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Unspun News for the 2nd May 2015

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“According to the Foreign Investment Review Board annual report, China was the biggest source country for approved investment [in Oz] at $27 billion AUD, well ahead of the United States at $17.5 billion AUD and Canada at $15.4 billion AUD.”

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “This raises disturbing questions about the integrity of German government leaders, and primarily Angela Merkel. Is Merkel an asset for American intelligence, serving the geopolitical interests of Washington rather than the good of her own nation, or the wider good of Europe?“

PEPE ESCOBAR - “The Pentagon's 'Long War' Pits NATO Against China, Russia and Iran“  

“Sham and Shame: Saudi-US Slaughter in Yemen Shows Truth of Terror War“  The greatest sham on Earth - welcome to your future.

“American Responsibility For Global Refugee Crises“  Gee - no kidding?

JAMES PETRAS - “A recent article by Jorge Elbaum, the former executive director of DAIA (...), the principle Argentine Jewish umbrella groups, published in the Buenos Aires daily Pagina 12, provides a detailed account of the damaging links between the State of Israel, US Wall Street speculators and local Argentine Zionists in government and out.“  Yup - forget ‘Jews’ - it’s the Zionists that pull the strings, planet-wide.

“Unidentified special forces fight against battalions of Ukrainian nationalists — Basurin“

“Are We Being Psychologically Conditioned To Accept Martial Law In America?”  Silly question…...

“Newly released emails show a close relationship between the American Psychological Association and the psychologists who helped create the architecture of the CIA’s torture program.“  That Figures.

Remember those conspiracy nutters about 10 years ago who said that Al-Q was US  backed?  “Now they’re fighting alongside and working with the U.S. and U.K.’s ‘moderate’ (a propaganda term meaning ‘groups who’ll toe our line’, regardless of their actual behaviour) rebels in Syria.”  Duh…….

“The growth of Nazism that has taken place in Europe over the last few years,(…) all have deep-rooted causes. At the heart of this phenomenon is the desire of the Western architects of a ‘new world order’ to use modern Nazism as an instrument of European integration,”  But I expect you noticed?

“Citing an anti-Russia policy brief, US lawmakers approved $200 million for providing “lethal weapons of a defensive nature” to the Ukrainian government “

“Over 50,000 families shipped out of London boroughs in the past three years due to welfare cuts and soaring rents“

US - New Mexico - “Gov’t: Radioactive release “orders of magnitude” worse than predicted at US nuclear dump — 370 Billion Bq of Plutonium equivalent may have escaped from WIPP drum during “thermal runaway” & multiple fires — For amount to be that high, a “significant number” of breached drums is expected”

“Radioactive ashes and dust caused by the forest fire in exclusion zone of Chernobyl nuclear power plant is expected to fall today in Kiev”

FINALLY, the truth starts to leak out …. “So, I am in agreement with your statement.“ that Fukushima is an extinction Level Event for humans and higher life forms.”

ANOTHER ‘East coast low’ hitting SEQld & NSW.

“A tropical cyclone off the north-west coast of Western Australia is forecast to bring damaging winds and a potentially dangerous storm tide to nearby communities.”

“Severe storms are lashing an already drenched south-east Queensland as an east coast low bears south towards northern New South Wales.  The wild weather has soaked communities with up to 100 millimetres of rain in an hour, ….”  Chaotic, violent, random…...
“New South Wales braces for wild weather as east coast low tracks south”

M6.8 @ 60km, New Britain region 

Philippines - “Bulusan Volcano ejects steam and ash“

CUBA - “A storm dumped over 188mm (7.4 inches) of rain on Havana, Cuba, during 30 April 2015, leaving 2 dead and causing several buildings to collapse.”  Chaotic, violent, random…… WEATHER change - which will, in the distant future, beget CLIMATE change, by simple meteorological definition.  Or any dictionary.

“Apple smartwatch sensors struggle to perform on tattooed wrists“  - Can you say “Intrusive”?  Or even think it?

Teotihuacan - “This gigantic citadel was home to over 200,000 people thousands of years ago. It is an ancient city unlike any other in the region. It was an ancient metropolis whose builders are unknown to history.“

SHEESH - “123 [aircraft] incidents in 27 days from April 4 to the 30 April from across the globe.” … “Not to put a finer point on it, what the bloody hell is going on? “


“MESSENGER spacecraft crashes on surface of Mercury after successful 11-year mission”

“Scientists have found that the sun's outer atmosphere, or corona, can reach temperatures 1,000 times higher than those at the surface of the star, (…) Now, researchers think the relatively tiny flares may be the "smoking gun" that explains this mysterious cosmic occurrence.“ Will be interesting to see the EU response to this!

“Does the universe only have two dimensions?“  Brain-teaser!!!!

“A new telescope has peered into the Sun to see solar magnetic flux ropes for the first time. Severe flux rope twists have been described as being like “earthquakes” on the sun, and are linked to eruptions of large solar flares that change magnetic fields, and cause radiation and energetic particles to rain on Earth.”

“How plasma connects the Sun to the climate“ … “It’s recently been recognised that the atmosphere below the ionosphere is also a weak plasma due to the ionisation caused primarily by cosmic rays. So it’s plasma all the way down! The weather regions are directly connected to the Sun; even the air we breathe is all part of the same system.”

“For the past few days, the sun has been very quiet. Quiet, however, doesn't mean boring. Low solar activity can have a huge effect on Earth. During periods of sustained quiet, cosmic rays increase, space junk accumulates, and the ionosphere collapses.”  Read on ……  DEFINITELY worthwhile.

“The King of the Dead “ - Pluto - one interesting puppy of a planet!!!!

“The swine flu vaccine caused severe brain damage in over 800 children across Europe, and the UK government has now agreed to pay $90 million in compensation to those victims as part of a vaccine injury settlement.”

"Nations that require more vaccine doses tend to have higher infant mortality rates [IMR]. The US childhood immunization schedule requires 26 vaccine doses for infants aged less than 1 year – the most in the world – yet 33 [out of 34] nations have better IMRs." “


"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal." 

~~ Albert Einstein


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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