Friday, May 1, 2015

Baltimore and Freddie Gray - Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 29 April 2015

Q. What do you make of the Baltimore riot situation? Is it another false flag? Is it Martial Law training or a test? Is the government helping lead and provoke the rioters?A.  I get there is a lot going on in this area of the country, and there is a feel of an intentional agitation occurring.

 First, that area of the country is very vulnerable, so there will be a high need to have a military presence there.  I have always seen this thick cord or cable that is in that starts at a military base (I want to say the Massachusetts area) and extends into the Atlantic ocean.  This cord serves as a hard wired communication line.  They (the US military) are in high guard of this line and need to protect it (it isn't the average communication line, but something even more "secure"?).  They know that if Russia (or any other country) were to attack, this would be something that they would not want to lose.  With the uncertainty of outside affairs, they have to be on high alert to be able to defend this "line."  Any reason to keep an overabundance of military in that area is needed to be able to guard against outside attacks..

I also see a secondary reason for the rioting (there and everywhere else) is based on the upcoming elections.  I get the biggest obstacle to winning an election is having a problem and being the solution to be the hero to the people.

Q. Then I ask how these elections really matter when I see that no matter who wins, the powers that be are the ones in control..
A.  I do get that overall elections serve as a distraction and also give people the illusion that they have a choice.  Then I see an image of a side by side photo [I will see if I can find it and attach it after this reading- sorry couldn't find it, maybe someone out there saw it..?], and on one side is a group of slaves from the south, and on the other is people walking on the streets of New York, the caption says something about all of these people are slaves, the only difference is the ones from the south know it.. Our government, by design, has everyone enslaved into a system.

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