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Some general info for new readers of (and a 'shaky' discussion, + a poem)

This year I am studying writing full time in New Zealand, after moving here from Australia. This has taken most of my creative time up, which I would usually spend with unique articles for the site. It's a pretty full on programme (diploma).However, there are others involved with the general running of and other areas in addition to the website here.

We have our Facebook Group which has been rather active lately. You can find and join it here if you are on Facebook, It's a closed group so no one can see your own activity on the group unless you have a friend on Facebook who is also a member of it. AngelicView helps me out as an admin on the group. I view it has space I provide where there is more of a personal interaction between people, those who have been following the site a long time and enjoy discussing not just topics in relation to the site, but anything. (It's focus is not on posting link after link, but actually talking to each other)

Our Facebook page has now reached over a thousand likes, which you can find here, We have Martin in Scotland, John in the USA, myself and AngelicView posting on this page. Behind the scenes we have Connie who has been sending in links on a daily basis to me, for a long time now. These links I post on there. I have posted a few articles form Connie in the past on the site here.

Tina in Greece also just joined us. I posted this image on there a few days ago on the page. Tina runs the blog, 'Humble Lore', which you can find here. She has a range of articles in relation to natural based solutions. You may remember her as 'Leo', as she once posted a few articles directly on the site here under that name.

We now of course have Mr. UNSPUN who is geographically located in Australia. He sends out a daily email, after collecting a number of interesting links on current events, to his subscribers. He now posts the contents of this email directly onto the site here as well. You can find the permanent menu based link to all his daily UNSPUN's in the menu, or right here. This link displays all the UNSPUN based articles since we started posting them on the site.


Has anyone found the world is a bit shaky of late? It can be hard to judge a pattern of increased earthquake activity and it is easy to jump to conclusions. I experienced my first Earthquake in over two decades, a couple of weeks ago. There was a 6.3 just above the center of the South Island of New Zealand which shook the house I was standing in a the time. I was with family as the room started moving to the left... and then back to the right. I took a few steps towards the doorway and stood there as the shaking stopped. Nothing fell off the shelves with the exception of a few items at a supermarket nearby. But down south it was worse of course.

AngelicView just experienced an Earthquake as well, in the USA a few days back. CBS Detroit has the story here. The magnitude was 4.2 which hit Michigan state. This was a rare quake. The Extinction Protocol site picked this story up, posting a link and titling it, "...strongest quake ever to hit the state".

Most of us are aware of the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on the 25th of April, not long ago now. While big quakes occur from time to time, I think of Nepal and the surrounding area as an important energetic center of the Earth. So this really got my attention because of the location of this earthquake.

What does all this mean? Well, certain predicted events from prophecy, to the webbot, are coming true, they are just occurring at a slower rate, spread out over one year increments, but from what I can tell, within the same months as was forecast, such as from the specific dates that come up within the webbot. I just checked back on something I remembered mentioned within my summary of the webbot's Global Coastal Event. There was a lot of info discussing the month of April, and a series of Earthquakes. Each year seems to bring similar events around the same month based time frame, which is rather fascinating. But the intensity seems to increase each year, no matter what the forecast is.

The CHANI Project 'entity' had a prediction that said, 'very moving earth on 17 aperils'.

Many of us have felt lately, that something is approaching. But will another year have to pass? And then another? I think it's best not to focus too much on all of this anymore, and to concentrate on our individual self, but it still is interesting thinking about it. However, it's important to pay attention to your intuition, as sometimes we are directed to be in a specific place, or do a certain thing, for good reason.

Life to Death

I will leave you with a poem I wrote. This is in the form of a Sestina. A Sestina based poem has a few rules around it. The last six words of the first stanza (which is like a paragraph), have to be used throughout the poem in a certain way. Each word is assigned a position, in a spiraling like way, and has to be in that position in the proceeding stanzas. The exact position is always the last word of each line. In the last stanza, the three lined one at the end, all the six words have to be used, two in each line. This was my first attempt at a Sestina. Now, if you still don't understand what I mean here, you can work it out by seeing where those first six last words sit throughout the poem.

Individual consciousness, lighter than a leaf,
enters into physical form from spirit.
Much time is spent in the womb, so dark,
whilst the sapling grows into a young tree.
Unbeknown, is a world so thick with fears
as the journey begins into the light.

Laughter and joy at the arrival of a light
life is to be had, as the sprouting of a leaf
reveals it self. Released are the many fears
built up from the long wait as the spirit
of the moment is set free, like a tree.
The first birthday ends with nights dark.

A word is slowly uttered in the dark
of the evening. The shining of the sun light
brings the first steps towards a tree.
Wide eyes observe the falling of a leaf,
as the beginning of life brightens the spirit
of the guardians who are manifesting new fears.

With the first kiss brings along fears
as a growing body hides away in the dark.
Hormones bring turmoil that interfere with spirit,
as built up anger and hate shades the light.
Confusion through curiosity, flattens a leaf
with tears which fall from under a tree.

A ring slips on a finger beneath a tree,
with it comes a smile in addition to a few fears.
Their first coupling, both as green as a leaf.
An opportunity for life is created in the dark,
within the excitement of the moment, light
shines inside two hearts that connect to spirit.

With the loss of a parent to spirit,
buried beneath the shade of a tree,
thoughts turn towards the light.
Aging sets in that bring lingering fears,
fears about the inevitable dark.
The body deteriorating like an old leaf.

Guides from spirit help to ease any fears,
as memories under a tree are recalled in the dark.
The light of the soul departs, lifted like a leaf.

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About the Author
Editor of, Laron is a writer, healer, and consciousness development based spiritual teacher from New Zealand. One passion of Laron's is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, trained Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.  You can find Laron on Facebook.

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