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Unspun News for the 29th May 2015

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This Saker interview is seriously a MUST READ for rounding out your knowledge of China - Jeff Brown (an American) lives in China and REALLY knows the score.

The shameful policy of Australia re refugees……. “The Australian government continues to demonstrate that SECRECY is now the preferred modus operandi of governance.“

“Economist Martin Armstrong claims there is a “secret meeting to end cash” set to take place in London before the end of the month involving representatives from the ECB and the Federal Reserve.” … “Central banks aim to institute “governmental approval” for all purchases and sales”  Unverified, but horribly feasible …..

“The United States has demanded Beijing immediately halt its island-building activity near the South China Sea, echoing recent concerns expressed by Australia's Defence Department boss.”  Well - from the PoV of the coral critters ... Good.  BUT….

ROBERT FISK - “Tony Blair Quits As Middle East Peace Envoy – Only Israel Will Miss Him;  For Arabs – and for Britons who lost their loved ones in his shambolic war in Iraq – Blair’s appointment was an insult“

PCR - “Israel Is A Discredit To America;  You Are Judged By The Company You Keep“  “Meet the Real Israeli Defense Force: the US Congress“

“NATO keeps pinning blame on Moscow, pushing Kiev to military resolution – Russian envoy“

“Israel reportedly wants the US to increase its annual defense assistance package by half, to an average $4.5 billion”  Meanwhile, in the shanty-towns …..

“The pursuit of clean energy has relegated ordinary people to the status of collateral damage“

“Towards a Militarized Police State in America? Explosive New Revelations over “Jade Helm 15 Exercise” and Potential False Flags“

“Pentagon Admits to Sending Live Anthrax Across Nation and Abroad;  We all make mistakes, writes one journalist, "Usually that doesn't involve sending live anthrax to Korea by mistake."  Ye Gods ……..

“Media's Deafening Silence Over West's and Israel's Alliance With al-Qaeda in Syria“

“Japanese Nuke Restart Gets Greenlight Despite Safety Concerns of Residents
Sendai nuclear power station is now poised to be first nuclear restart since Fukushima crisis shuttered country's industry“   Insanity.

“US Gov’t: Melted fuel “most likely” burned through containment at Fukushima reactors; We’re concerned about failures underground… “Where did it leak out? How did it leak out? We don’t know” — Expert: Corium may have flowed into reactor buildings, burned through floor”  Took em four years to admit that????

“TEPCO announced that they have cleaned most of the contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi. But the details show they are no where near close to being done. “

Weather: “The state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.
Climate: “The weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.“ (Only defined after >30 years of observations - B)  (Definitions as per O.E.D.)
We have WEATHER change - random, chaotic, weather. We no longer have climates, only some seasonal variations of weather.  Your great grand-children MAY see climates establishing again.  (Ed. Note).

“Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures;  The Global Warming Policy Foundation has enlisted an international team of five distinguished scientists to carry out a full inquiry“  FINALLY the ‘global warming’ fiddle is getting exposure - though very, very discretely!
AND - “Australia PM's adviser says climate change a UN hoax”

Swarm of 23 earthquakes reported near Costa Rica’s Irazu volcano.

“India’s heat wave has now claimed over 1,100 lives, with spiking temperatures melting roads in the capital, New Delhi, as the country awaits the arrival of the annual monsoon rains.“

“What is referred to as "breaking wave" cloud patterns in our atmosphere reportedly disturb Earth's magnetic field (or magnetosphere) surprisingly often - more often than scientists previously thought, according to new research.“

M3.0 I North Wales…..  (Almost 48 hours now, since a M5+ anywhere in the world …..  Unusual…. )

“At least one person has died and 500 homes damaged after heavy rain caused flooding in parts of norther-western Romania yesterday, 27 May 2015.“

“Jawbone fossils reveal new human ancestor species Australopithecus deyiremeda, scientists say”

“Aboriginal languages could reveal scientific clues to Australia’s unique past”

“Hallucinations and delusions more common than thought”  Guess that’s a good thing!!!!

2015 crop circles - so far.


New Comet - 

“Not one of these sunspots poses a threat for strong flares. Solar activity is very low.”

Europa’s mysterious cracks and channels - re-explained.  “NASA’s surprises are expected by Electric Universe advocates because plasma behavior scales by many orders of magnitude. From the laboratory to the Solar System’s planets and moons, plasma is the primary ingredient that shapes worlds, not kinetic squeezing and stretching.“

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.”  The above quote comes from Linus Pauling, Ph.D,”

“Samsung is alerting customers about data collection for third parties via certain Samsung products such as its smart television, (…) A single-line warning sentence in the middle of the sets’ Terms and Conditions states that, when the voice control feature is active, the TV sets “listen” to what is being said and transmit the information to an unnamed third party.”  What silly conspiracy theory was that?  (See 1984…..)

“A group of Mexican engineers from the Jhostoblak Corporate created technology to recover and purify seawater or wastewater from households, hotels, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities, regardless of the content of pollutants and microorganisms in just 2.5 minutes.”

“How is it that the internet that everyone looked upon as perhaps the greatest tool of human creation that had ever been, has, in fact, been co-opted and [is] now involved in the most aggressive form of state surveillance the world has ever seen?”

~~Julian Assange


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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