent summary of research-based findings re benefits of Earthing / Grounding.
7 min video as above - “There are huge changes to your physiology when you touch the earth and those changes give you important and immediate health benefits. If you have diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, insomnia or any other health concerns, you are going to want to know about the supportive effect Earthing has on your body.”    

“Ignorance Is a Choice by Greg Calise“  EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!

”The nature of your world is no more and no less than a reflection of the composite vision of the consciousness present.”



There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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