Friday, July 17, 2015

Mini Ice Age On the Way?? - Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 13 July 2015

Q. Is a mini ICE AGE coming? Scientists warn the sun will 'sleep' in 2020.  The rare phenomenon will lead to a phenomenon known as the 'Maunder minimum' - which has previously been known as a mini ice age when it hit between 1646 and 1715.  Read the full story:
A. When I focus on this I get that it is more a shifting of climates due to the wobble of the earth rather than the change in the sun.  I do see the sun at white hot, in fact hotter than ever.  I do get an analogy that it will get hot like that before it cools down (or even off?), but the time frame for that is very far into the future (so far I cannot see).  The intensity of the sun combined with our change in atmosphere / magnetosphere, creates a very intense feeling from the sun.

The weather anomalies we experience now are in direct correlation with the earth wobble (I see the north pole sort of "dipping" down as it wobbles pulling some areas much further north, and others much further south).  The earth looks like a weeble wobble.  I see this occurring for many more years until the "red comet" system has passed and the begins to normalize in her orbit.

I also see that snow will accumulate in some areas that had little or no snow, while it melts in other areas.  I can't see the amount growing, but rather shifting about.  The snow will build up at the location of true north (which is not where we have it pin pointed on a globe).  The amount of cold versus hot has a balanced feel to it, but the locations look to be very different.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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