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Around the World.. What is going on?? [France, New South Wales, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia] - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 4 May 2015

Q. I ask you to make a read about what's happening in France now. There is a log of crazy stuff happening there: censorship laws (conspiracy, new french NSA build up (DRI)), more and more restrictions promulgated (health care, liberal profession, etc.) and binding acts (vaccinations, organ donations, maybe on the vote (a choice at moment, but not for so long...)).

And the politicians give themselves the right to have more privileges in their elected position...People start to be quite annoyed about this and less and less inclined to vote for some political parties, but they act as if nothing had happened... the atmosphere is electric.

Could you give a read on the "power that be" in France and the big events for the next few years?

A. I see France moving in the same direction as many countries.  There is an overall fear of people awakening and regaining control.  If one country rises up and people start to revolt, it could spread to other countries and the "powers" can't have that.   I see a trend of slowly and gradually getting tight control over the people.  Then I hear a story in my mind about how if you put a frog in a pot of  water and slowly turn up the heat you can boil it to death and it won't even realize what is happening- I get the rights and freedoms of people are taken in that similar manner (slowly and consistently) .

I see this need of "re-programming" of people taking place too.  Through fear rights are taken (some is forced and others is gifted by the result of creating problems and through voluntarily relinquishing control for government protection)  I get that there will be at least one more false flag in France to ensure the "level of fear" is at the right point to maintain control. (To be able to have or not have gun control will be huge..) More taking of the rights will be happening in France (and other countries).   In the short term, the fear looks to make the majority passive.  I don't see any uprisings occurring.  There will be some riots / protests, but this looks to be short lived.

Q. The Australian (New South Wales) government has recently increased the frequency of helicopter flights around public and residential areas, especially residential. Almost everyday where I live, they fly very very close to our roofs here. I feel like they are either trying to search for something / someone special, monitoring something, or trying to use this as a mean to suppress a high vibration of someone / something. I don't know if you feel resonate with this. What is your view on this please? Thank you very much for your answer and your devotion to maintain this blog.
A. I get this image of military running and hiding around buildings (like a video game).  Then I get that the government there is worried that other military (from outside the country) is trying to sneak in and occupy space (like secret spies or something??).  The people are under close observation to make sure this doesn't happen.  It is like they are on an unannounced terror alert and keeping things in check.

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