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The Crystal Planet (Nibiru?): The Soul Journey of Suleta - Part 3

Here is part three of a three part QHHT based series (so far) of articles with my client Suleta. (Part two is here) This session was conducted back in January, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. What stands out to be important to me with this session, is that Suleta feels that the crystal planet, which she experiences, is actually Nibiru.

As it was explained in one of Lai's QHHT sessions, Nibiru is providing a positive consciousness based influence, not a negative one, and this session goes towards showing what the planet may be physically composed of, that being crystals, and crystals can be very healing.

Topics covered

  • A visit to a crystal covered planet consisting of a dark side and bright side.
  • On the crystal planet: the experience of a beach, sleepeing in a cave, specific dreams, a group of beings that are visiting, a rose quartz healing waterfall on a light side of the planet
  • An experience meeting with her guide where she obtains answers about the crystal planet

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, created and previously taught by the late Dolores Cannon. I am a level 1 & 2 practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon in person. This is the method Dolores Cannon used to obtain all the information for her many published books.

The session starts off with Suleta visiting a relaxing and beautiful place, which is part of the initial process before real memories and experiences occur. But sometimes, the creation of the beautiful relaxing place can have meaning.

* * *

Laron: What can you see?
Suleta: A butterfly.

L: Just one? What colour is it?
S: Orange.

L: What is it doing?
S: Just on my finger. There’s a rock on my left.

Image source: Wikipedia
L: What colour is the rock?
S: Regular rock colour, grey.

L: So you can see some trees there?
S: Surrounded by trees.

L: What sort of trees are they?
S: Very tall. Very, very tall trees.

L: What sizes are the trunks?
S: Hmm…twice the size of a human body. (On average?) Yes.

L: What else do you see there?
S: I can see the sky.

L: Can you hear any sounds?
S: Water flowing. But there’s no water around.

(I could hear the sound of flowing water, but I was surrounded by trees, I couldn’t see any pond, lake, river or waterfall. But I could hear it very clearly)

L: Can you smell anything?
S: No.

L: How do you feel being there?
S: Tranquil.

L: Is the butterfly still with you?
S: Yes. Still with me.

L: Is there any wind or is it calm?
S: It’s calm. But I don’t see me as me. I see me as the same person I saw yesterday.

L: What does the person look like?
S: Bald.

L: Female or male?
S: Male.

L: What age do you think?
S: I see a face now. I didn’t see a face yesterday. I see a face now. 17. 18. (Hmm). He’s got a…saffron robe on.

(What I saw was a young Buddhist monk, draped in a saffron robe with one arm exposed. Just like the picture found here.)

L: Is he standing or sitting?
S: Standing. Smiling. Barefooted.

L: Is he carrying anything?
S: Only the butterfly on his finger. It’s still there.

L: What colour is the skin?
S: Hmm… same as mine.

L: Is there anything else going on there or is it still quiet?
S: Sound of the forest. Crickets. Birds.

{I move her forward to her first experience}

Are you coming off the cloud yet? What do you see down there below you?
S: This place looks weird. It’s just dark. Everywhere rocks. Black.

L: Would you say its night time? Or is it like a barren or dark area?
S: I think it’s night. But it’s not night, it’s like that all the time.

L: What do the rocks look like?
S: Black.

L: Are they really big or little ones? How big?
S: As if you’re walking through a canyon.

L: Are they like cliff or rock faces?
S: Rocks. Black. Shiny.

L: What does the surface of the rocks look like? What’s the texture like?
S: Oh! Could it be crystals? They look like…surface of a crystal.

L: Is it rough or smooth?
S: It’s rough, but it’s smooth like a crystal.

Image source: Flickr

(It’s rough, but it’s also smooth. If I’m going to hold or touch it, it’s not going to cut/prick me.)

L: Like a natural one?
S: Yeah.

L: Perhaps it grows there, or forms there?
S: Yeah! They’re everywhere!!

L: What does the ground look like?
S: Same.

L: Black as well?
S: I’m the only coloured thing there.

L: What do you look like?
S: Still the same, barefooted, just a boy.

L: A 17 or 18 year old teenager, do you think? And bald?
S: Bald. Still in my saffron robe, like a Buddhist priest.

L: Are you carrying any jewellery?
S: Very simple. Just a robe. Not even shoes.

L: What does the sky look like from there? If you can see a sky.
S: (Silence)

L: Or is it too dark?
S: Sometimes I see a blue sky, sometimes it’s just dark. Dark, but there’s still light.

(It wasn’t pitch black. It was dark, but I could still see)

L: Are there any stars or anything at all up there?
S: (Silence). Uh-hmm. Stars. Like….. you’re looking out to the universe, like that.

L: Do you see any details of the stars? Any constellations or anything like that?
S: Hmm. Swirls.

L: Like the stars in the pattern of swirls? Are there lots of them or just one?
S: Just one.

Image source: Movie 'Contact'

(There was only a single one. It was far away. But still big enough that it can be seen from where I was)

L: Is it close or very far away up in the sky?
S: Very far.

L: So it’s kinda small then?
S: Hmm.

L: What do you think you’re doing there? Were you going anywhere?
S: I have a strange feeling that this is not earth. (10 sec Silence). I’m walking….walking through. (Silence). I think they are crystals, but they’re black.

L: Can you see through them or are they pure black? They’re not transparent black?
S: Solid black. Can’t see anything through them.

L: So you’re walking. Where do you go?
S: Just walking down.

L: Is it hilly, do you go up and down or is it flat?
S: I go up and down. Climb over the….uneven surface. Just rocks everywhere, or crystals, whatever you call that.

Image source: Wikipedia

(Strangely enough I googled crystal cave and I found similar to what I saw. I’m convinced it was a crystal planet. This is a picture of a crystal cave. But I walked through a canyon, meaning I could see the sky, out in the open. The crystals in this picture is small considered to what I saw. I saw pretty huge ones that looked like massive blocks. At least 4 or 5 of these put together. And it was solid black in colour. Since it was in its natural form, I had to walk up and down, following its natural terrain. No clear path for me to walk like a lane way. But, the ground wasn’t as sharp as you see in this picture. It was flat enough for me to walk barefooted.)

L: Do you know where you’re going?
S: I see an ocean. Blue. 

L: What sort of blue?
S: Dark blue. As if it’s glowing, like there’s stars in the water!

L: Is it far away?
S: Not that far. I can walk to it.

L: What happens when you get there?
S: I’m standing on the crystal and looking at it. It looks very beautiful.

L: Do you know the name of the place where you are?
S: (Takes a deep breath. Silence).

L: Is your body solid, physical do you think?
S: Hmm. I have a name coming up in my mind, but..

L: Is it hard to pronounce?
S: I don’t know. Maybe it’s something I read somewhere. I don’t want to tell it. It might not be that.

L: You can tell me anyway if you want. What do do you once you are there?
S: I’m just sitting on the crystal and looking at the water.

L: How close is the water?
S: Couple minutes’ walk away.

L: Do you know why you’re sitting there?
S: Just looking at the water.

L: Is there anything else around you or just crystals in the water?
S: That’s it. I’m eating an apple! That’s weird! (Laughs). I’m actually eating an apple.

L: What colour is it?
S: Red

L: Where did you get it from?
S: I don’t know. It just appeared and I started eating. I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying the apple.

L: Are you enjoying it?
S: It’s juicy.

L: Nice and hard?
S: Strange. But I don’t like apples!

L: But this person does.
S: Just, playfully. (Takes a deep breath) Sitting on the crystal, looking at the water, munching on the apple.

L: Is there anything more about this scene that you think you may need to check in to before moving on?
S: The sand is black. That’s it.

L: How far does the sand go from the top to the bottom of the beach? Is it a long way? Like a few metres or feet?
S: Few metres.

L: It’s black? Does it look like fine sand or rocky sand?
S: (Silence). Look like….. more like earth, but it’s very fine, but it’s not sand.

L: But it’s black?
S: Yes, it’s black. Looks like earth, the texture. Shiny.

L: Is it sparkling too?
S: Yeah. If you take and look under the light.

L: How do you feel being there?
S: Just enjoying it. There’s nothing negative about this place.

L: Sounds nice.
S: They ARE crystals you know. Huge…HUGE crystals.

L: Do you get a sense of what they could be harnesses for the energy?
S: I don’t know.

{I move Suleta forward to another important moment}

What do you see now?
S: I’m still there.

L: Has anything changed?
S: I see a star. A very bright star.

L: Do you feel that you’re still the same age?
S: Younger. Probably 10.

L: What colour is the star.
S: White.

L: Is it far away?
S: Not as far as the spiral. It’s closer. So it’s big.

L: Is it important to you?
S: (silence)

L: Maybe you don’t know.
S: I don’t know. I just see a star.

L: What are you wearing now?
S: Still the same. Only younger.

L: Still bare feet?
S: Hmm.

L: Are you still near the beach? Is it still dark?
S: I think it will always be dark.

L: Sounds like it.
S: But….it’s not bad.

L: No.
S: It’s not bad.

(Meaning, not a bad place, or not a bad thing for it to be dark / night all the time. It’s how it exists.)

L: Sounds pretty there. How are you feeling right now, when you’re there?
S: I feel good.

L: Do you know why you’re there?
S: No.

L: Still alone?
S: Yeah. I’m wondering why are there no other people?! Maybe because I’m at the beach.

L: Do you get a sense of where else you may go to in that place? Perhaps where you sleep. Do you know where you sleep?
S: Inside the crystal.

L: Is it close by?
S: Like a cave. A crystal cave.

L: Is it inside the cliff or on top? Are you there now?
S: Uh-huh.

L: Are you inside the cave? What do you see inside it?
S: Nothing actually.

L: It’s empty?
S: It’s empty.

L: Is there any light in there?
S: I am the light! I bring the light.

L: You get the sense that you’re lighting up the surroundings, around you. How bright is it?
S: Not that bright.

L: Bright enough for you to see. Is there anything on the floor?
S: Nothing, it’s just crystal. There’s no fire. I don’t need it.

L: That’s alright.
S: The temperature is nice. I don’t feel cold. I don’t have a bed.

L: What happens?
S: Sleeping on my hand.

L: Sleeping on your...?
S: Hand. My hand.

(I rest my face on my palm and slept sideways on the ground. Similar to the Sleeping Buddha pose)

L: Do you lay on the ground or do you stand?
S: I sleep on the crystal.

L: So you lay down, you lay on you hand. You're sleeping now?
S: Trying to sleep.

L: When you fall asleep, do you have any dreams?
S: (20 second silence)

L: Does anything come to you?
S: I dream of … Radha and Krishna. And the girls.

L: Krishna girls?
S: Radha and Krishna and the girls, dancing, under the moonlight.

Image source

(It was the Rasa Lila dance by Krsna and the Gopis. It is called the “Dance of Divine Love”. See link for more info:

L: Any other dreams?
S: I see a deer. That’s it.

L: What happens when you wake up after you sleep?
S: I wake up happy, smiling.

L: Do you know why you are happy?
S: The place makes you happy, like no problems.

L: What do you eat? Do you feel you have to eat or you don’t need to?
S: It doesn’t make sense.

L: It’s alright.
S: I think I will only have to think of food and it will appear.

L: Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. In places like this that is possible.
S: So I see a bowl of fruits now.

L: Maybe that’s your favourite food. Do you get any sense now of why you’re there?
S: No.

{I move her along again to another important scene}

L: What do you see now?
S: I see people in the distance. I’m on top, right on top of the rocks now.

L: The crystals?
S: Ha. It’s just black everywhere. There are no trees.

L: So you’re up high now, you can see more?
S: Yes. It was as if I was in a canyon earlier.

L: Now you can see.
S: Now I’m on top, on the surface. It’s flat. It’s still dark. It’s still… everywhere.

L: How old do you feel now?
S: Same.

L: Around 10?
S: Back to the teen age.

L: Are you wearing, looking the same?
S: Yes.

L: How many people?
S: I see them in a distance. There’s light.

L: Is there light around them? Do they emit light like you do, or is there something else?
S: Haa….yeah!

L: Do they seem like they’re glowing too? A little bit? Are they brighter than the light in the cave?
S: It’s the same. It’s a warm, gentle light. It’s not flashy. Enough light to illuminate the area. So you see that’s why, the place is so dark, the light comes from the people.

L: Are there like 10, or 50 or 100? How many do you think?
S: Like 50, 60.

L: Are they all walking close together or spread out?
S: Spread out, just doing their own thing.

L: What are they doing?
S: Doing stuff, cooking.

L: So they’re not doing anything, just mingling.
S: Hmm. Men, women, children.

L: How far away do you think it is from where you are?
S: 50 metres. 100 metres.

L: Not that far then. Do you recognize anyone?
S: Nah. Just like a village.

L: Are there any buildings? Only people.
S: Some nice tents. Open tents. They’re not closed tents. You know what I mean?

L: No sides?
S: Yeah. Don’t have to worry of it blowing off because there’s no wind.

L: How many?
S: I see one.

L: What colour is the top of the tent?
S: Black outside. Inside is red, it’s white, it’s colourful.

L: Did you go over there now? Does anyone recognize you?
S: They welcome me.

L: So they give you some attention when you go over there?
S: But they don’t dress the same as me.

L: What are they wearing?
S: Hmm….a top, dark clothes, some colour there and here.

L: Do they have shoes on or bare feet too?
S: They have boots on.

L: What do you think their clothes are made out of?
S: Looks like fabric, it’s not leather, it’s not skin.

L: What are the people doing now that you’re closer?
S: They’re just having a good time, eating, drinking.

L: Can you see what they’re drinking?
S: (Laughs) Look like beer.

L: What are they eating?
S: Just fruits everywhere. There’s no meat.

L: Is there anything inside the tent, or under the tent? Or is it empty?
S: I see something in gold. I cannot make out the shape. I don’t know what it is.

L: Can you go closer to it?
S: Looks like a horn or a flute.

L: Is it sitting on a ground or table or?
S: On a table. A lot of stones on it.

L: What is the stone made out of?
S: Gem stones. Green.

L: The entire thing?
S: Red.

L: Just the top of it?
S: It’s decorated with gem stones.

L: Green and red?
S: Green. Rubies. Yellow. Some tiny black stones.

L: Has it got 4 legs?
S: 4 legs?

L: The table. What holds it up?
S: Hmm.

L: You not sure?
S: Just on the table. Lying on the table. There’s nothing holding it up.

L: The gem stones?
S: No. The horn, that thing.

L: So what is holding the table up? Is it legs or?
S: No. Just a big block.

L: All the way around?
S: Yes.

L: Is it a circle on top of the table, or a square or rectangle?
S: Rectangle.

L: So it’s like a musical instrument sitting there right? Like a horn, it’s gold. How big do you think it is? Is it quite long? Is it thin? Is it bigger on one end?
S: Hmm.

(It’s around the length of a saxophone, but half the thickness of it.)

L: Do you know what it’s used for?
S: No.

L: Does anyone seem familiar? Do you recognize anyone?
S: (Silence)

L: Don’t know?
S: Everyone is having a good time.

L: Can you walk up to someone and ask them where you are? See what they say.
S: (15 sec Silence). They say you’re on another planet. I don’t know if he’s joking or not. He seems very happy.

L: What does he look like?
S: Big burly man. Moustache.

L: Is he tall?
S: No actually, he’s quite short.

L: He looks human?
S: Yeah.

L: How old is he?
S: He looks as if he’s dressed like a viking.

L: Does everyone look like that or dressed differently? Is it a common theme? Is it like earth based clothes do you think?
S: Earth based clothes.

L: Yeah. And the fruit, is that earth based fruit?
S: I see lots of grapes.

L: Yum! Ask that person why you are there and why you are seeing that place?
S: He doesn’t tell me. He just calms down and looks at me and smiles.

L: Ask him-
S: Taps on my shoulder. That’s it.

L: Ask him why he is there?
S: 'This is where we live now'. Doesn’t make sense.

L: Can you ask what the name of the planet is?
S: (Silence)

L: Does he say anything?
S: Same as what I thought earlier. {Suleta told me after the session that the word 'Nibiru' came to her}

L: It’s not on earth?
S: I’ll tell you later. I’ll ask him the same question.

L: Yeah?
S: Why are we there? (Silence)

L: Did you get an answer?
S: No.

{I move her on again}

L: What do you see now?
S: I moved from the cloud to another place. Another side, the crystals are white. There’s water flowing. I see children.

L: So are you standing there now? What do you see around you? What does it look like?
S: There’s this big crystal waterfall. But the water is very gentle, not like a raging waterfall.

L: Is the water coming over crystals, white crystal? Are they clear quarts?
S: Hmm.

L: Does it surround the whole area?
S: The whole area. That waterfall area.

L: What colour is the water?
S: Clear. Like water. Stones got, little pink, but very very light, almost white.

(I believe it was a rose quartz waterfall. The waterfall had a tinge of pink.)

L: What do you look like?
S: The same.

L: The same age, as the teenager?
S: Young again.

L: About 10 again?
S: Yes.

L: You wearing the same thing?
S: Yes.

L: Do you get a sense of timing of this? Is this an Earth’s past or future or is it now?
S: (Silence)

L: Or you don’t know?
S: Don’t know. It’s not future. It’s not the past.

L: It’s just somewhere else.
S: It’s not on earth. So I don’t know whether it’s the future or…

L: Do you think this is a different planet to the other one?
S: Same planet.

L: Is it dark there like the other place? Is it day time or is it night time?
S: I think daytime. The place is very bright now. Because the stone, the colour is a bright colour, it illuminates the area. Doesn’t look night.

L: How is the water at the bottom of the waterfall? Is it quite a big area and deep or is it like a stream.
S: Like a stream, like a small creek.

L: How wide is it?
S: Hmm…just a small one. Safe enough for children to cross over.

L: So what surrounds the area? Is there grass or is it dirt. What does it look like?
S: There’s no dirt. There’s no earth.

L: What’s the general colour?
S: It’s all white…pink.

L: Is it like crystal too?
S: They’re ALL crystals.

L: Everywhere?
S: (laughs) Everywhere, crystal.

L: And is it like rocky and mountainous, similar to the other place, just different colour?
S: Hmm. This is more open.

L: More flat?
S: See, we’ve got the water coming down, then we have this small open area, we can see the children playing and crossing the river.

L: The stream?
S: Yes.

L: How many children?
S: Just a handful. 5, 6.

L: What are their ages?
S: 5, 6, 7.

L: Do they look happy?
S: They look very happy. There’s something in the water. The water has some healing properties I think. It’s a special water.

L: Is there anything else going on there?
S: No.

{I move her on again but she leaves the planet experience without my direction}

(15 sec silence)

L: Do you sense anything there with you? An energy or a presence?
S: Actually I was thinking of my Guide when you asked.

L: Do you see anything now or is it black??
S: I’m in the room again.

L: What room?
S: With my Guide.

L: You mean from another session, the similar room. Can you describe what the room looks like? It’s the same.
S: The pillars.

L: The pillars, quite large ones?
S: Big room. I think, it looks like marble. White, gold. Like a big auditorium.

L: Does it look solid, physical?
S: Yes.

L: Who else is in the room?
S: Only him.

L: What does he look like?
S: Same as earlier. He has been waiting.

L: Can you describe what he looks like?
S: Same beard. Big.

L: Human?
S: Yeah.

L: Tall? Or normal, average?
S: Average.

L: How old?
S: Aktu is not that tall. He’s probably in his 40s. That’s what he look like. But, they don’t have age there. They just look like that.

L: He chooses to look like that?
S: Yes.

L: What is he wearing?
S: Hmm… umm…warrior clothes.

L: Is there armours or leather?
S: Leather.

L: Leather armour or leather outfit? Is there sleeves?
S: He still has his white clothing, beige and a little bit of leather there and here.

L: So the general colour of his outfit is white?
S: They’re all dressed like that always.

L: They? You mean when sometimes you see the other ones?
S: Yes. But Lina doesn’t wear like that. She’s just white and gold.

L: What is his name? A-C-T?
S: A-K-T-U.

L: Has he said anything to you, so far?
S: (Silence)

L: Or should we be asking questions?
S: We should.

L: First ask if he wants to tell you anything before we begin? Has he got a message for you?
S: He stands like that (hand on hips).

L: What’s his expression?
S: Smiling.

L: Has he got a message for you?
S: (10 sec silence) Wait. (40 sec silence). Questions?

L: Did he give you a message? That you might want to keep to yourself?
S: Yes.

L: The first place that you saw, where it was night all the time, where there were black rocks and black crystals. Can you ask why you were shown that?
S: (30 sec silence) 'Because you were meant to see life on another planet. The crystals there are healing crystals.'

L: Was that person Suleta or someone separate?
S: I don’t get an answer.

L: What about the white area, with the white crystals and waterfalls. Is there a reason to be shown that?
S: 'Learn what the white and pink crystals are for. They will help you. But they were on the same planet actually, but on a different side'.

L: Yeah. Okay. So Suleta should have the crystals in her life now and they will help her?
S: With water.

L: Keep the crystals in water or have water next to them? Or perhaps drink water that has the crystals sitting inside?
S: (Silence)

L: But what was the reason for showing Suleta the other planet? Is there another reason?
S: Just another planet somewhere else. The crystals are to show me what I need to get.

L: Has anything changed, do you see anything different? Is your Guide still there? 
S: No he’s drinking.

L: What is he drinking?
S: Water I think. The glasses are beautiful.

L: Is there a table?
S: They look like goblets. Beautiful ones.

L: What are they made out of?
S: Ohh…fancy lifestyle!

L: What??
S: (laughs) Fancy lifestyle! I feel a little jealous.

L: Is it like a crystal glass or metal?
S: It’s metal with stones.

L: Yeah, makes sense. (laughs). 

* * *

From this point forward, a few personal questions are covered which I won't include, and I then went onto beginning the process of bringing in Suleta's higher self.

However, a situation popped up before I could. One that was very challenging for Suleta. Her guide demonstrated to her a very personal feeling and situation that she was lacking in her life and searching so strongly for. Her guide let her experience it in that moment. It was very real, and she become very emotionally overwhelmed as a result. I felt this was a very healing experience for her and explained that as we discussed the session afterwards. In that moment, she was so shocked and surprised that she couldn't continue on and we had to end the session at this point, so we were unable to access further information from her higher self.

The planet seemed like a temporary destination for travelers who may have been in the astral, out of their body, but who were still living a physical life. It could also be a location for those who have finished their physical lives. When looking at it in this regard, we don't have to be physical to be there, while it can still exist in the physical universe.

About the Author
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