Sunday, May 24, 2015

Changes, time to prepare, 'You know who you are' - A message from Effie

Two nights ago my friend Effie in the USA had the experience which I have included — unedited below. Part of her experience involved her receiving information from other beings. This information relates to the changes going on with the Earth, and the shift in consciousness. 

Sometimes such things are hard to believe, especially when you do not personally experience the situation. One method you can try is to sense into the information, and the person supplying it, and see how you feel. You could meditate on it. You could close your eyes and focus on it. Feel into it and see if it resonates with you. Sometimes words are enough, such as the message which has came through here — so you may then just resonate with what has been said instead of fully grasping the situation surrounding it. Or you may not. 

Here is the message she sent to me.

Laron I had the single most life altering experience of my life last night.  No joke.  I was outside around midnight having a smoke..I'm trying to quit!  anyway...I was looking at the brilliant night sky...not a lot of ambient light here so star gazing is excellent.  And I started to notice this one star was moving from side to side and up and down and in circles almost.  I watched it in total silence,  you could have heard a pin drop.  I want to share this experience with you and I would appreciate it if you would share it with as many people as you can.  In whatever way you can.  I am stunned and amazed.  My mind is totally blown.  I have had a lot of interesting experiences in my life but this...this was something else.
The single orb like object was in the upper high as any plane would go but I think it was higher than that.  It was glowing white and it moved in a silent and flowing manner,  swooping at great speeds in arc type motions. I watched it do this for over thirty minutes.  From time to time to the right out of the corner of my eye I would see a great flash of light.  when I looked in that direction there was nothing there that I could see and the viewing could not have been more clear.  
As I was watching the single orb from my back yard deck it suddenly became totally stationary like a star.  It did not move.  And I felt like it could see me and was asking me to respond in some way.  So I asked out loud if it would go up and me...go up and down.  And it did.  It went down...then up....then was stationary in the same spot again.  Then I asked it to go back and forth,  side to side...and it did.  It went right,  then left,  then back to centre again.  I did this three more times and each time it did the same thing.  
I felt like we were totally connected.  Everything else fell away and it was just me and the orb.  It was watching me and I could feel the energy.  It felt like angels.  Something "heavenly",  I don't know how else to describe it.  I had been out there for almost two hours so I went to bed and there is a window right next to my bed.  Suddenly the outside auto lights went on and light flooded my room.  I sat up,  the lights went off again,  and there were so many orbs I couldn't count.  And this is from the front of my house now.   First in the western sky then in the eastern sky.
I opened the window and watched them...and they communicated with me.  They were sharing thoughts with me...It was more real than any other experience I have had in my life.  I was totally present and aware and awake. They communicated ideas and pictures to me.  
They are angels for lack of better description.  But that isn't all of what we see in the sky. Not every UFO is an angel. There is a lot happening over our heads. It sounds odd to call them angels but again,  that's the closest word in our language to describe the feeling they gave me. They are of the whole, the infinite, all that was, is and will be. They told me not to be afraid and we come from the same place, the same origins. There are others, many of us here. Others who do not feel connected to this place or to mankind and who feel they have a mission of some kind. People who miss "home" and don't know where home is. Highly intuitive people who are overly sensitive to all things and people. People with type O negative blood especially. But not exclusively.  
They told me changes are coming and they are here to guide us through these changes. I kept getting not to be afraid over and over. They love us deeply, more deeply than we can comprehend. They want us to prepare. To look and listen for them and stay vigilant.
They told me that like myself there are others and I will know who they are and they know who they are even if they don't remember fully yet. So they want me to share this so that those people will recognise the message and prepare. Preparing by remembering and reconnecting fully with the source of all that is, was and will be. To be present when the changes come in such a way as to be a positive part of the experience and to ascend.  
The changes coming have nothing to do with anger or any human emotion of the like. It is not vengeful or wrathful. It's a natural cycle of cleansing and rebirth and we should not be afraid even though many will be afraid because they do not understand.  If you are reading this and you feel a truth rising within you seek it out beyond this moment because it's there waiting for you.  It has been there all along it's just at this time you are most prepared to receive it. You have seen signs and you will see more signs. You will not be caught unaware if you are receiving this message.  We are here for you.  
You are blessed and you are loved. The time is coming to know your creator and to become one with all that is, was and will be. You feel ready, awakened and refreshed. Filled with love and light.  You know why you are here.  

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