Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Energy Work / Reiki - How does it work?

Here is an accurate explanation by Lynn of how healing in general works and where the energy comes from.

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 31 May 2015

Q.  Can you explain how energy work really works?  Do you have to be near the person?  Does it work as well remotely?
A.  When I think about energy work I see that at the core of all living things is energy.  Plants, animals and humans are made of different forms of energy.  Anything that has energy tied to it (even thoughts going toward events) can be healed.  I also see the earth as a living thing, and it too can be healed.

This energy (your soul) is connected to a greater source (the collective consciousness), and that connection is what connects all living things.  Through that connection we are able to psychically connect to each other, connect to the greater consciousness and train ourselves to be an antenna for energy to heal others (because we are all connected).

When someone is healing or using energy work to heal someone, they are training and concentrating on pulling energy into their body (I always seeing it coming in through the crown chakra) and funneling it out through their body (I see it exiting most times through the hands, like you are giving the energy to someone or something).

I also get that even if you aren't trained, using positive thoughts and intent can help to heal.  You are subconsciously pulling in the energy and giving it out.  With practice you can make the process "feel" more natural, but don't worry that you aren't doing it right.  If you are open and wanting to work in the greater good, the universe will guide your abilities.

Energy work can work near the person or remotely.  I see the connection (energy exchange) occurring at the universal consciousness (the image I see is the analogy of a satellite in the atmosphere).. The signals go to the satellite whether you are standing next to where the signal needs to go, or you are far apart.  Energy healing works the same way.. whether you are near or far the signals run through the universal consciousness making remote healing just as effective as face-to-face healing.

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