Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Living with a star & space weather - Ryan McGranaghan TEDxCU

Did you always wonder what the x stands for with the TED talks? It means the TED talk is an independently organised event.

Within this thirteen minute TEDxCU talk, (Now we have to work out what CU is), Aerospace engineer Ryan McGranaghan talks about what life is, living with a star in our solar system and focuses on space weather. He starts off his talk talking about the Carrington event back in 1859, when the strongest known geomagnetic storm impacted earth.

Video Description: The connection between the Sun and the Earth is a complex one, describing a relationship between us and our star that is both life-sustaining as well as life-threatening. This relationship is colloquially known as space weather. Aerospace engineer Ryan McGranaghan takes you into outer space to look at the beauty and power of space weather, what it means for our technologically-dependent lifestyles, and the fascinating field of research surrounding it. Ryan envisions a time when we can protect our space-faring lifestyles with forecasts of space weather just like tomorrow's chance of rain here on Earth. Ryan is a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado Boulder who uses elements of space physics and aerospace engineering to study the weather in space.

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