Friday, May 15, 2015

From Krakatoa, to a New Earth

Here is a poem I am working on at the moment. Its content relates to what some of you understand, so I thought I would post it here for your perusal.

Image: Krakatoa eruption - Lithograph: Parker & Coward, Britain; 1888 (Public Domain)

From Krakatoa, to a New Earth

With skies a vivid red hue — the eruption left its scar
An archipelago once ringed an island of magma,
while towering oceans fled to form far-off lakes

A wave of pressure circumvented the globe —
society noting down multiple passings
Both beast and man were left to their fates

Mother earth screamed her song ferociously,
as the climate later took part in the chorus
The 'water year' became well known in the states

One tends to weigh the unspoken question,
“Will the earth ever chant one more time?”
As the planet starts to again grumble,
deep down, beneath the feet of mankind

We populate many corners of the lands
and dwell on a living, rocky exterior
While consciousness shifts further forward,
we await change, while becoming more wearier

Our impact on nature has taken its toll —
great advances bring much responsibility
From within we can find our own solutions
and forge a new world, with ample stability

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