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Unspun News for the 18th July 2015

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If you live on Earth around the 21st century AD, this is a MUST READ from Jon Rappoport. “Science, logic, consensus, and propaganda: a cartoon of reality”...“At some point during the modern age of public relations, it occurred to governments and corporations that they could fabricate any sort of knowledge.”

“A former Goldman Sachs banker recommended Greece start legal action against the investment banking giant over complex financial deals which helped the country hide its national debt 14 years ago and continue borrowing despite its impoverished economy, the Independent reported.”

“The US has offered to increase military aid to Israel by another $1.5 billion per year to ease tensions over the nuclear deal with Iran, media has reported.”

“In practice, Gaza has become a huge, let me be blunt, concentration camp... This is not a novelty... This did not start, unlike what many people think, with the rise of Hamas... This policy of sealing off Gaza, of making Gazans into... defacto prisoners, started [in 1991]... So if I want to sum up the reality of Gaza: it is a huge prison…”

“With Iran Deal, Israel Turns a Day of Celebration Into a Day of Mourning;  The people have been brainwashed by so much intimidating propaganda that any agreement achieved by diplomatic efforts is seen as illegitimate.“

Wayne Madsen - “Netanyahu mobilizes his «fifth column» in America”  Can you tell the tail from the dog yet?

PEPE ESCOBAR - “What’s the real story behind the $3.8 trillion Chinese correction?”

“A 74-year-old Perth woman faces losing her home under the proceeds of crime law but says she was only growing cannabis to treat her mentally ill son, not to make money.”  It’s not the money, Miriam - you are a threat to Big Pharma’s profits, and  THAT’s the crime!

3 min video - “The Real Reason Why Princess Diana Was Assassinated. Ex MI Agent Testifies“  Another reason….. And if you think in terms of rocking the elite’s boat ….. Every one of them could be valid. This one? She was about to throw her weight behind the Palestinians. And in publicity terms, that’s a LOT of weight… and thus, a lot of hate….

“A prominent economist says China's banks are circling debt-stricken countries like Greece, offering an alternative to the brutal austerity measures proposed by the International Monetary Fund and European Union.”  And why not????  It’s perfectly logical…..

US - “Prison-Industrial Complex;  Revealing News on the Prison-Industrial Complex“  The figures here are just staggering.  The vaunted ‘American Dream’ is in fact a nightmare on steroids….

“US Military Launches Jade Helm Domestic Training Operations;  The drills mark a new and ominous stage in the expansion of domestic military operations and planning.“ … “JH15 is part of broader preparations, developed by the US ruling elite over decades, to effectively suspend the US Constitution and rule the country through dictatorial methods.“

Fairewinds - Arnie Gundersen - Fukushima meltdowns status. 12 min video and transcript.

“Typhoon Nangka has barrelled across the western end of Japan's largest main island, leaving at least two people dead and prompting authorities to advise nearly 100,000 people to evacuate.“

“Wildfire seasons all over the planet are lasting longer than they have in the past and burning wider swaths of land, and Earth's changing climate is to blame, according to a new report.“  Very likely!  (That bit, anyway!!!)

“Incredible lightning, a bizarre blanket of fog, freezing temperatures and A LOT of snow: The weird weekend of weather that has shocked Australia “  Yet here in Tassy, waaaay down south - chilly, but fine and pleasant.  Great pix in this article!

Scotland - “Torrential downpours caused widespread devastation in Alyth this morning.”

Chile - Cape Horn -Yellow alert - “Up to 80 cm of snowfall”

US - S Dakota - snowplows called out in Summer!  (For hail)

“Heavy snow and possible record cold in central Argentina”

“Severe weather across southern Brazil leaves 3 people dead, over 30 000 affected”

“Floods Damage 8,000 Homes in Aceh, Indonesia”

“Floods Strike in Georgetown and Northern Regions of Guyana“

Greece - “Forest fires fanned by strong winds and high temperatures have broken out around Athens and in other parts of southern Greece, sending residents fleeing as clouds of smoke billowed over their homes.“

“As long as you are plugged into the computer program that is running your reality, you can’t escape its hold over your life. You are literally programming and reprogramming yourself, without your conscious will, to toe the line of some very sneaky potentates who would like for you to forget just how powerful a being you truly are.“ Read on - BEFORE you forget…..

Mars ….. “This image (below)  is taken by the MRO with the Hirise camera, from a distance of 319,22 kilometers away.   At first I thought it was a flying saucer, but it looks more like a dome structure.”  Well - it sure LOOKS like something worth a closer look!!!

Fascinating article!  “If you believe synchronicity is simply coincidence, then you haven’t read any of the top experts in the field.” …”Physicist, Dr. William Tiller proposes that consciousness is what’s missing from the equation. It’s the unifying integrator of all the individual constituents.”


“A super-dense white dwarf star has been caught in the act of "cannibalising" its larger companion, astronomers say.”

Bizarre - ... an enormous abandoned building.“  With two equally abandoned Russian Soyuz shuttles inside it… just rotting….

Charon (Pluto’s moon) - “The first closeup image of Charon's surface has revealed a strange mountain that appears to be encircled in a (dry) moat.”

“Curiosity rover finds evidence of Mars’ primitive continental crust”

“Solar activity remains very low. No sunspots are actively flaring and, as a result, the sun's X-ray output has flatlined.”

“Charon and Earth’s Moons bear a striking resemblance.“ … “Rather than stretching or collapse, the rilles, craters and graben on both Charon and the Moon could have been cut by electric discharges at some time in the recent past.“

“New Horizons: New pictures have scientists puzzling over icy plains on Pluto“ … “"We had no idea that Pluto would have a geologically young surface," said lead researcher ....”  Plus video - discoveries so far ….

Apple cider vinegar - “Mother Nature's All-In-One, All-Natural, Cure-All, and Multi-Purpose Life Elixir “

“The new science of healing: Energy medicine can remove tumors and improve skin health, studies find”

I have not yet had a chance to check this out - and this is just a ‘Beta’ version - and a trial run.  BUT - if it works it will be a damn good asset to bookmark!

“Religions create your spiritual enslavement for those who would be your material masters.” 

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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