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By The Happy Wonderer ('s contributing writer)

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How would you define ‘slavery’?

Most people would think of whips and chains, poor food, rudimentary medicine, overseers and stinking ships plying an appalling trade.

But there are also more modern forms of slavery - not for nothing are workers referred to as ‘wage slaves’; sexual slavery is still with us; child slavery — industrial and even military ….. and in a sense, the devotion to the media today is also a form of voluntary slavery. That flickering tube that destroys social interaction and instils propaganda in all its devoted gawkers……

We no longer need the whips and chains…..

So perhaps we could ‘nutshell’ slavery as control. The control of other human beings for personal gain — either financial, practical, or simply for the power it bestows on the slave-master — controlling thought, and gaining personal power from the manipulation of others.

Seeing overt slavery is easy — the wage-slaves of the rush-hours, the factories full of hungry women and children working 15 hour days for a pittance……

But how about the covert slavery? How about slavery that is so subtle, so pervasive, so common that it is taken as a ‘norm’ — an accepted way of life to the extent that even thinking of it as ‘slavery’ is an anti-social act?

Slavery that starts at birth, and can continue on, controlling through fear and dread and (often) trauma, too, all the way to the grave?

The psycho-spiritual slavery of religion? That most pervasive and controlling slavery of all, that instils and claims the power of eternal damnation and hellfire - or perhaps a watered down modern equivalent thereof…..

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that our bodies do, in all reality, have a soul. A nebulous spirit that animates them, creates consciousness, and survives both the birth and death of physicality. Where from? Doesn’t matter — the plasma of the Universe, if you like — we’re only playing with assumptions here anyway, just for fun!

So if we take that as a ‘given’, what if there are select cliques, powers, groups, whatever, who are well aware of that, and would prefer you not to know it — except as a tailor-made fairy tale full of improbabilities for you to ‘believe’ when properly programmed? Psychopaths (and there are HEAPS of those in high places) who want nothing but domination and control through fear?

Something a lot longer lasting than the secret police kicking your door in at 2AM?  Something like mind control — social, self-policing, fear-conditioning?
Something with a whiff of torture, threat, and irresistible power?
Something that could lay down rules — on pain of eternal damnation and agony?
Something that replaced love with fear, but managed to keep the veneer of ‘love’?

Would that keep the slaves in line or what?

“Religions create spiritual enslavement for those who would be your material masters”

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