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Unspun News for the 8th April 2015

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Yemen - the ‘sides’ involved.

“Malaysia politicians pass anti-terror legislation reintroducing detention without trial” - another sign of our times ….

“Amid warnings that the Saudi-led attack on Yemen is taking a devastating toll on civilians, including more than 75 children killed since fighting began, the United States announced on Tuesday that it will be expediting the shipment of more weapons to fuel the conflict.”  Get the message yet?
ALSO - Saudi atrocities
ALSO - Nearly two weeks of unrelenting air strikes on Yemen by a US-backed Saudi foreign coalition is turning the already impoverished Arab Peninsula country into a humanitarian disaster.

“Bibi’s Iran shocker: How He Accidentally Revealed his Desire for More War”  THE millennia-old hidden hand behind the whole damn lot.

“Imagery and Empire: Understanding the Western Fear of Arab and Muslim Terrorists” ….. “At its roots, this imagery is really part of a discourse that sustains a system of power that allows power to be practiced by an empire over «outsiders» and against its own citizens.”

“MPs linked to boys trafficked from Belfast to London, child sex abuse survivor says
time“  Of course - just perks of the job, part of the ethos…..

“At Behest of IMF, Jamaicans Face Harshest Austerity Policies in World: Report
Center for Economic and Policy Research finds poverty- and debt- stricken nation faces budget more severe even than Greece's”  Get the message yet?

PCR - ““President Zeman’s position rejecting the advice of the US ambassador is the only possible adequate response. Our country’s leader has carried himself as the President of the Czech Republic, and not as the head of a protectorate of the United States.”  Vive la resistance!!!!!

“According to a new study from Princeton University, American democracy no longer exists. (….) America’s political system has transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where power is wielded by wealthy elites.”

From The Saker - “I recently spoke to a contact of mine in Russia (…), I asked him to share with us his simple daily experience of Russia.  (…)  I hope that these impression of a 25 year old man from the West will be another useful illustration of the “real Russia” which is rarely, if ever, shown to the people of the West.”

“Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Greece could ask Moscow to bankroll a bailout, Gazprom could agree to a gas discount, or the two sides could talk about how to sidestep EU sanctions.“

“TEPCO is making an effort to lower the water level in some of the basement rooms of the unit 1 reactor buildings (…) This work also showed that much of the water still sitting in certain areas of the basements of unit 1 is highly radioactive as seen in this table below.”

From SOTT: the March summary of planetary events. Good collection - well, sort of! 

M6.3 @ 10km, Tonga.

“Myths about flies debunked in new documentary ‘The Great Australian Fly’“

“Unusually cold spring storm” will bring significant snow to the mountains of northern California, says Weather Service.“

China - “Unseasonal cold turns Harbin into a movie scene“

“China braces for big chill as cold front looms”
US - “Multiple cold records broken in Maine“

“Tropical Cyclone "Joalane" rapidly intensifies in Southern Indian Ocean”
ALSO - “Tropical Cyclone Ikola formed quickly on April 6 and quickly strengthen to hurricane-force in the Southern Indian Ocean.” 

US - “Major Severe Weather Outbreak Possible This Week”

“Floods in Baghlan, Afghanistan – At Least 5 Dead”

“Floods have struck once again in Haiti. This time, heavy rain since the beginning of the month has resulted in overflowing rivers, flooding areas around Port-au-Prince, including Tabarre, Cite Soleil, Delmas, and Carrefour.“

(NASA Astronaut) “Dr. Edgar Mitchell: Aliens Are Real And Are Watching Us”
“When asked how many Alien Civilizations there are Edgar’s answer was – Billions.  
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, testifies to extraterrestrial visitation and military coverup.”

Physicists at UCLA set out to design a better transistor and ended up discovering a new way to think about the structure of space.”  A bit technical, but lots of intriguing potential …. 

“Psychopaths and Moral Blame: Empirical and Philosophical Issues”  Interesting - needs a careful read.  One has to wonder, are they even human?

“Meditation as Social Obligation“  “Given that meditation increases the part of the brain related to compassion, and the effects of meditation show up throughout the day in more compassionate interactions – even with strangers – perhaps meditation should be widely encouraged as an important form of mental/emotional hygiene because it makes us more socially responsible.”  Good. So start in the schools!  (Can you hear the screams yet?)

“The concept of intention is pretty much like religion – often discussed and debated, seldom practiced or understood. It’s a high frequency word in metaphysical literature but one which lacks a unified model of understanding.”  Read on……...>


“The Sun experiences seasonal changes, new research finds“

“Solar activity is low, but sunspot AR2320 could break the quiet. The growing sunspot has developed a 'beta-gamma' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares”

“Former active US marine demands GMO ban after curing debilitating health problems by switching to organic “  Very Interesting read….

“Some of the most common substances found in everyday life are harming our cognitive function right now. Along with pesticides, you have substances like BPA, phthalates, mercury, lead, benzene, and flame retardants that are affecting you, even if you don’t realize it.”

“Scientists studied the heart and brain activity of rats in the moments before the animals died from lack of oxygen, and found that the animals' brains sent a flurry of signals to the heart that caused irrevocable damage to the organ, and in fact caused its demise. When the researchers blocked these signals, the heart survived for longer.“  Some amazing implications here - for the aware.

“Oliver then lead Snowden through a series of detailed questions about different National Security Agency programs and whether they could see or collect this type of picture, with Snowden explaining how in most cases, they could.  "If you have your email somewhere like Gmail, hosted on servers overseas or transferred overseas, or at any time, crosses over borders outside the United States, your junk ends up on the database," Snowden told him. “  Deal with it - there is NO privacy on line.
AND - this sort of goes with that.  Unspun has had quite a few unusual interruptions recently, too. Don’t forget to see Laron’s site -  If you don’t receive it.  Now read on--

“Internet providers must hand over contact details of Australian customers accused of illegally downloading The Dallas Buyers Club, the Federal Court has ruled.”  Some implications and a precedent to be aware of here …..
“Self-Realisation is not something to be stalked and hunted.  For, as long as you continue to approach Self-realisation in this way, it will continue to elude you.”

~~ Rasha


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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